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On many levels, the system was rigged against one candidate, and in favor of another, and it was rigged in ways that were not hidden from view. We all saw it. The media openly colluded with the Democratic nominees. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to explain what they would do if they were elected. That’s never happened in this country before, but the media allowed them to do it. At the same time, beginning in the spring, Democrats used our public health emergency for nakedly partisan ends.

Biden Transition Live Updates: The G.S.A. Administrator Has Told Biden the Administration Is Ready to Begin the Transition - The New York Times

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Stop the voting fraud Joi.


So it's OVER, Sheeple! I TOLD you we needed to get rid of these IMBECILES Giuliani, Powell and Ellis but you just sat there and tried to protect them. Now TRUMP has lost the 2020 election because so many Stoopid Conservatives don't listen to Trump! You got what you deserved, Knuckledraggers!!

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And just who would you have put in Einstein, like regular people have the power to hire Attorney's for the President moron.

He has not lost yet.

@Mcval77 Yes he has! You IMBECILES didn't listen to Trump when he said DIRECTLY that his legal representation was PATHETIC!! Giuliani has his hand down his pants and dye running down his face with Powell being a complete IDIOT?? We are F**KED!!!

@Bubbymaloney He has great lawyers and will be re-elected.

Come on man thats the ny times let the damn people do what they do and keep the faith man Trump and the people will win this!!!

@Mcval77 OMFG!! Can you even READ?! His lawyers were SO bad they couldn't even win ONE case of note with ALL the evidence we have?!! Get a CLUE, Stoopid!!!

@Bayne041482 That's just the article I commented on. It's not wrong. Every news source is carrying it. Trump threw in the towel. How could he NOT with such bad representation??!

@Mcval77 The GSA says he did.

Good luck with that.

@Jamesspaith I don't go by what the GSA says. It's what the supreme court and electors say. It's not over.

😆 Settle down junior. This is far from over. We haven't even argued one pertinent court case yet. We haven't heard from the electors, and we haven't heard from the SCOTUS. Way too many factors to start pointing fingers. Makes you look foolish and uneducated in the process.

It's also ironic that you're calling others dumb when you cannot spell correctly. Not a good look.

May God hear and see your ugly character.

Not even close! SCOTUS is going to kick the democrats proverbial butts and we are going to sit back and watch!

@Bubbymaloney What evidence? That's the reason we lost. No evidence exists. Its all propaganda. Left wing right wing same bird. Trump never stood a chance.

You are a fucking idiot go to Twitter or go watch CNN


No , Trunt Lost the election because he's a fucking lying scumbag , and America is sick of him.. move to Russia, maggot

@elderp75 Nope, not happening.

@liberalsarethieves It's over, Stoopid! You imbeciles allowed Biden to win. Trump KNEW this was happening and nobody listened...

Will he be transitioning to Gitmo along with his crackhead son?

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No the white house actually

By the grace of God yes.

That’s incorrect.

Excellent news. And Trump basically conceded today too. He should start packing his shit.

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Lol poor troll

To join a conservative platform like Parler just to spew your crap shows what a pathetic shitbag you are

Hahaha good luck with that!😂

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Biden to take office... 🗣

@Matthewsedivy Oof stay salty

He did not concede.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

I'd like to spend inauguration day with you, I'll bring the tissues...Trump has not and will not lose...sorry leftie....not!!

Now your in fkn denial!

I call BS

No he didnt lol

@Mcval77 He did in his own way. He endorsed the transition team. Don't be sad. It's excellent news for the country.

@Drtongue96 No he was saying how strong the lady at the head of the agency that releases the transition money was despite the harassment and threats she was getting. Trump went on to say that the fight continues. Biden and Harris are not good for our country.

We will see how you will like it under Biden Harris tyrannical rule...say hello to crime bill reinstatement, say bye bye to one freedom after the other, say hello to higher taxes and VAT taxes on high demand commodities (that's why Canada shops in USA), say hello to shitty Healthcare that will tear down the economy further. All of Bidens cabinet have been in office and have done nothing to improve economy or this country...

Lol..the supreme court may have something to say about that lunger..

That's a bunch of BULLSHIT as I have heard plenty!

Only you walking talking Biden butt plugs believe that. Go back to your kennel, mutt.

I’m am over this and our government! Never voting again! I don’t trust anyone! Thanks a lot America, the country of crap now!

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You gonna give up that easy?


@Buckskins What do you personally want me to do?


The Times, Eh?

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Trump just confirmed it on Twitter.

Yeah , you know.. the REAL news..hehehe..loser

Go find the same news everywhere. Sorry it's true, trump lost fair and square.

