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Senator Rand Paul senrandpaul U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.

Time to act and confirm these nominees. 785 days and waiting: Trump ambassadors face unprecedented delays.

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Yes!!!! Welcome!!! #MAGA

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cat · @kitcat

Awesome!! Welcome Sir!!

I am so excited about you being here. This is my shirt RIGHT NOW!

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That is amazing… I love it!! I’m happy for you that you have it… Very cool 😘😎

But @senrandpaul isn't really here. 😠


Welcome to Parler!

Welcome Rand

Welcome Senator Rand Paul.

Welcome, Senator Paul. Keep up the fight for liberty!

I am so glad you're on here! We need more like you, serving in higher office. Keep up the good work!!

Welcome to Parler @senrandpaul 🇺🇸

As important as this is, funding the 9/11 fund has a higher priority Senator. Bad decision on your part. Please revise your position and do the right thing or the next time a neighbor assaults you, emergency services might deny YOU due to lack of funding. Welcome to Parler!

Welcome senator

Glad to see you on this format Senator. Welcome.

Welcome to Parler! We're not always on the same page, but I admire your spine

Great to see you here on parler welcome

Can u suggest to President Trump to also move to parler

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That would make Twitter stocks come crashing down into Oblivion overnight🤣🤣

It’s absolutely time to DRAIN THE SWAMP and elect a functional Congress! Dems are doing everything they can to thwart President Trump’s agenda. This must stop! #trump2020 #MiraclePresident #draintheswamp


Stand up for the American people who are sick of the democrats bullshit we are not stupid and we have had enough of the pandering and straight out lies.

Yahoo! glad you are here!

Welcome Sir!

Why? We run the Senate, what is taking so long?