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UnbelievableUniversity Unbelievableuniversity I show the crazy things universities and their students are up to with mostly sarcastic commentary along the way. Visit my website to find out more

Praying for this family and their fight against indoctrination
#indoctrination #stoptheindoctrination #liberalindoctinationisacancer #unbelievable

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Great discussion on the problems of student loan forgiveness/cancelation. We can’t let people be fooled by both disingenuous politicians and foolish minds. #cancelstudentdebt #youcantfixstupid #walkawayfromdemocrats #dontwalkrunproductions

Could Joe Biden Cancel Student Loan Debt? SHIRTS AND MORE: Join the Channel: Don't Walk, RUN! Twitter Support the...

That’s not the argument, maybe she should have learned about a strawman argument in college. It’s simple, you got the debt, you pay the debt. That’s equality. What we need to fix is everyone telling kids to go to college when they do not have a plan for a job and waste money. They get useless degrees while they find themselves and then can’t find a job. Let’s also have the government stop backing student loans which allow these schools to inflate the price to begin with. #alexandriaocasiocortez #idiot #studentdebt

😆 😂 🤣 you can’t make this stuff up! #insane #professor #poisonivyleague #universities #college

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Yet another reason why the poison Ivy League is not worth the money. #universities #freespeech #intellectualdiversity #wokemob

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You can hear their liberal professors’ talking points repeated. This is why it is important to get more conservatives on campus and why I still work in academia. #campusreform #conservativesoncampus #electoralcollege

Students want to abolish the Electoral College Campus Reform Video Correspondent Ophelie Jacobson asked students if they trust the 2020 election results and what their thoughts are on the Electoral College. Is the Electoral College racist? Should...

I guess someone forgot to tell her about her systemic white privileged... 🙄

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Apparently, due to a class action suit (that I didn’t know I was involved in) I’m eligible to receive up to 90% of my student loans (that I don’t have) forgiven. I just need to finish the application (that I don’t remember starting). The most hilarious part is that even the scammers don’t think 💯 loan forgiveness is believable! Surprised students still believe the government is going to help #studentdebt #democratlies #governmentloans

Yes! It’s awesome to see some universities protecting free speech. Now I just need to check and see if they have any openings 😏 #freespeech #universities #professor

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I'm calling my shots now for if Trump wins #Trump #Colleges #Universities #snowflakes #meltdown

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I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.