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Ward Leavines realWardLeavines Interested in SE & Game Development, Halo Fan, B.S. in Computer Science, Libertarian, XBL: wal AR 15, PSN/Steam: walAR15, #MGTOW

You know you are living in a clown world, when you are associated with a generation of half-wits who try to erase racism with more racism.

Since Disney is calling Christians trash, then it is safe to say that this episode of South Park that came out years ago is very accurate.

South Park: Micky Mouse Loses It

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Channel Update | Twenty Years of Excellence Today, I want to make a quick update on the things that are currently happening in my life and the changes that are coming along with it. Follow me on Social media: PARLER:...

The fact that things have gotten crazy here is one of the reasons I am inspired to go travel overseas.

College is not daycare, Millennials.

Woke culture is the new slavery.

#Halo #HaloInfinite #E3 #E32021

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta and Campaign Demo E3 Reveal (RUMOR) Base on a recent leak, not only Halo Infinite will be revealing more campaign details at this year's E3, but it will also announce a multiplayer beta coming. Follow me on Social media: PARLER:...

If either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis end up running in 2024 and win the nomination, they will have my full endorsement, but if we get someone like Nikki Haley, then I am probably better off voting Libertarian or other third party candidates.

I love the United States and all, but due to where we are heading as a culture, I am becoming more black pilled about it.

These low IQ liberals are lucky I am not President of the United States otherwise, I will abolish the family court system, alimony, child support, welfare, and all the other big companies bending the knee to China. #MGTOW #MAGA

#E3 #E32021 #Gaming #VideoGames #DigitalEvent

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E3 Returning in a Digital Format After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 breakout, E3 will make a return in a digital format. Follow me on Social media: PARLER: MINDS:...


I am more convinced that Joe Biden doesn't even have a high school diploma.

Joe Biden's "Stutter" They aren't gaffes- he's just got a stutter guys! Come watch him work it out in speech therapy :)

Let’s create our own sports industry instead.

Not only Trump has been the greatest President in my lifetime, he laid out the path of my destiny to eliminate all enemies foreign and domestic to God’s nation.

The only Easter Decoration I need is Jesus in my heart.

Woke culture is the virus.

I’m the last of a dying breed.

If you are not married, then you do not have to worry about divorce.

Me every time Joe Biden opens his mouth.

Tourettes Guy Scotch tape your ass shut