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Tristan_dahl Tristandahl

i am offended by being called caucasian, i am white i am proud to be white, i have never been to asia and neither have any of my ancestors, im proud to be white but i still would never support a white meth head or pedophile

every socialist democrat in office is a threat against america, the democrats are known to create support hate and terrorist groups, blm, antifa, isis, illegal aliens, look at the history of the democrat party, democrat cities lead the world in homelessness, crime, and murder, democrats have proved many times over the past hundred years their only goal is the destruction of america, every democrat politician in office must be charged before all of america is as homeless as california, and as criminal as detroit

every dead socialist makes the world livable

well parler is no different than fb or the rest, try to post the truth about illegal terrorists, socialist democrats, or enemies of america, and they block you