He better transition his criminal old ass into a jail cell and not go anywhere near the Whitehouse

Wow I can't believe it. It's almost as if Trump lost the election and was just being a whinney little loser bitch.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Trump is the biggest-ass snowflake I ever did see!

Dumbass Trumpers cry me a river! Sad!

You mean like you bitches been doing for 4 years!? He still gonna be your president! I guess you want Michael Robinson and his bitch barrack back in

lol...paid have been blocked

@Name Hidden more trolls...blocked.

@Name Hidden Lmao! Literally every democrat since 2016 has been crying illegitimate President and Russian conspiracy theories. Liberals are too stupid for words. 😂😂😂

Typical corrupt Communist reply. Keep sucking Chinese balls you mothetfucker

I guarantee you wouldn't have the balls to come at any Trump supporter. Keyboard warrior, mommas basement living soyboy!

He has not lost the election.

@Buckskins The tears, so sweet

Like your Mom?

@Josephdrummerj Trump was illegitimate because he lost the popular vote by over 3 million votes, that means that the majority of Americans never wanted him as president. But it's all good now, he's gonzo and now we'll have Biden and then Harris for 8 yrs after him, life is good again!

@Buckskins I don't swing that way "Bill" but hey, no judgement from me.

@Markeballas Lol, what shitty public school did you flunk out of? Moron

Trump's followers are pretty fucking stupid. It's embarrassing.

@DitchTheMedia I've tried to meet up with 3 Trump supporters I met on this site to settle things, all 3 pussed out and one of em reported me to the fbi or sum shit lol, fuckin cowards every last one of ya.

@fuckalltrumpsupporterz Lol. Come on dirt bag. Your ignorant posts truly exemplifies the mental prowess of your acorn sized grey matter. Too many pseudo Americans bastards such as yourself living here as parasites consuming and wasting oxygen.

@tylerbing Don't forget, they're also all cousin fuckin redneck racists

@fuckalltrumpsupporterz Can’t wait. You fags are outnumbered 10-1 and the patriots are willing to die for our Constitution and Republic. Can’t wait. Look you up first

@Markeballas I think you may wanna check your math, Biden won the popular vote by 10 million votes, thats a lot of soldiers. You're side is hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. Civil War II will end the same way Civil War I did, with conservatives getting their dicks knocked in the dirt.

@Jerry7433 Would LOVE to have Barrack back, but I'll settle for Joe and then 8 yrs of Harris and then 8 yrs of Michelle Obama, man what a great time to be a true American patriot!

He will not he hasn't won.

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It's O. V. E. R.. move to Russia , scumbag... LMMFAO

@Keithbrundage0 Your an stupid idiot

NYTIMES 😆😅😅😅😆😅🤣🤣🤣

Bullshit. Stop the steal.

big deal. the cheaters will do really well. they will fill their pockets and their families pockets. The rest will suffer for next 4 years or even longer. The dem voters will get what they deserve. BC once in office. you all do not exist.

His transition is falling on deaf ears! He will not rule!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Name Hidden Go away commie troll, you are not wanted here! Don't you have something to burn down?!

@Name Hidden Your blind and a idiot.

@Name Hidden LMAO>> come on over and I will try and show you my cult ways you dumb fucking retard mother fucker. You self sinnered fuck. I got your cult.

@Name Hidden Whoooo you scare me so bad. I pray your a Antifa member.

Trump team needs to remain focused and get this to the SCOTUS!!!

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It's over , loser...pack your shit and move to Russia...BUH-BYE... LMMFAO !!!!!!

Too bad! It ain’t gunna happen anyway!

I wouldn't go thinking biden will actually be president. Trump will stay in power for another 4 years or I'm sure the American people would step in as one voice.

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We all better step in. Our repucking senators and congressmen or not doing much.

So delusional

You're fucking pathetic.. move to Russia...hehe

The people voted and voice was heard. What the only Americans are trump voters?

@Jpeacock1042 Ya from 3 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. the day after the election I did see that. Once again stealing votes is not winning votes it's just a way to beat an unbeatable person.

@Alvelting72 There is no proof of stealing anything...just conspiracy. Thats why courts ate throwing out cases. He lost the popular vote by >6m. U need a lot of fraud. Republican states certified and counted and now triple counting. Dude don't be part of the problem. This is what democracy is. Stealing is what Trump is trying to do!

@Jpeacock1042 I think your full of shit too!

@Alvelting72 Prove me wrong with evidence and if possible try to be civil.

Do you think democrats LIE, CHEAT & STEAL? Is Donald Trump still your President? If the answer is yes, You will enjoy giving me a follow. My posts expose the left for who they really are!!!
I’m a conservative that loves this country and will be silent about it no more. I will be creating original content that you request. Such as concealed carry firearms and everyday carry items for defense.
Just finished 2 Thanksgiving giveaways!! Going to do a Christmas one soon for 20-$50 dollar gift cards. Follow me and subscribe to be notified when it starts!!!

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another Trunt gun freak , headed for prison..hehe

Democraps, you sorry ass MF

Biden will never be president. Trump will beat them in the Supreme Court. Also, I'm unfollowing you.

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Booooohoooo... you lost.. move to Russia , ya scumbag

Hmm you don't get to take new evidence even if u got a surpreme hearing. Evidence is not there and as a conservative who don't like federal govt control you should be happy the statesbhave independence. Federal cannot tell a state how to run their state elections. No fraud he lost fair and square and this conspiracy crap is what is eatingat our democracy...smh

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” it said in a statement. “She is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the president in his personal capacity.”

Trump Team Disavows Lawyer Who Peddled Conspiracy Theories on Voting - The New York Times

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But now Trump team without Sidney has no chance the rest just talk but no experience or fact the case will be thrown out

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She’s going nowhere , she is still there just not directly tied to the Trump campaign if you read her statement after this came out

@Tomburritt I hope you are right on TV is says they cut all ties with Sidney

Sidney always stated she does not work for the trump campaign. She works for defend the republic . Org. She is filing lawsuits for the people and not the campaign. Just like many other lawyers around the country. Relax and trust the process . The POTUS was ready for this.

@Buba1 I just read her statement onetime Fox

you are an idiot do you love China or what!

@Buba1 You still trust what they tell you?

@Jscuthbertson Wake up republicans

If we do not fix this mail in fraud now without signature verification.Democratic Stacy/kemp/Brian are conspiring to cheat on the senate race in Georgia and the republicans are stupid and blind sided.
All the money and rally/ advertising on TV is not going to beat the cheat in senate race in Georgia. Republicans should demand signature verification and hand count for senate race.

That would have happened anyway.

Not true! Don't lose faith . Sydney Powell has never been an official member of the Trump team. She has been working independently and will continue to work independently. and I'm sure she's going to share everything she has with the Trump team. If you ask me this is an excellent strategy. Believe in the Chess Master Trump!

@Buba1 It isn't just mail in ballot fraud, it's much much bigger than that. We must take these people out of positions of power. We must stop foreign actors from meddling in our affairs. We MUST prosecute EVERYONE involved in perpetrating these crimes on the American people. From election fraud to treasonous news organizations to the very top echelon of ring leaders.

She is a federal prosecutor and works alone now.

@Buba1 Like Itell my husband, do not believeanything you see or hear on TV right now. Ms. Powell is distancing from the Trump team for legal reasons somewhere along the lines of conflict of interest.

@Buba1 Why wouldn't they? She sounds like she should be in a padded room somewhere. Not that they're much better, they just try their best not to say it out loud. Sometimes.

Yay!!!!!! No psycho Sidney!!! Only person crazier than Sidney is tRumpy!!!!

Bullshit its not a disavow....

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Will · @Whh2

You wish, she's already made a statement saying she's still working the dominion fraud case and will be releasing information this week. General Flynn also confirms she's "staying the course"

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Truth...she is KRAKEN

Not at all super strategic in my opinion.


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Hello ! I agree with you

Fake news again, the media loves to twist the truth.

NY Times and their misleading headlines

This is not a disavowal you planks


Be careful Trump’s the master at controlling the narrative...He’s trolling the media ONCE AGAIN!!!
Remember Kelly Anne and Hope?
They still have Don’s back...Trust Trump....Sydney is right where he wants her!!!! Believe in him!!! He knows what he’s doing in THREE DIMENSIONAL CHESS...

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Thanks guys for your vote....I needed this this am!!

Yes, I believe that she is still working on the case. Trump just had to distance himselffrom her, so she can do the job without interruption. It's not the time to show all your cards just yet 😉

Basically Trump is fighting the stolen election on two different levels here. His official legal team AND Sidney Powell's 'independent' litigation, and of course a few other legal avenues that they are keeping quiet.

One of those levels will succeed in getting the overthrow before The Supreme Court.

And that will be along party lines in Trump's favour. Just like Gore vs Bush in 2,000.

Important: PRAY. One of these Dimensions here is spiritual warfare. Good vs Evil. Right vs wrong. God vs Satan.

Peace from BC Canada 😃

All board games (chess, monopoly, sorry, battleship) are 3d. Maybe you meant 4d?

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

If you think Trump has control of this situation, you are delusional.

