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Tucker Carlson TuckerCarlson Host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight", weeknights at 8 PM ET Fox News Channel.

The Shenanigan Express is on its way to Georgia.

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“The evidence is so overwhelming it’s almost as though they were blatant about it. They expected us to catch it, maybe it’s a diversion from something else that is going on, I don’t know.”

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I think they overplayed their hand in desperation.

That will kick it to the supreme court, won't it?

They think we're all stupid

@Mkw44mag You are

People need to start paying more attention to “Covid”. Something very nefarious is going on!

Probably the trouble Joe & Hunter are in!

Love you Sydney, keep pushing forward for all the true American Patriots who are behind you 1000% God Bless

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Name Hidden · @Private User

🧐🤔 what are they plotting now?


Thank You Sidney Powell! Your Awesome!! Keep up the Explosive Fraud Findings!!!

You got them shaking in their boots Sidney Powell, sick them

U get them girl... their so scared of u they are afraid t face u

Because dem's in government are the most corrupt in our nation

No, they just didn't expect you to do anything about it!

@Tunemaker59 Personality I feel they thought that no one would notice, or that they can win in the court of public opinion. I mean this isn't the first time they've done something blatantly. I mean you just have to look at what happened with the Biden/Ukraine thing.


As she should! GOOD FOR HER!

Thay cheated everyone knows. Stay strong for America

@ClintonClub4Life And your exposed



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seefgreenmoon@gmail .com

Serious question: What do we do if the courts fail us and Biden is officially declared the winner?
At that moment, our republic dies. So what will we do? Please understand this is not a rhetorical question, we need a plan.

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😞 I’m worried about that small chance.


Well . I bet it goingto scotus. We should be ok there.


You put on a mask and take it up the ass from China

Civil war. That is the harsh reality.

We don’t need a plan. It is game, set, match. Game over. Trump is going to win.

I have been wondering that myself. The democrats seem to get away with everything.

We pray! Bc only a higher power can save us

Pray more!

Stop listening to Qanon and DiaperDon...


You wake up and realize you've been duped by a con man.

Know the answer before you ask the question.

We party like it's 1776 and kick their asses back to hell cause they ain't from England or any other foreign country at this point.

Exactlywhat Ihave been wondering.

We stand our ground and fight

If what they propose comes to fuition.. it will be civil war. If not, we are starved out reeducated and depopulated. Grab arms and fight, or suffer slowly, or turn on your friends neighbors and family to survive.

@Buddafliez Dont be worried lady. Ammow up. Get supplies, train your self. For the sake of the children that will have the world when we die.


STOP THE STEAL rally Saturday 12PM at your State Capitol


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We need to have rallies across the country so all supporters can attend locally.

What State?



They are every day in some states. Saturday larger crowds. If you are in AZ I will be there for a Jericho march

Give it up traitor you and the Orange pussy grabbing idiot lost.

You pathetic moron.

Every State Capitol at noon tomorrow

@Waistell Every State Capitol at noon tomorrow. We'll be in Austin.

Going to the state Capitol is useless.
Find out where those Democrats in the Congress and Senate live, their actual residents, and protest on there door steps with bullhorns.
Believe me, once they know that you know where the live and what they drive you'll put the fear of god in their asses.

Sucks here in Alaska the only way to the State Capital is by Plane.

@escher01 TRUMP Didn't lose. No way Biden got 80M votes fraudulent as hell.

@Rickicema Purge warning...

We need to stop rallying at the capitol buildings and start rallying at the media network station buildings. They helped cause this.

Yes will be withyou in Prayer. Gathering people here to pray for supernatural protection from God. So you guys,can rally safe and sound

@Coolcasey I hear your mom is having a sore vagina rally

Should I wear my tiny foil hat???

Stand up and fight fight fight . So I heard anything from Georgia to say and how we can protect the votes are coming up for Senate next month in the . We can't trust voting for the president I don't know how we supposed to trust the voting for the senate in Georgia

@escher01 You ain't black

Who you gonna fight

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Rickicema Yeahhh

▪️Why do those in Hollywood and many people in power hate best President Trump?

▪️Because he is BRINGING AN END to what they CHERISH MOST!!

▪️Child Trafficking!


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Enough with the conspiracy crap.. get a life

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I so agree! I think almost everything ties back to “elite” pedophiles. No normal man would have an oil painting of himself in a blue dress, red heels in a world renowned pedo’s house.

