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Elizabeth Vitale elizabethvitale Writer of over 10,000 Various Styles

Democrat Political Bullshit

Democrat Political Bullshit Elizabeth Vitale, EVitale, Betty Vitale, Liz Vitale, Vitale Writing Expression with or without music

Georgia recount cheating

Observers remain outside the yellow tape line in Georgia. The News Junkie's Cartoons The Best Royalty Free Music for Your Video Production

I was just uploading some writings to remove the continual deceit of a Biden Presidency. So over the lies I had to listen to a bit of my own soothing written music. I can't wait for President Trump to be 2020 another four years. If the Democrat Demonic Rat people would just leave our house, peace, prosperity and happiness would always exist for Americans, America, legal immigrants, hard working everyone as essential, small businesses. I still believe fraud is COVID used by Democrats to condition our minds, control our lives, destroy our existence, bring Trump down. Fortunately I still have my own mind to use to read through the garbage. And, also audit all votes in all states especially California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, New York etc. I would say cheating keeps the Democrats in all offices of our government process. Democrat procedures are WRONG, should have been stopped long ago. Thank you President Trump for all you do for all of us. Without you we would have surely fallen.

Now The Mountains I Climb

Beautiful Songs

Gone At A Second Glance

Every Day Gets Harder And Harder

Don't Start With Dimensions Of Want

Chess Is A Lovely Game

I Don't Need A Book Of Poetry

In The Shadows

Try To Change A Sorrowful Message

As A Puzzle Without End

Another of my favorite works written of Tom Petty when I heard of his stated death

Written of Palisades California
another favorite work of mine

Making Rain Song Written 1993
One of my fave works

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Glad to see you here on Parler where free speech is actually alive and well. Looking forward to mixing it up with you here and keeping the truth alive in the face of the constant bias we face. Let's Go!

Welcome to Parler. Hope you enjoy your new found freedom. Have fun, interact and enjoy. #newuser #truefreespeech #parlerconcierge

Welcome! For people looking for Parler tips and how tos Check out @parlersupport or the Parler Youtube page. The videos are in both places. There is also a Parler101 channel which has some good data as well.

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