@Name Hidden Oh I get it ....I’m supposed to ask you how I think?
BTW how many states are you board certified in to pass judgment on someone’s state or condition of reality/delusion?

@Jamesspaith You didn’t pass Physics did you...

@Kayakhigh Hear Hear!!

@AMM1958 Yes, I did.
Can you name the three dimensions?

That is what I am also thinking👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@Jamesspaith Here is a more constructive answer: chess is 2D because you only need 2 information to locate any given piece and those are restricted on a discrete plane which is itself embedded into a 2D plane.

In Star Trek, you can see how a 3D chess would look like. In those, you need 3 information to locate a piece. It's still a discrete space though.

Now, what can be confusing is that these 2 can be represented in 2D and you can cheat your way by numbering each cell and needing only one information. Making it 1D accordingbto how it was described. And why not ?

Well, you may look at how pieces move. In discrete space, continuous means that tobgo from A to Z, you have to go through each intermediary cell along an axis.

In chess, when you move horizontally, only one information get changed.

Let's takeb a 2x2 board and name cells 1,2,3 and 4 in a left to right, top to bottom.

Moving from 1 to 3 "skips" some space.
Same for 2 to 4.

If we name cells (0,0);(1,0);(0,1);(1,1) sames moves works!

@programaths I meant the physical game board and pieces, which have height, depth and width, of course.

Doesn't matter though, because this not-a-game is finished.

Enjoy the coming prosperity, freedom from covid, and thoughtful government as We restore America's strength on the world stage.

@Jamesspaith Then that was an irrelevant answer and either you didn't understood his answer (not bright) or you took him for a fool (unkind).

Seems that you have info we don't have, including MSM. That would be interesting that, as democrats like to chant, you share for the sake of equity. Unless you don't really believe into that and are happy to have an edge.

Also, that may be good to contact CNN (they really need some good info to be worth something!), the NYT and as many news institutions you can reach.

@programaths Unkind? You poor thing.

No, I am not privy to any special info. Just what is reality, which is: Biden won.

@Jamesspaith You were not unkind.

Like I am going to believe anything from NY

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Trump is from NYC... hmmm

@DinoPiranah Beat me to it!

Why would they do this, she has the most damning evidence of voter fraud????

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Does she, where is it? Anyday now, right?

Because she is the Orly Taitz of voting machines.

@Jamesspaith Truth, thought about it after I wrote it. She could also now become a witness in Trumps case and testify.

@CarolynOggScibetti Testify to what? Dead Hugo Cavez forced Bill Gates to write software that automatically elects whoever George Soros wants to be president, while also re-electing Mitch McConnell??

She's representing we the people not President

Perhaps to protect her and take some of the spotlight off her?

She has no evidence. She wanted her 15 minutes of "fame" and demonstrated an embarrassing performance that makes the Republicans look like crybaby idiots. What have we done to the former great Republican party only to support a selfish, narcissistic, serial liar who will destroy the greatest democracy in the world.

This just gives her the power to continue no matter how the election decision goes.

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Which is why my times wants you to believe she's disavowed. Lol. Don't believe this garbage!

@allenjason71 It's a direct quote from the shitstain's team.

What can She does Harris is in office? Most likely rot in a jail cell for exposing the left.

Nonsense! Nothing has changed! As always, level of corruption will be exposed by Sidney Powell! She is a patriot and intends to do whatever it takes to preserve and protect this representative republic and its constitution!

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By invalidating people's votes because they use wheelchairs?

I think this is exactly the response they were going for. Either they are idiots and the NYT is right or they are geniuses and the NYT is going down. I know which one of those I believe

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I agree. I tend to lean toward the theory that the Democrats are blinded by arrogance.

I have a hard time believing Rudy or Sidney are idiots so we are left with geniuses and the times are going down.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Jscuthbertson Rudy has embarrassed himself and the Trump team with his lack of planning, strategy and his clown-level arrogance. Sidney goes to court with hands in empty pockets. They got nothin'.

You'll believe whatever you re told to believe by Trump when the lawsuits fail. There will be a new excuse to cushion the dear leader's ego when this one fails, and so on until Biden's inauguration.

NY Times is rag.

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Toilet paper

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

NYT is a "rag" with 125 Pulitzer prizes.

She released a statement overbite via General Flynn and Lin Wood
It's only affirming that she works for "we the people" and is not retained by Trump or his campaign or paid by them.

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I actually recall her saying in interviews that she is working for "we the people". They needed to define her role, that's all.

Lin Wood filed a suit against Georgia as a private citizen. This is not disavowing it is smart strategy to separate these lawyers as 'Trump Team members.'

Dissavows my ass. Stupid ignorant statement

Typical N.Y. Times ,she’s not peddling conspiracy, she’s working independently, and she agreed with the Trump campaign “ that she’s not directly connected “ to the Trump team

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

They also did not "disavow" her. Elsewhere she stated that they do not have a contract. And Lin Wood backed her up, saying it will all be revealed and to be patient.

@Name Hidden Drives me nuts how the stupid left wing media twists everything

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Really? Really?! Have you read her statement? Sounds like fantasy fiction level conspiracy theory to me.

@Name Hidden Yup I don’t have a problem with it based on the info ive seen

Hold The Line....Sydney Powell would be a great pick for FBI Director...Clean out the Swamp

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Bwahahahaha!!! That's a good one. I wouldn't want that level of incompetence anywhere near the FBI.

I call BS,!!
Who's"Transparency" are you posting for, or are you a troll!?

LOL their responsibilities are different! She's able to do things that his lawyers are not able to do. Have no fear Patriots are here

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Like lying?

An update on our reporting on Sidney Powell’s voter fraud investigation. Watch.

Election Fraud: Separating Fact from Fiction

Hand Tally of Georgia Ballots Reaffirms Biden’s Win - The New York Times

Article Image
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No it doesn’t

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Hand count was not supervised by Republicans as required to be fair.

@TroyRockwell The democrats and their media hyenas are the ones ate up on certification, not me. It can all be challenged in court.

Yes it does. Sorry snowflake.

Yep because they didn’t do an audit

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I doubt this is true Sharon, the NY Times is right up there in the FAKE NEWS department.

Ummm that's exactly what they did not job.

yeah...counting the same shitty ballots smfh

That’s BS to the high level.

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It's really not though. You know damn well this election is over and that Trump lost.

Utter BS they still counted fraudulent ballots in the recount #neverconcede

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Remember to encourage true Trumpers to boycott the runoffs.

But wouldn’t a recount only accomplish the counting of the same fraudulent ballots.....

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Holy shit, yes it would. Legally cast ballots too! Looks like we get to see BIden win Georgia twice!

hand tally is worthless. check the software!

hand tally worth cock just like the Times!


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The software was written to cheat elections! President of Venezuela used it to win.

You can Count false ballots 100 times , the result will no change . !!!

As expected, there needs to be an audit not a recount. Everyone knew any recount would change nothing. Ridiculous.

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No kidding. An audit will show more proof of cheating. It's the only means.

No one can believe the NY TP Times

This does not sound like an “audit” despite the NYT calling it one. Counting “every presidential ballot cast” does not differentiate legal ballots for illegal ballots. This sounds like a recount. Recounting fraudulent votes.

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It’s not. It’s going through the motions and lip service .

The recounted but all countries were told to turn in the Election Day totals .. there is even audio of a county clerk saying this fact.

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Post it please ?

@Saferdevan I posted the link on my page to Twitter where the audio file was posted

@Saferdevan . .comcom/jennybethm/status/1328888692547538945?s=21

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

😂 -hey it’s also national absurdity day too! Fact check it.

Coming from the times 🤣🤣🤣 👌🏻

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I don't think there is any news you would trust that doesn't confirm your bias. We are even seeing Trumpers turn on fox news when they accurately report that Biden won the election.

Of course it does when you don’t take out the illegitimate ballots take out the illegitimate ballots first and then re-count

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Right. So obvious.

Does anybody on their right mind believe anything the communist NYT post. SMFH

This was just like recounting counterfeit money. Ballots need examination not just counting. Full audit !

Uh oh. Can’t be posting that here. Cue further moving of the goal posts. Nothing will ever satisfy cult 45 on Parler. Trump will never admit defeat and his idiot followers will lap it up like the bitches they are. I’m a bit heated but I hate when unamerican values get out on full display. How can do many people be against democracy? Georgia is run by Republicans guys. It’s time to wake up and come home. Biden will be the next President. There was no doubt on Saturday after Election Day but I guess they love to see trump lose multiple times. This is the bunker moment for trump. When a narcissist with this much on the line, it’s getting dangerous.

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Sticks and Stones ass 😊

Wow, you'rea fucking moron in a dead ass sleep. Don't speak about what is "unAmerican" when running with the party of Marxist, racist, enemies of the constitution you ignorant piece of dog shit. How stupid can you be??

You’re on the delusional left. You’re in line following all the others off the cliff. Good luck with your way of thinking.
Biden didn’t win anything, he wouldn’t know it if he had, he’s senile!!! He’s just a face for a much darker reality.

