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Wyoming House and Senate Republicans Introduce Legislation to Protect State’s Coal Industry, Electrical Grid Reliability from Discriminatory Interstate Policies “Because Reliability saves Lives”

Read the entire press release here:

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Great news

Education funding has been one of the primary topics during Wyoming’s current legislative session. Although we provide exponentially higher dollar amounts (on average $16K/pupil) to education than many other states, the additional spending does not translate to either higher test scores or better education outcomes. Simply throwing more money at education is obviously not the answer.

The Education Committee has been discussing a variety of new taxes to impose on Wyoming citizens, including a 4% “flat” income tax, and additional sales and property taxes. Raising taxes does not make sense; Wyoming’s citizens are taxed enough. The idea of an income tax is not only absurd, but implicates the Wyoming Constitution in a way that the proponents have not yet considered.

Instead of raising taxes, the Wyoming Legislature, and all of our school districts, need to cut spending. We have drafted several ideas to consider. Find them here: