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I suggest remaking the GOP start with a brand change. How about a BUFFALO or BULL signifying a creature with a set of BALLS to replace the elephant. This current crop of GOP elite wimps LACK courage, a will to fight and don't symbolize strength.

Black Lives Matter Protester Who Demonstrated at Seattle's Leftist CHOP Zone Charged with Hate Crimes Against Asian-American Women.

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Are you watching this? Biden isso full... nothing. Shit has more substance

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The Epoch Times · @epochtimes ·

🔥 Victor Davis Hanson: "There are moments in history where previously sane societies go insane.

… We're now in a period of collective insanity… Everybody — regardless of our political ideologies — has to step forward."

Victor Davis Hanson argues people must stand up to woke ideology


Victor Davis Hanson on Impeachment and the ‘Cancer’ of Woke Ideology | American Thought Leaders In this episode, we sit down with classicist and historian Victor Davis Hanson to discuss the rise of critical social justice and woke ideology, growing limits on freedom of speech, and his take on...