Sad you can't see the truth. Yes Biden will be awarded the office. We know that. But he didn't win. It was stolen. Everyone knows that as well. If this stands. We may as well not have elections any more.
America lost big time. Trump will go on andlive a great life. It is America that will suffer because of this travesty. And not just in this election. But all to come. Democrats have figured out how to beat the system. And will never stop.

@WalkerWerkz Brahhh you’re over here trying to convince yourself a man who lost the EC 306-232 and the popular vote by 10 million (not even including all of NY and Cali since they are still counting ballots) is actually going to somehow win. Donnie can cheat at most things in life but he can’t outsmart the founding fathers. And neither can your traitorous ass. Sit down and shut up when your boy gets hauled out of the White House after Christmas 😂😂

You sir have apparently walked to far in the desert. Your brain has been fried crispy. The delusion that you speak of does not exist. I’m sorry that you are part of the party thugs and thieves. But You and only You will have to answer to God for your sins. So just keep killing the babies, stealing from the Real American People and believing your own stupidity. Have A Nice Day.

@Sherper23 Really? Jesus Christ I guess a chemical engineering degree also enabled me to understand that 80M votes > 72M and that 306 electoral college votes > 232. What are you going to do when (not if) Trump leaves the White House and sleepy Joe takes over? Probably move the goal posts and never stop talking fraud. Donnie lost in one of the most historic losses ever. It’s embarrassing because even Bush Jr. got a second term. Thank God there are more intelligent Americans than dumbasses like you who will likely never be represented in the White House again. Buhbye Cult 45!

Fuck You - @JacksonSon

@JacksonSon You’re degree is meaningless because You have no common sense. Go back to fakebook where your dumbass comments mean something to the people who can’t see the truth. You are on an AMERICAN sight now. Go away troll.

@WeMust Fuck you traitor. Learn some math and learn how democracy works. Move to North Korea if you want the leaders trying to decide elections instead of We the People. 😁

So there is only 1 truth. You can either support a patriot (someone who fights for freedom and liberty) or a traitor ( someone who betrays the trust given them by the people). Who do you support?

@JacksonSon I dont have to convince anyone of anything jackass. The evidence has been made clear. You just haven't seen it in your echo chamber. And how do you convince yourself that Trump, who is loved all over the country...who holds 5 impromptu rallies per day and gets 50,000 people showing up just to hear him speak, loses to a brain dead, gun grabbing shell of a human that NOBODY showed up for? And voters came out in droves and voted for Republican Senators and Congressmen they'venever even heard of but those same people chose Biden at the 1 spot? Are you retarded? Jeeeeezus! Lol

@Gregchat I trust We the People. Not Agent Orange in the White House. Voting is not outweighed by what a president says. Imagine Obama trying to pull this stuff. He wouldn’t because he believes the will of the people. It’s sad that a lot on Parler don’t. But hopefully in time you’ll calm down and accept reality. Some of you won’t but some will.

@WalkerWerkz I voted for Biden and voted some other republicans. Again most of the Republican Party is not brain dead. There are still some Republicans who paid attention in church, see through the lies, see through the hate, and saw that the time for Cult 45 is over. The silent majority will always sound louder when it matters. Idiots are usually the loudest cuz they have no shame. We watched in horror as you bottom feeders tried to take over the country but luckily facts and logic prevailed at the end of the day. Thank god for the founding fathers to have the insight to allow We The People to make the decision. Not a minority who clearly can’t think for themselves. Your boy lost. Bigly. And you’re a traitor for not wanting the results that happened to happen. Again I encourage you to move to North Korea if you want one man making the decisions for elections instead of We the People.

@JacksonSon We the people voted overwhelmingly for Trump. And since you couldn't be bothered to watch this news conference (likely because CNN would not cover this actual news) here you go. Its not colors flying at you at 60 fps and its longer than 1 minute but maybe you can follow some of it if you concentrate.

Watch again: Trump's legal team holds press conference about the election Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. held a press conference in Washington, D.C. with former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis. Like us on Facebook:...

@JacksonSon Watch and learn you clueless fucktard. And again, you're a fake ass patriot and should be treated as such. Fake bitch. No patriot is pro Marxis, communism, cancel culture, anti 1st and 2nd ammendment AS IS THE LEFT. You senseless bitch.

@WalkerWerkz Look man. I already know what happened. More people voted for trump. I can deny watching what you shared since it’s looney Rudy 🤣 again just waiting for trump to be hauled out and for Parler to lose its collective mind. We the People have spoken and now you unamerican assholes get it watch what happens when the adults are in charge.

Take your commie punk ass back to Facebook where it belongs.