These pedophiles are sick monsters! They all need to hang!

Kind of funny you made a good statement for two people don't think it's so good that's a bit creepy

They hate him because they are jealous of him and his family. He has great kids and they can't say the same about theirs

@cwilli09 Democrats have claimed conspiracy for 4 years. They are still burning and destroying their own cities. Democrats also lock down their own cities and still Democrats vote for them, the fake media backs them. Biden looks more like Hitler everyday.

Cancel culture @TuckerCarlson .


Tucker would know. He was a VIP at Comet Ping Pong

They also love their wars. They make trillions of dollars on weapons and death. The wars can't end for the haters they make to much money


@Name Hidden Who was that? Just curious.

They are a bunch of people that need to go to hell, and suffer

@cwilli09 Child smugglers dont usually come in legally. Think about it

The World Mourns Babylon’s Fall

9 “The kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, 10 standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’

11 “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: 12 merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13 and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.

@cwilli09 You pedophiles take up for each other, don'tyou.

@NCS51state The left have been normalizing deviate behavior, for years. Look at the commercials, TV,movies.

@Heal36 Jeffery epstein had an oil painting if Bill Clinton, in a blue dress, like MonicaLewinsky had on, and red heels

I don't think it's a conspiracy. Why has facebook and twitter censored ALL the "save the children" articles and posts? Take them all down. The devil needs to be stopped

Sounds like an insult to me

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Yeah right?

It is...

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I thought so too

Comment Author Profile Pic
CAS1 · @CAS11

It wasn’t even Tucker and he was talking about Demorat shananigans


I thought the same thing.

Ha I thought the same thing

The day this nation stopped seeing their citizens as individuals with souls, and stopped working to provide them with the atmosphere to hone their own character, was the first day of the destruction of that nation and ensured those involved in these acts were allowed to be rewarded through the embrace of their vice.

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Very true.

It's almost like this has been done before and we know the outcome.

That would be when FDR initiated the "New Deal".

So slavery ensured our destruction.

Could not agree more

Stop taking the day off! 😝 🤣🤣🤣

I am too! 🇺🇸

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Bring 780,000 with u

@Mancinid7 Probably will!

Don't worry Joana
News about Trump coming to free the world come 1700B.C
Here is the good news
Trump didn't just come from nowhere
Trump is a special gift
I know in my heart
I'm Persian and we had someone just like him in my homeland Iran back in 500BC
Great king Cyrus who's name is mentioned in Bible more than 26 times who freed the Jews from slavery and wrote the first declaration of human right known as Cyrus Cilinder in British museum in London
Even in Torah it talks about Cyrus 80 years before even he was born
In Avesta ancient book of Zoroastrian of Persia ( iran) 1700BC it talks about a man called Trumpet who would come to shine light on darkness
Trumpet had two meaning in ancient Iran
One as name an instrument and the other shout for Justice
Who do you think that man is which was promised 1700BC?
Trump is a gift of God for humanity and no-one outsmarts God's choice no-one.

Rigged cheating Dems

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Bloo · @BlooH

Prove it

We need to get rid of the democratic party. The dems need to look at thier party and seriously refurbish the party. Democratic party is allowing socialist to take over their party. Democratic party need to stop fearing the socialist and put their feet down to stop these traitors from taking over

Not over yet

Whining lying bitch snowflake.

@BlooH It has been to any intellectually honest, and informed person.

Right cause they would stop at the presidential seat 😂😂😂😂 #shouldvebeenleftinthesock

"Rig for red" Q

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Ant · @Ant02

Georgia leadership is a joke

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Not as bad as my Pennsylvania?

Like your manhood a total joke.

No words can describe the Democ "rats"

Trump Train does not stop!! 🇺🇸

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Choo Choo!

Choo Choo

Just rollsof the track!

Even when it's so completely off the rails that it has become a sinking ship.

Right...well, unless asked for evidence in court! #clueless

It's been stoped 34 times already but keep coping dumb ass.

@cwilli09 You're a shit troll and have a sad existence. Hold your breath for 7 mins or however long it is

I don't mean to be "that guy" but if liberals were so concerned about shutting everything down because of COVID-19 why did we still have the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and WHY THE HELL did we still have "Black Friday"?... oh. Thats right, because it makes MONEY!


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Ya. It seems like capitalism is the problem.

No they don’t care about that this socialism happens slowly so you don’t notice it

Dude you didn’t see the parade did you???? They played the parade from last year and had a pathetic live performance ...

