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Brian Stelter cnnbrianstelter

If what Biden was doing was popular, the administration wouldnt have to keep telling is that it is. Because it's not. And no amount of fake poll statistics will change my mind.

#biden #democrats #polls

No internet for a week. I come back, and Joe "fuck stain" Biden is wiping his ass all over my country. Wtaf.

Cheers from Utah! 馃榾

#biden #usa #utah

As a graduate of the D.A.R.E. program. I hear by denounce the calls to make all drugs legal.

#biden #trump #reagan #drugs

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Hey dumbass what does Trump have to do with this? You losers can鈥檛 seem to let the guy go cuz you鈥檙e irrelevant without him. How sad

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Love you Boy Wonder!

COMMUNIST community news ! Political activists for dnc !馃懝

Krispy Kreme: free doughnuts for the vaccinated

Two days later....

CDC: 80% of people hospitalized are fat
Krispy Kreme: .......

#covid #woke #broke

Democrats are exploiting illegal immigrants to try to stay in power.

#pelosi #biden #aoc #border

AOC: anyone using the word 'surge'....
No one: surge

#aoc #biden #border

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I cannot believe you actually call yourself a journalist. You鈥檙e a joke

Border facilities are ~700% over capacity and AOC taking about amazon drivers poopingin bags.

#aoc #amazon #border

They're literally selling out your kids future to pay for some experimental bullshit.

#biden #pelosi #schumer #taxes

Half the people on Twitter, no, half the people on social media don't have high school diplomas, and it shows.

#twitter #socialmedia

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It鈥檚 shows because they still believe the media.

Joe Biden's home state (Delaware not Pennsylvania) has the strictest voting laws in the US. The new laws in Georgia dont even come close to the suppression Biden's made a career off of.

#biden #georgia #delaware

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How is voter ID racist? You don鈥檛 do any good for the country when you report news that you know isn鈥檛 true!!! The real racists are the lying media pushing all these harmful narratives. What you and the other MSM reporters are doing to the American people is sinful, you will answer to your higher power Brian.

It's great Biden nominated some for judicial vacancies. It'd be better if the first words from the white house weren't what race they are. Like, are they qualified?

#biden #thewhitehouse

No one's hating in trans kids asshole. We just dont think the kids are old enough to make life decisions when they're, you know, kids. Also parents enabling this shit should be in jail.

#trans #asshole #stupid #democrats

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DCValentine @DCValentine

This person should not be directing the CDC..more fear mongering about things we CANNOT control.


CDC Director bizarre moment - very worried about the current situation. - Click to watch all Shorts uploaded (100+ videos) PES Beats & News Channel - Latest videos and updates on only the important stories. I...

Watch her eyes. It's a pre rehearsed statement.

#covid #cdc

LOL at the Democrats who think Matt Gaetz is gonna tear the populist movement apart.

#democrats #mattgaetz #populist

I've seen enough. Adam Schiff leaked some bullshit to the New York Times to try to smear Matt Gaetz.

#adamschiff #mattgaetz #nytimes

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Rubzy @Rubzy

Well Gaetz have also confirmed he鈥檚 being investigated...

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Sean Hannity @SeanHannity

In An Effort to 'Decolonize', Oxford University May Scrap Sheet Music

Website Image
In An Effort to 'Decolonize', Oxford University May Ditch Sheet Music One might wonder how sheet music can be racist but nevertheless it may be removed from the music curriculum at the University of Oxford in order...

Some of the oldest music notation ever discovered was created by asians.

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Political activists liars 馃槨. Fake news

Both of these things can be true.

1. Coronavirus came from an animal.
2. Coronavirus escaped from a lab.

Why is it so hard for MSM to understand?

#covid #fauci #china

If you havent yet noticed, most of the accounts on here are bots.

Allow me do demonstrate: Please upvote if you are in fact a robot.

#trump #biden #covid #fauci

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Your a bot!!

Matt Gaetz might be scum. I wonder if the FBI has a whole laptop full of pictures of him having sex with underage girls.

#hunterbiden #mattgaetz #fbi

If the allegations against Matt Gaetz are true, he's a piece of shit and needs to gtfo.

#mattgaetz #florida