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Jared Taylor JaredTaylorAmRen Editor of American Renaissance.

My latest podcast. Americans are increasingly beginning to think that if the country were a marriage, it would have irreconcilable differences. We need a divorce!

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This was my latest podcast -- without my usual co-host. Please tell me what you think of it.

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I wish this movement would come to the United States in force.

Are you on Apple Podcasts ?

i like jared. always have. someone made an interesting point recently. they said that rich guys like jared and dick spencer will always encourage the lower classes to demonstrate. they risk getting sued, jailed, and cancelled for demonstrating. jared and spencer don't publicly demonstrate and put themselves at little risk...

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Mr Taylor should be extremely wealthy but is not. He is not calling for demonstrations. Quite the contrary. Taylor is one of the most selfless persons I have met. He has sacrificed his life fighting for us, fighting for the truth. I will forever be grateful to him.

Good day Mr. Taylor,

Keep up the fine work.

I always enjoy your podcasts, and find them to be more informative than the BBC which caters for the low information, woke Socialist and BAME demographics.

Rooting out "racism" in math is going to make José and Shaniqua LESS likely to pass geometry. My latest video looks into what is going on here.

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I didn't know numbers were capable of being racist.

It’s just total insanity and SO racist that someone should be allowed to sue, a massive class action.

With apologies for the mathematical pun, but perhaps this is an example of divide and rule? A corrupt (facist) government need not fear a divided people.

The insane document from which you quote, paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates, actually says that it's white supremacy to ask students to "show their work." So it's not only racist to believe in "correct" answers, it's also racist to inquire into how a student went about solving a math problem. How can kids of any race learn under such a system? There should be widespread outrage at these terrible ideas, but of course there is no coverage except in a few conservative outlets.

A great Gregory Hood article on what Rush Limbaugh meant to conservatives -- and to racially conscious whites.

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