@Gstuart97 So black friday?

Exactly and the LGBT community was there in full force celebrating but we can’t spend times with our families during the holidays.

Liberal’s aren’t... intelligent people are... and did you see a crowd at the parade you dolt? It was closed to the public... and Black Friday has been going on for a month... what stupid things to bitch about

More importantly...why the hell is football being played yet we can’t have as many people in a church as they can playing on a football field??? Why isn’t ESPN sharing in the pain of being lockdown with their monetary flow?????

The Macy’s parade was a two block taped parade. It was so stupid. Liberals commentators too! What a parade lol

We've been "played." There are two organizations that had the expertise and network to pull off the election fraud: Council on Foreign Relations cabal and the Chinese government, who is in partnership with Biden. Covid-19 was engineered by the Chinese using CRISPR technology and used, along with MSM, to defeat Trump. Both the cabal and Chinese had a vested interest in defeating Trump, who was a threat to their business paradigm. What China did was an act of war. What the cabal and Biden did was treason!

The Macy's day parade was one of the saddest things I had ever witnessed. Since I was a performer at one time, watching all of these people perform and putting their hearts in their talent out there to no one, absolutely no one except for the balloon handlers and the people making sure that the floats stayed on course was just one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. I really felt for them as far as performers. But when you've got the idiots that are in charge of New York pulling strings to all their little puppets, what else would you expect?

You know Black Friday still applies online, right?

You do... have internet, right?

@MithrilTuxedo You do realize how many more people go in person right?

Macy parade was not live . They pre recorded it.

@Bracewellsusan If so, everyone that controlled those floats still had to gather on a day. All the group performances. They all still got together. So regardless if they were live or not, they all still gathered.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I didn't do black Friday at all, in store, or online...except to purchase a scope for my husband's AR

@Name Hidden Great use of black friday!😊 lol

Boycott Amazon for 2 weeks! That will stop these shutdowns!

I was reallllly hoping a huge balloon of Trump came floating around the corner at the end of the parade! Pouncing past everybody .That would have been fantastic!!!

@Kweber1973 they're not sharing in the lockdown cause they're too busy kneeling...

They're not doing this for the money, they're doing it for the power.

Check out my page for pew pew 🔫

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Looks like a 4 inch barrel, and you have penis envy!

Tucker who's side are you on? Oh wait you're Fox news.

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I say same fight fight fight

Past time

Fox News trades up real quick

Fox news has shit their pants. It will not be the same. Everyone need to go to news max. Fox news is history.

He's a total sell out i useto like him and religiouslywatch his show now I've i subscribe fromf fox business and regularfox news let that network sink bye bye fox


Very Disappointed in you Tucker.

Foxnewsratings are down?

he's for the PEOPLE, stop falling for the left's little tricks!!


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Liberal tears are more yummy. And kameltoe Harris is a skank like you.

Soo looking forward to early December. Your foot in mouth syndrome will become apparent.

Who’s crying cunt?

Cheating libtard!

Who is this??


Buy a clue and know this country is going to crap if Biden gets in there.

Lol, tuck your tail darling, the Trump train is about to roll.

@mludwigs hahaha not happening you dorks have been saying this for weeks

Spread Eagle is speaking she’s a dumb ass

your gonna cry soon

Suck Michael’s big one

Comment Author Profile Pic
T/A77 · @77TA

Ok BidenTard...beware the TRUMP TRAIN IS COMING....


The election is far from over libtard

We live to fight another day soy boy.

The American people aren't crying, we just want a free and fair election, the demotards are the ones that have been crying, for the past four years.


Sounds just like a racist speaking.

Just like the Election your laugh is a fraud! Back to your basement!

Lmao i love the blatant denial with no proof

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I love empty accusations that actually cost american tax payer money on russian collusion all from a paid for bullshit document. Funny how left eats anonymous sources yet not people who are willing to put their name on the statement

it’s tough to explain to idiots.

Gertrude f*ck off

Well hang in there sec.230 is comeing to an will see what a travesty this election has been

Website Image
GiveSendGo - SIDNEY POWELL MONEYBOMB: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site. The Fastest growing Christian Crowdfunding site made by Christians for Christians. Login and start raising money to make a difference in the world today.
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This delusionalcunt was fired by the big orange baby because she is a liabilityyou dumbass. StupidTrumptards

Please point to the tyranny of a one party system in NY State. Maybe the good people Georga will save country by election the two Republicans to keep the two party system. Checks and balances is what the country needs now.

