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MissSallyO · @MissSallyO ·

Parler is a single purpose unit. It’s a clearing house for news outlets and politicians. There is no post engagement with the peasants. It’s a “look at my post” “subscribe” “echo my post,” but don’t expect any appreciation or engagement from me directly. I will do that in another post about appreciating my fans and ask you to echo that and even offer a discount ... can I have your money, btw, to add to the money I already make off of you? Cool. It’s bullshit. Parler offers nothing more than that.

GAB offers it’s users SO MUCH MORE: Groups (public and private), GabTV, GabTrends headline news, browser, etc. and even more in development! It’s very exciting! #GetOnGab

For those of you flocking back to Parler. Are you a glutton for data harvesting and privacy intrusion? Read... #Parler #Censorship #getongab

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Or how a data scraper ended up with a better backup of the databases than Parler did?

We will not be posting on the Parler establishment swamp platform. Follow us on Gab! #gab #getongab

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