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Robert Pratt PrattonTexas Founder, host and owner of the Pratt on Texas radio network covering Texas news, culture & politics.

Pratt on Texas today: While Democrats claim Governor Abbott is killing people in rescinding some WuFlu orders, Abbott seems to have forgotten he issued those orders; Election fraud arrest; Swamp attacks Ronny Jackson + more

Independence, Independence! Texas Separates from Mexico!
Happy Texas Independence Day!

Independence, Independence! Texas Separates from Mexico! — Pratt on Texas

Which is the next Big Freeze bankruptcy?; Patrick calls for resignations of PUC chairman and ERCOT CEO; A “Public Restroom Highway” bill for Austin; Ousting San Antonio’s police chief; Texas wins Site Selection's Governor’s Cup 9th year in a row +more:

Pratt on Texas: Legislators using COVID as reason to slow work rate? We compare to previous sessions; Gun dealers having a hard time sharing in the sales boom; Rep. Geren is right that ERCOT issues are not new for the legislature:

Pratt on Texas: Rep. Schaefer on stopping gubernatorial overreach in disasters, says many colleagues not too interested; Abbott hints at ending COVID decrees; Legislative testimony on Texas' Big Freeze; Gun rights bills & Dem opposition to election reform:

Today's Pratt on Texas: Travis' "Liberty or Death" letter sent from the Alamo this day in 1836; HD68 has a new state rep; Ron Wright's widow files to run for Congress in May 1st special election; Blacklisting and cancel culture + other news of Texas.

Pratt on Texas podcast for Wednesday, 2/24/2021 — Pratt on Texas

Historian and science writer Robert Zimmerman discusses his series at "Today's blacklisted American" and how the removal of Pratt on Texas from the airwaves by New York-based Townsquare Media inspired the daily series:

Interview: Zimmerman on the Blacklisting of Americans — Pratt on Texas

Today's Pratt on Texas: HD68 runoff election today; The limited intellect of Texas Democrats; More on the winter storm and costly aftermath (ERCOT chairman & 4 directors resigned today); Texas Service and Retail Sector reports from the Dallas Fed + more

Pratt on Texas podcast for Tuesday, 2/23/2021 — Pratt on Texas
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I miss hearing your broadcast. I can't believe they took you off . Keep speaking truth!!!

About those massive electric bills; Abbott decrees no utility disconnections for now; Non-treatment of COVID an ethical and medical scandal; Leftists decry power outages as a “failure of government.” Their solution? More government + more. Listen at:

Is non-treatment of COVID the greatest scandal of our age?

Is non-treatment of COVID the greatest scandal of our age? — Pratt on Texas

COVID Vaccines | Immunity | Medical Scandal - Podcast interview with Dr. John Thomas on treating COVID, Part 3 of 3. This is a MUST listen interview.

Dr. John Thomas on treating COVID, Part 3 of 3. — Pratt on Texas