@escher01 Wow your facts are completely off dude...


The CDC, which has proved incapable of controlling the disease and so would rather control you instead because frankly it’s a lot easier, advises that you should take your own Thanksgiving meal – take your own turkey, take your own stuffing, take your own fixins, especially take your own cranberry sauce, because that’s a super spreader. And take your own disposable plate and utensils and be sure to throw them away immediately after you’re finished, lest Auntie Mabel carelessly pick up your plastic spoon to stir her pumpkin-spice Metamucil.

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Owl · @owl42

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Now thats funny stuff.

@Donnareinhart43 lmfao 😜


Well said!

Loving this shirt!!! I made a similar comment on Instagram, and it was deleted immediately!!

I need that shirt! Love it

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I so need that shirt 😂

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Love it!

Lol. Love the shirt!

Good message!!

This is too funny but true

You go girl

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

WE THE PEOPLE started America first!!!
Trump led put us back on course!

ROFLMFAO, love the shirt

For sho

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Dilli dilli

Priceless! I luv it!!

Which "Ho"does this shirt reference - His wife who cheated on her husband for Joe or the VP that slept her way to the top?

OMG! Almost pee pee my pants laughing!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
Deuteronomy 31:6 King James Version

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I'm not really a religiuos man, but thank for those words.



Like Joshua. 1:8-9

Yes,you Americans are in the battles for the soul of your nation,as this year's Elections is the determinant of the path which your country will navigate for the years to come, and sadly we Christains have been docile for over 60 years, while the devil and his soldiers have been busy,we owe it to her future generations to fight and prevail now,or it would be never

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User


Amen. Praise God.

God bless All of us.

Amen! Now pass the peas please 🙂!


AMEN!! Pray For Trump, Sidney, Linn, ALL Patriots.....Pray For America

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User



Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Dejiharyor62 The UN needs thrown in the scrape heap, and a new type of vision given to the Nations.

Ty. I Needed that!!! 🙏❤️

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But who else can you trust these days?

@AniSolai Newsmax

Agree wholeheartedly. Have to go with OAN and Epoch Times.

Totally agree. Their true colors are finally showing. They didn't respect their audience and now they're losing them! Those smug, arrogant teleprompter-reading twits can go to hell.

Fuxk fox news leftwing propaganda trash

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Me to, sad to see them crumble, with a payoff, from Soros

OAN is free on ROKU!

Only Tucker for me

@AniSolai Newsmax, Epoch Times, The Blaze, The First, and Breitbart. Right now I'm really liking The First, I got their app.

All Media Is Dead to me now.

Fox who?

@c433dd19678c4fea96dd3ea057a8349e Gotta watch @StevenCrowder and all those at Blaze TV and Newsmax.

Tucker is one of the few at Fixed News that is still worth watching.

I agree and I have a long memory. Too bad for the two or three remaining conservatives on there night time lineup.

But I still like Tucker.

They are becoming fake news

I switched to Newsmax after the call in AZ.

Refuse to watch!

And me as well!!!

@AniSolai Try OANN

You have a better chance of getting food poisoning than getting COVID....48 million cases/year. Where is that discussion??

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Uuuugh, don'tremind me if that terrible experience.

That’s why they want to cancel the day after thanksgiving too

Yes. Exactly. You should start a thread comparing the 2. I bet that would be interesting. Food poisoning would be deadlier than covid if they would have let the dr's use hydrochlorazine or whatever its called. I saw on tv tonight that with that drug covid is 99.96% curable

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are right!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Common sense, and clear thinking are worth their weight in gold, TRUMP did more then Biden would have balls to do.

This fact is not anti-Trump for the leftist media so they'll ignore it.

What's happening with the yearly flu? Not hearing anything about it. Did it Magically disappear?

I know that's right!

Well, than "getting covid" (or should Isay "testing positive for covid") and having actual symptoms...

You got it right.
The government especially the democrats is scaring the people.
If what they said is true that is covid is out of control the hospital should be packed with patients.
Being positive for covid is fine as long as you don't have symptoms or you have secondary major illness and it doesn't mean that you are going to die.
Not all the people died if corona virus.
The governor are power hungry.
They want to control and scare the people. ( like puppets)
When they themselves are partying. HYPOCRITEs!

@JuniperJones Iv been saying the same thing..they labeling everything covid! Total scam.

@JuniperJones Was just talking about this with my wife the other day! Weird don't you think? All of a sudden the "Regular flu" just disappears? All BS

They don't talk about it food poisoning doest scare people lol

In a socialist society it may very well become the next big issue to control people, and put middle class restaurant owners and food purveyors out of business through more mountains of regulations, permits, fees and fines right after more climate hysteria.

This is true the media is showing cases as deaths. Cases are people who tested positive not who died. 95 percent survived. They lied about the numbers through deception. Liars

@Monicabarnett Hydroxychloroquine sulfate. It's actually a good drug, anti malarial but used for years to treat rheumatoid arthritis

From food that is true. you won't get the China virus from food.

They are more worried about your plastic utensils you use which is ridiculous yet many will adhere. Many and be sooo afraid primarily because they watch CNN and are idiots


Why not talk about the Rothschilds, City of London, One World Government? Covid 19 is the greatest crime against humanity in history.


These people are totally deranged and need to be committed.

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

If your for Biben, and Kumalot, your the sick cock sucking asshole, with no mind to even come close to understand and make statements like that, now if your for TRUMP then what you say is true.


I offered a solution and never heard back. Once a month Thorazine shots should do the trick.

Put coomo in charge of the asylum.

Me too...pick me!👀

'You'll be've left us no choice' This is some scary shit!! And that chick is angry...scolding grown people like children. Yet the leftwingers continue to blindly follow. I'll just never understand their lack of ability to think for themselves and the shockingly amount of people that ignore, or don't possess, basic common sense.

Of course I won't cancel Thanksgiving nobody will stop me from thanking the lord

Comment Author Profile Pic
Ken · @aussii

Sounds just like Australia!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

So true

No compliance from me. They can make all the silly rules they want I'll just keep ignoring them.

@Finntom886 I refuse to join the sheep,it's like when Hitler told the Jews it's only a shower instead it was gas chambers.

Yourself? Correct. Enjoy the next 4 years and Happy killing Native AmericansDay!

Wait that sounds like a narrative on mainstream media because they always project what they are guilty of on Republicans or Trump voters or you're just a valid person seeing the deranged misguided instincts and the mental illness that so many suffer especially those that think that mainstream media is real news

@Name Hidden Of course I’m for Trump, if I shared the same perverse ideology as the extreme Leftards, I would neck myself 😆

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

The Wild West needs to have a chat to Governor of Pennsylvania

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Long guns in hand too!

@Geocas034969752484 No there for the totalitarian Democrat media

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Like taken out back of the wood shed, kind of talking to.

To the nut in the women's dress

Does anyone remember the constitution and freedom of association and private property rights anymore?

I agree!! He's the biggest fraud and hypocrite in this state. He doesn't follow the science and is doing nothing while destroying our states economy. He's a sheep following the liberal elites agenda of ushering in socialism/communism. My friend said we should watch out for him when he was first elected he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He was dead on with what he predicted this fool would do. Our legislature needs to remove him from office. I've already called my representative about it.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

There are at least 8 more Governors in this Country that need to be put in prison or bared from ever working a government job again...

The time for chatting is gone.

Banning alcohol sales in PA is nothing but spiteful. It makes no sense. Heaven forbid the bartenders and bar owners make money. Some people depend on those extra tips from tonight for their Christmas shopping. They've gone off the deep end.

Tell them to bring some roap

Hot tar & feathers would cure its kind.

@CVS2BVS Trump wins with human votes
Biden wins with computer votes

I was watching the Senate committee this morning from Pennsylvania listening to testimony about fraud and other mishandling of the election. People this ain't over yet!

Nah, impeach the fool..

And Michigan

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Name Hidden MLG in New Mexico.

Trust me , Iam embarrassedto live in pa. Its time to hunt the wolf.

@airwolfpilot I am as well. The people of Pa know who won this state...

Because he is in on it


I feel sorry for the guy having to sign all of that. He looks fed up.

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Tucker he's feeling guilty he turned over like a dying turtle

Laughed so damn hard to your response.

They can take all that stuff and stuff it

** I'm an army combat veteran who served as a combat medic during two tours to Iraq. I'm trying to share my experiences and views in this tough climate. If interested and want to support a disabled vet who finds posting cathartic, I'd appreciate if you followed me. God bless **

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Followed you! Thank you for your service!

I’ll follow you, and you can decide if you’d like to follow me. Thank u for your service.

Thank you for your service. Following.

