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WarRoom2020 WarRoom2020 Live daily radio show and podcast hosted by Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam
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WarRoom2020 · @WarRoom2020 ·

LIVE 9AM ET: War Room: #Impeachment is back, one day after the acquittal of President Donald J. Trump

Hosts Steve Bannon, Jason Miller & Raheem Kassam are joined by special guest Rep. Matt Gaetz

Listen & watch ⬇️

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So great to have you guys on Parler! You need to get verified.😉


Steve Banning I have missed your Feed on Twitter since the rats deleted me. Look forward to your insight on Parlor !

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Scott · @Hutbro

This the best information podcast on the pandemic

You guys are rock stars. I hope someone at the White House writes down everything you say and delivers it to our POTUS I have a feeling it's even note intricate than that. We must win in 2020. I listen to you every day from the bowels of liberal hell in Marin county CA. But more and more MAGA is coming out of the woodwork even here! Thank you.

Great job - continue the fight - you’re efforts are much appreciated!

亨特·拜登亲口承认和中共间谍头子合作共事,做实其被中共收买出卖美国利益的罪行。 亨特·拜登亲口承认和中共间谍头子合作共事,做实其被中共收买出卖美国利益的罪行。 The Bidens’ business relationship with the CCP’s Chief Spy exposed how they...
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In the beginning of this recording Hunter says his father is calling him about all this sketchy business stuff. So how is it that Joe didn't know about his son's business dealings if Hunter is saying that his father is calling him...about his "corrupt" business dealings?

I am so happy you guys are in Parler🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤣🤣😂😂. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Where have we hear 17 point lead before? 🙄🤥 #fakepolls #voteredtosaveamerica2020 🔴❤️🇺🇸


They cut you off on youtube

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Name Hidden · @Private User

You’re gone!

@Name Hidden Big tech did it again

Twitter suspended you.. so following here!

War room just take down by YouTube.?????

Keep fighting I sent 50 to trump to fight this,and I nvr send money. We fight now or
Die later.

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I sent 50 out of my last paycheck too! Keep spreading the word about donating to Trump election defense fund. Let's jack the number up so high McConnell gets a woody without the little blue pill and rally's the weak kneed GOP! Money talks in that town, let's scream in their ears!!

Raheem & Friends, yeah Steve too.
Why hasn't anyone figured out an answer to this question -
What is the real benefit to FakeBook, Twitless & the FakeStream Media to hide facts, disseminate false information, censorship etc? What's the bottom line benefit?

The truth always comes out and when it does they will ALL be counted as conspiring together. Why are they so willing to destroy the Country for their children's children?

It’s not working

So glad to be with you guys.
I needed you on the weekend.
So down and depressed that Obama got away with this one!!
Not about Biden, it is hate for Trump from Obama.
He will run the White House if Biden gets by with this!!

Why are you linking to sites that dont show your war room videos? I am sick of chases around trying to findvyour latest show. That link above goes to fucking youtube...THE AINT PLAYING YOUR SHIT ANYMORE DUDE! Give reliable links, for fk sake.

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Just go to you tube and go to the latest episode. Warroom give me hope that we are not gonna crawl back i to a hole and out our head in the sand!! Im sooo grateful to Steve Bannon et al. Thank you 🙏🏻

What about evidence tampering??? Sooo concerned the perpetrators will stop at nothing to keep Biden as president.

HOUSTON TX – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced that starting today he will pay up to $1 million to incentivize, encourage and reward people to come forward and report voter fraud. Whistleblowers and tipsters should turn over their evidence to local law enforcement. Anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest and final conviction of voter fraud will be paid a minimum of $25,000.


We were looking for you guys couldn’t find you on Facebook or YouTube

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WarRoom2020 · @WarRoom2020 ·

Great to be on Parler, the fastest-growing social media network and best place for free speech

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam return live at 5PM ET with a special bonus episode of War Room: Impeachment to end this historic day

Visit for all of the latest exclusive content and analysis from our hosts and the rest of the War Room team

Listen and watch live ⬇️

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Welcome to a truly Free speech platform. Glad to have this group.

flip the House... REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

If Trump were to leave Twitter and post only on Parler, Twitter would collapse in a month. Tops.

It was a nice acquittal episode of WarRoom today.

Great to see you here!

🇺🇸WELCOME to Parler y’all🇺🇸. I downloaded the podcast when War Room Impeachment began. I enjoy the inside Beltway guests. Good job👍🏻.

POTUS can’t take the gloves off. We’re at war with entrenched liars and thieves. Political snipers are everywhere. POTUS can’t trust any of them.🐊

Keep jabbing💥🥊 🇺🇸

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That’s a man with him I guess he’s bisexual 🤮😂

How do you share this

You hit the link brings you to YouTube no live video

where the fck is War room I can not find todays war room any where

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It hovers around Newsmax it’s also called America’s voice

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Welcome to Parler. Uncensored and to the point. “Free Speach” 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

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Biden is you president. Freedom!!!

I’m very confused as to why the Hunter and Joe pedophile ring raping sex trafficking hooking up with a communistic party for years and years is not being talked about along with the rest of this this cannot be forgotten it all of the same package they plan to do school from the day he was elected they knew they were going to do voter fraud sounds like Nancy’s husband Diane Feinstein’s husband and Communist China is involved in these voting machines this needs to be talked about also please