@WalkerWerkz Woah woah woah. I know there are libtards just like there are Trumptards. I will never not defend your right to free speech or respecting democracy. I knew trump would win 2016 cuz people were hurting and needed help. Clinton had a lot of baggage. No denying that. But I’m a LIBERAL. Like the founding fathers, there are rules to follow in this nation and the losers really just need to shut the fuck up. That’s why I’m here on a free speech platform shitting all over you because somewhere along the way you retards forgot this was a democracy and not one man can overturn that. I love america. Cuz guess what Walker? In four years, you guys are likely going to win cuz Biden and Harris aren’t the answer. I think we can both agree that there are things we ALL need to work on but I just get so concerned seeing everyone on here not accepting a massive defeat.

@Billhensley254 Man I quit Facebook years ago. Facebook is cancer. I like parler cuz I get to watch losers like you lose everyday. Georgia just got called. Again. For Biden. How badly does Trump have to fuck up to lose GEORGIA 😂

Oh well, if the NY Times is saying this it must be true mustn't it? Reality check: No, if the NY Times, one of the most pro comrade biden rags in America is saying this then it's probably FAKE NEWS just like the rest of the inane twaddle they spew out every single day.

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Fox news says it too .. will you call them fake news now?

@wandering1234 Of course! Only far left Marxists would suggest anything else.
I'm quite sanguine about the election. We (sensible people) all know President Trump won by many millions and dispicable socialists are trying to steal it by their clever plan to rig machines with the help of Hugo Chavez and other far left arse holes.
Course you lot won't succeed, and the desperation of socialists everywhere continues to be quite entertaining. That said, I'm so gonna enjoy the rivers of salt you lefty thugs cry when President Trump remains president. What will you do, break another window (LOL).

@JellytopTb This will not age well. Try not commit insurrection when Biden is sworn in.

New York Times isn’t good enough to catch bird shit.

Trump campaign drops Michigan lawsuit - statement | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Article Image
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Does this mean biden won michigan?

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No, you have to read it carefully because it was crafted by a democrat #Doina Chiacu. The trump campain dropped the lawsuit because it has achieved what they were seeking through the courts. That was to have election results of Wayne County non certified by the canvassers. Biden cannot win without Wayne County. These results are under legal review. he does not need the lawsuit anymore.

No, the article headline and first paragraph are a spin. read the 2nd paragraph. there are only 2 paragraphs in the article

Biden won Michigan weeks ago. Trumpturds as usual can’t handle the truth.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User



@Petergoesinyaa Apparently you guys are the ones that can’t handle anything! Gah, I mean after all, your ‘side’ has spent 4+ years digging up dirt, that never turned up anything. Lol 😂

No it means they got what they wanted so there's no need to take it to court.

@Petergoesinyaa Yeah ok 😂 So is that why they're going crazy threating ELECTION OFFICIALS?? let's see if you have that same confidence after the AUDIT ! 👌👍

@TwoJays Thank you for that information I was curious to

@Petergoesinyaa Binding did not win he's still in this election you Democrats shouldn't even be around go back to your blue Kool-Aid and drowning tears

Headlines are misleading !
Always read the text to get the information. Trump no longer needs the lawsuit the certifications are stalled.

@Petergoesinyaa Can you name one accomplishment Joe Biden has achieved that benefit everyone, not just a race or special interest group?

@Cjgoodman1970 Will is going to be soo disappointed.

No. Read the article.

@Petergoesinyaa Your democrat is showing ... Pull up your diaper and cover it please...

Ots a short article but it says the got what they needed soo they pulled their suit.. Doesnt sound smart but doesnt sound bad either!

@TwoJays Imagine that period the county and Michigan with the most black people voting is the one that mysteriously is under question. Imagine that period the counties in Wisconsin with the most black people are the ones where they're asking for a recount period imagine that period the counties in Atlanta with the most black people are the ones under scrutiny. Crazy coincidence for Mr super non-racist non-fascist orange baboon.

@Metroswift Metroswift, thank you for your comment. I do not know if those counties in MI and Wisconsin have the highest black population, I will take you at your word. However, Mr. Trump won all three of these States in 2016 so I am not sure race is behind is the motive behind the legal challenge but I do know the entire State of Georgia is under a recount, not just Fulton County. If you are interested I would be glad to have a discussion with you about the many positive things Mr. Trump has done for the black communities. I know the media has done a terrific job of hiding them. I offer sincere and open conversation if you would like. I only ask we refrain from name calling, it helps neither of us. God bless.

@Lindstromkevin1963 No problem, it is hard to see through the smoke screen. Have a great day.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Will · @Wr478

@Metroswift Yes imagine how Democrats assumed black Americans all vote their way, then use those areas to submit fraudulent votes thinking it would go un questioned. Imagine how Democrats would use black Americans as leverage. And you call Trump racist.

