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🇺🇸 Nick Walsh pendozer Retired Senior Manager - 35 years in Criminal Justice dealing with Deviant & Mentally Disordered Offenders. Yes, the Perfect Guy to take down a Democrat!✨ @Pendozer on GAB

Texas Manufacturing Smashing all records!

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This musician is phenomenal....

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DovydasMusic - Twitch Hello, I'm Dovydas. I'm a musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter. Currently electric guitar is my main instrument but I went to music school for drums and picked up piano, bass,...

I think the kids in the Border Detention facilities are being held in inhumane conditions. Notice on most of O'Keefe's pictures that all of the kids seem to have their legs bound. Who lays down in this position naturally! This is madness.

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Great #Vaccine news these days! Over 31 US States now fully opened up! More than 20 countries worldwide SUSPENDING ASTRAZENECA Vaccines! This bioweapon is DEAD! Now let's litigate the purps into bankruptcy!


RedPill78 Nails it once again. A great watch.

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UNITED STATES CORPORATION Deep Dive, Cuomo Scandal Deepens, NYC Schools Racism ✅ Enjoy The Healthy Aging Support of Collagen ? Get 51% Off Here ➡️ This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^?? In todays episode we examine a deep die on the United...

Damn! I really like this new interface! Congrats to your designer. This is fantastic! Let's build on this and become the go-to platform for thinking people everywhere!

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The Epoch Times · @epochtimes ·

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yes. About time!