I'm a half crazy deplorable conspiracy theorist who just wants his country back. I'll join you.

Thank you for your service, I'll follow you!

Thank you for your service

Thank you sir for your service!

God bless you and thank you for your service

Very compelling.

Followed. Thank you for your service.

Whats up brother?

Thank you for your service, we will always be Thankful for your selfless service to the Best Country that ever was, is and always will be.
God Bless you forever and your Family who, I am sure provided you with moral support and strength and suffered along with you!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Followed, and thank you for your service, brother. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

I just follow ed u..thank u for ur service. Happy Thanksgiving.

I graduated same year name closed up shop bud spent 25 years patching up people in hospitals. Thank YOU for your service.

Welcome home, brother! I am a Vietnam veteran. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! I will follow you.

Thank you foryour service "Brave Warrior"

Thank you for serving our country what's happening now in AMERICA is disgraceful Joe Biden is mostly responsible for that needless war & should be in PRISON.

Thank you for your service. God Bless.

Thanks so much for your service Red Beard!


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Fox News fucking sells out to the left!!!

I bet you suck harder

Say it again Winston

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Yes it does now that Soros have them a talking to with a bit of Christmas money incentive


Fox is the only one that tells the truth an the Democrats stole the election Trump won so face losers Trump will get it taken care of Trump we American's love you

This declassified 302 document reveals the lies and deception and willful ignorance by the leadership of the F.B.I. and D.O.J. in wrongfully accusing Michael Flynn of lying when F.B.I. agents who interviewed Flynn believed that he was not lying, and that what Flynn had stated to them was the truth.

Article Image
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Yes, and those involved should go to prison for life at Gitmo!

Their is always more to the story. I Always trusted in General Flynn.. So happy for him and his family. It well indeed be a Very Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless America..

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

People need to go to jail for defaming Mr Flynn and wasting the American peoples hard earned money....disgusting

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

The FBI is as crooked as a snake

@Name Hidden The FBI and DOJ have turned political......
Not good for the Justice system in America....

He was framed and innocent

Justice has been done, thank you President Trump.

If you were looking for Justice in the Justice department that was never going to happen because there is no Justice in the Justice system, they have failed the American people with their lies and corruption. No faith for the FBI.

He should never have been charged!!! Thankfully President Trump pardoned him. It's a shame what they put this honorable war hero thru!!!! The left is totally unhinged.

I am so glad President Trump pardoned General Flynn

The media proclaims that he spoke with a "Russian agent", when in fact he spoke with a Russian ambassador......fake news once again.

So glad for Michael Flynn! It's disgusting what they did to him

How many treasonous acts does a person need to do to countries leaders b4 being charged with it? These democrats are insane and obviously do not have Americans best interests in mind

I can almost picture the views of a pole and a hanging rope, hmm I can almost smell the gun powder in the air, and the twang sound of the rope tightening when stretched. Wow kind of sounds like a firing squad and a hangman's noose breaking the neck. When it does happen, can we the PATRIOT'S watch it live so people who think they can get away with treason realize that honesty is the best policy. As the demacrats always say,

They are domestic traitors...😔

The FBI & DOJ are guilty of abuse of power and harassment....all wrong and should not be allowed....hold those responsible and slap them with relavent charges and prison time!!!

Where's the original 302?

Yeah, so whats the reprocussions? Nothing.


I'm so glad he was pardoned.

Near coup, near coup, looks pretty successful to me, the country is lost.

The cdc can go fuck itself.

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Don’t say so. Tucker is telling you the right way to protect yourself. I have 5 families working in the hospital. They look dying every day but still have to be strong for those patients whatever how they got the fucking virus.

Why not. They already fucked everything else


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I doubt they could that without fucking it up

They are deep state dims.


They can deep throat a raw turkey neck Jay Inslee style. a controlled by democrats sad all these government agencies are more concerned with caving to democrats than American lives

Why nasty comment?

CDC and WHO could be doing each other and themselves.


YES, YES, and YES....

As well as the W.H.O.

And you can clean up your mouth! Vulgarity is a sign of ignorance. There are thousands of other words to choose from. Give it a try!

For starters!

@Conniesuewillette CDC = Communist Disease Corporation

Why the vulgarity? Why can't we have civilized talk. I can just have another Thanksgiving dinner if Iwanna hear people curse at each other about their beliefs

@AutumnRyan This is not a Christian thing to say.

@Susannemtracy I agree! I'm shocked at these statements.

Fox fake news

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