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Van Van087785864979 Conservative, Retired Police Chief, Retired Private Investigator, former Executive Director Maricopa County AZ GOP, Law Enforcement Activist, Enemy of the liberal agenda in all forms.
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Van · @Van087785864979 ·

Just watched Dan Bongino eviscerating Geraldo Rivera on the Hannity show. What a slaughter. Geraldo thinks just because he has been a ride along on police actions he’s just as qualified as the men who wear the actual badge. WHAT A JOKE. Dan called him on it and Geraldo wound up calling him a punk. How disrespectful can you get. I have this challenge for Geraldo; tell all of us about your most impressive felony arrest........ Oh, that’s right, you’ve never made one!!! Enough said! In an argument about police tactics Geraldo is an unarmed man. It’s sad that his ego will not allow him to provide deference to a more qualified and knowledgeable person but, he is who he is and will not change. When I was an officer, I told my children and anyone who would listen, if an officer says to stop or your under arrest, if the next word out of your mouth is anything other than “OK” it not going to go good for you. If you resist, your day is going to get really bad very quickly.