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Whatsamattr Whatsamattr Pro Brexit. Diversity simply means Division. Multiculturalism is slow suicide. You do not have to like or agree with what I say. You have no right to ‘not’ be offended. You have no right to silence me

He’s not curtailing their power at all...

All he is doing is putting the calling of a general election back where it was for hundreds of years. It means nothing.

They can still challenge it, if their masters demand it.

It’s still Blair’s court.

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And here’s your daily spoonful of horse shit from the Daily Mail.

“The suspect, who lives locally...”

“The car was stopped and a 51-year-old man, a German national, was arrested by police in the German city”

They always try to make it sound like it was some born and bred local - rather than someone who turned up “some time last year” with his wife and 9 kids, gave a fake name and was given a house, a Range Rover and full citizenship.

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Whatsamattr · @Whatsamattr ·

And this is law and order under socialism.

Politicians and diplomats get caught at a drugs and bumming party, 25 strong. Let alone the COVID violations...

Let off with a warning.

Small business man opens his gym against orders...

Arrested, £10,000 fine. Life ruined.

The apparatchiks are above the laws of the lowly man and the police are only their to serve and protect the party faithful.

This is how it starts.

It ends with Prima Nocta.

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See... dishonesty. Everywhere.

This guy stood for Victor Orban’s party. A party of law and order, of family values and of upholding the western way of life.

Yet he got caught....

How many Republicans aren’t actually republican?

How many in the Conservative party simply aren’t conservative?

You simply can’t trust them.

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Nothing will change until we change them.


If anything, I’d start applying to be poll watcher. Just look at what the communists did to the Americans. Complete takeover, not a single shot fired.

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Pro-EU Conservatives are concerned that a no deal outcome will lead to tension between London and Washington and put the 'special relationship' at risk.

The special relationship is a myth. And it’s only ever proven mildly fruitful under a republican administration - NEVER under a democrat one.

You’ll have the same special relationship with Biden as you did with Obama.... regardless of how much you lick his arse.

“Back of the queue”

Risking brexit because of this would be foolish as you’ll get the same bag of nothing whether you appease him or oppose him.

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Boris would cave in anyway.

I think he’s just been looking for a plausible excuse!
Sadly for him sleepy Jo’s not going to be president.

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True. It’s been dragged out for 5 years whilst they look for any excuse they can get away with to not do Brexit.

And it’s been ‘Conservatives’ for that entire time.

They all know it’s a sham.

They are all in on it.

They couldn’t care less that we know it’s a scam... they must have some pretty big aces up their sleeves to be this brazen.

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Whatsamattr · @Whatsamattr ·

You couldn’t make it up if you tried...

Despite the shoddy testing the rona numbers are falling again.

But wait....

They are running out of muppets to give the “97% false positive” test to so now they are going to bribe the work shy to simply ‘come and take one anyway’ and they’ll give them a shopping voucher.

To say that this whole scamdemic stinks to high heaven is a gross understatement.

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The tests don’t work.

Just saying.

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But will the people who put it up be sacked?

Or simply given a pay rise and promotion.

I’m starting to understand why the left call them Tory Scum...
Over 10 years in power and we still get this type of shit on the daily.

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How do you get someone to ban anywhere that has alcohol, decadent fun and western music?


Get a peaceful cunt to do it.

It’s all Haram to him you dirty little Kuffars ...

I’d have never have guessed it... turns out they do have a ‘use’...

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I’ve just had a great idea for my new app.... “Share Possibly Assumed Covid result”

I call it - spacR

Get some dopey lefty to take the vaccine, give him a micro payment to share his QR code.

Go to any pub / bar you want while the lefties testicles shrink to the size of sugar grains.

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Joe Biden is too old for dog walking and presidency


Fucking love it when the left eats one of their own....


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No shit Sherlock...

Shocked I tell you... shocked.

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And this is from Greenpeace...

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And he’s exactly correct.

And the purpose of the lockdown isn’t to ‘protect the NHS’ from being overwhelmed’

It’s to protect the NHS from being found out..

...for being a 150bn / year black hole.

All that money frittered away on fat people, substance abusers and the genetically deficient who (let’s face it) are NEVER going to get better.

Nor are they ever going to get a job or pay any tax. Do you see what I’m getting at?

What’s more cruel? Letting them go or keeping one alive artificially, indefinitely and literally stealing food out of the mouths of the poor (min wage still sees NI) to do it.

We could have no national debt in a decade if we simply let these people go naturally.
No debt for our children, a return to prosperity once more and all we have to do is tell fatty he’s not getting his insulin, nor will we fix his cataracts, or cut off his leg and give him a new house, new car and mobility scooter.

Live like this... die like that...

10 years and we’d be free.

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You are very quickly turning into my Parler favourite 👍😁

But we already pay per mile...

It’s called MPG and you can only do as many miles as the amount of fuel put in your car.

Duty on fuel is about 80%

What’s this really all about ?

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Fuck boris

Is this why boris is planning on tightening demonstration laws,more and more NWO marxist shit coming our way.

If you buy an electric vehicle and charge at home they can’t discern electric usage for home versus vehicle. Tax per mile driven and electric vehicle owners will pay same as ICE drivers

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I get ya.

They can’t control where you charge your car.... hell... you may even be smart enough to generate your own power.

But they still need that road tax, that fuel duty.

That whole ‘movement tax’ scam needs to keep on trucking.

And just when they can’t contain the scamdemic any longer.... boom.

Along comes another one.

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Fuck you and all your flus. We will tell the doctors when it is bad. We do not need the doctors telling us. You see, that is what makes your plan so cripplingly obvious.

“China currently has 13 vaccines undergoing clinical trials, four of them at the advanced and final stage of human trials.

However due to the lack of Covid19 cases in the country, those tests are taking place in other countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey”

Does anyone not think that COVID cases in the world most populous and densely populated country are so low that they have to test their ‘vaccine’ out in other countries?

China only locked down for 2 months.... and not everywhere.

They also didn’t test someone simply because they are ‘symptomatic’.

No one? No one find that a little odd?

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The Chinese should pay the heaviest price for this global catastrophe. A deliberate act has still not yet been ruled out.

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The biggest thing we can do is simply stop buying their shit.

Stop buying their leaky taps, their bendy metal, their toxic plastic, their disposable electronics.

Most U.K. tradesmen won’t fit or guarantee any work if you’ve bought them something made out of ‘chinesium’ - because it simply won’t last.

Extremely odd but not surprised!!!!