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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines: User Commitment and Content Standards

Effective Date: March 4, 2024

Our Commitment to You

We honor the ability of all users to freely express themselves without interference from oppressive censorship or manipulation.  In the interest of cultivating a welcoming and inclusive community for all users, we simultaneously acknowledge the harmful impact of hate speech and reject censorship in favor of counter speech. Users are encouraged to engage positively in discourse when confronted with hate speech, promoting the power of free speech to dissuade, debunk, and disarm hate speech. Creating a respectful and constructive dialogue is a collective responsibility.

Our commitment is to remain viewpoint neutral and objective, providing tools for users to manage content exposure. To tailor your own experience, we encourage you to mute or block followers to create your desired content flow.

We stress the importance of having boundaries to ensure a secure space for everyone to participate in constructive discussions. The following Community Guidelines detail the types of content and engagement that will not be tolerated on our Services and can result in account restrictions, deletions, and/or permanent bans in accordance with our Guidelines Compliance Process. However, the Community Guidelines are just that – guidelines. We may review any and all content and take any action that we deem appropriate to preserve our values and the integrity of the platform. We may also revise these Community Guidelines at any time at our sole and absolute discretion, with or without prior notice.

Prohibited Content

  1. Intellectual Property Misuse or Theft: Unauthorized use of another’s intellectual property without explicit written permission is strictly prohibited. This includes the unauthorized use of another’s trademarks, music, images, videos, or other creative works.
  2. Spam: Disruptive, repetitive, and/or irrelevant, comments detracting from conversations are considered spam and are prohibited.
  3. Unsolicited Advertisements: Posting unsolicited advertisements irrelevant to the existing conversation is prohibited.
  4. Pornographic and Explicit Adult Content: Content featuring pornographic images or depictions, nudity, explicit adult material or language, or any illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
  5. Fraud: Content employing deception to gain value is a violation.
  6. Threats: Serious expression of intent to commit unlawful acts towards individuals or groups are strictly prohibited.
  7. Incitement: Direct or implicit calls for lawless action with intent are prohibited.
  8. Criminal Solicitation: Content soliciting illegal goods, services, acts, or bribery is prohibited.
  9. Doxing: Sharing or threatening to share personally identifiable or private information with the intent to incite harm is prohibited.
  10. Sexualization of Minors: Regardless of intent, content sexualizing or exploiting minors is strictly prohibited.
  11. Impersonation: Users are prohibited from impersonating another individual or business or using their likeness without explicit prior written permission.
  12. Terrorism: Individuals or organizations associated with terrorism are not permitted on our platform. If they are discovered to exist on the platform, they will be removed immediately and reported to the proper law enforcement authorities. For a full list of terrorist organizations, please consult the US Dept of State Website:
  13. Automation or Bot Accounts: Accounts exhibiting automated or bot-like behavior that is disruptive to the Services are prohibited.

Guideline Compliance Process

Sensitivity Filter: Parler reserves the right to place a Sensitivity Filter on potentially offensive or sensitive content in lieu of removing or banning the content. By implementing such a filter, Parler aims to uphold the tenets of free speech while also protecting users from encountering content that may be inappropriate or distressing. Users are able to choose to view the content anyways or continue scrolling past the post in their feed. 

Troll Filter: While Parler opposes hate speech or discrimination based on protected classes, we respect users’ rights to express repugnant views. However, to protect users, we reserve the right to address such content and warn users of its nature by adding a troll filter. This tolerance does not equate to acceptance of violence or harm. Parler will remove content and potentially users violating Community Guidelines on incitement and other prohibited actions. 

Permanent Content/User Removal: We believe in user autonomy, but content or users may be removed for Spam, Doxing, unauthorized Automation (“Bots”), or under conditions mandated by Federal Law. All other violations may result in a Time Out.

Time Out: Violations of these Community Guidelines may lead to content removal and a temporary suspension (a “Time Out”). This serves as an opportunity for users to reassess their actions, encouraging responsible behavior while upholding the values of our community. Repeated offenses could result in subsequent Time Outs or the responsible user account being banned and deleted.

Automatic Expulsion for Pornography and Illegal Content: To maintain a safe and constructive platform, any user activity deemed by our moderation team to be pornographic, especially child pornography, exploitative, or in violation of federal law will not be tolerated. Users engaging in such behavior will face immediate deletion and expulsion from the platform, and if applicable, be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.

Compliance Appeal Process

If you believe a moderation decision was made in error, initiate an appeal through the app feedback form or by emailing Our team will thoroughly review and consider your appeal.

Thank you for your cooperation as we uphold community standards and strive to create a positive and secure environment for all users. For questions or assistance, contact us through the app feedback form or by emailing  

Last Updated: April 10, 2024