Almost as if the man lost. But hey! Look! Muh Clinton-Soros spin zone incoming!!!!!!!

All this means is they got the relief they needed to push forward with there process now we just have to let it play out

Trump lawyers have a press conference at noon today. Will probably discuss this situation.

Pretty sure they just want to get to the scotus

fake news

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All the way to the W for Trump . I have a cup for your real tears. See ya in December to collect.

Really? Who’s next?

Absolutely not true

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It is true.

The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns.
The “genius” who hides his college grades.
The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 yrs.
The “playboy” who pays for sex.
The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.
The “constitutionalist” who says he has the power to delay an election
The “philanthropist” who defrauds charities and has charities shut down.
The “compassionate conservative” who told the grieving mom of a murdered army sergeant that “he knew what he signed up for”
The “patriot” who dodged the draft five times.
The “commander in chief” who said he didn’t respect an American POW because he got caught
The “tough guy” who said his own personal Vietnam was the avoidance of an STD during the 70’s
The “innocent man” who refuses to testify.
The “President” who takes no responsibility.
The “constitutionalist” who repeatedly tries to suppress voter turnout and says the election rigged if he loses.
The “tax cheat” who brags about not paying taxes
The “FOOL!”

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You mad, bro?

@Ebethmee He’s bitter !

quit talking about Biden like that


No one asked you to come to platform! Go back to Shitter!!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

The liberal, who twists facts and continues to flood social media with leftist talking point...wake up idiot, the man IS a billionaire. IS your president and you are a moron.....out

I'm pretty sure you've failed spectacularly to 'read the room' here, Bill Floyd.

Shall we discuss the insurmountable BAD DECISIONS rascist Biden has made? Oh yes you heard that right...RASCIST BIDEN! Fact check that, cheesedick! Don’t hate, appreciate. We’re doing you a favor. You’re welcome!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User


William, dude, you CLEARLY have no clue. I'm thinking you're a child living in your parent's basement. Following daddy biden's lead.

How did you dodge a coat hanger for 9 months? Asking for 30 million aborted babies.

Sounds like @williamfloyd624 has the democraps down pat!

Aren't you a Angry CONSTIPATED Anarchist

@Cjgoodman1970 He’s obviously spoon fed by his masters and swallows everything they dish up. How frightening is must be to be so mindlessly enslaved to extremist ideology and be gullible enough to relinquish freedom🇺🇸

Lies and distortions ... Someone really did a helluva job brainwashing you.
Your brain completely washed away.

Gmail Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access.

The Democrats who are so racist that they can't expect an 80% black city to make it's precinct books balance in 71% of the precincts!

Stupid & hateful much? Now run along, your mommy is looking for you...smh 🙄

@stevenp 😂
Trolls crave attention. Even if it's negative .

😂😂😂😂byeden puppet work of darkness plse go troll your own ilk. you're in the wrong place

In reading this short but misleading story by Reuters I found the true meaning in the story..........The Trump campaign has WON their court case on this matter:
“This morning we are withdrawing our lawsuit in Michigan as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted,” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.

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mahalo for this!! truth matters!

Gotta spin that agenda. Headlines for the left - but content for the Free Thinkers !

This was too difficultto "repost" Ihope they smoothout these glitches @parler

Wayne county was certified. Sorry bucko.

Make sure the read the article: “This morning we are withdrawing our lawsuit in Michigan as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted,” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.

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Exactly. This 'media outlet' is just another trash biased outlet.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Someone fact check this. Is it really true?

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Read the 2 paragraph article. the headline is a spin

They dropped the lawsuit because michigan agreed to what they asked for. No judgement was involved.

Did you read the article ?


Go to Facebook if you need everything to be fact checked.


Nice Headline & first paragraph spin Reuters... this "article" is only 2 paragraphs long

2nd Paragraph:
"This morning we are withdrawing our lawsuit in Michigan as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted,” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement."

1st Paragraph:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign said on Thursday it was withdrawing its lawsuit disputing vote results in Michigan, in another faltering legal attempt to challenge the Nov. 3 victory of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.

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Fuckin garbage!!!!


nice one

More MSM tilt to the news. Partial truths in the headlines or sometimes out right lies.

Yes, they didn’t need to proceed because the Wayne county board of elections failed to certify the vote. There will be an audit.

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Unfortunately, the Democrat Secretary of State in Michigan said she would not allow the GOP canvassers to rescind and the Wayne County vote will be certified. I think many people are getting the hope of an audit mixed up with what the Dems are getting away with. The SOS also said she would probably not honor the audit. Dems are criminals.

The first half of this short blurb is FAKE NEWS

They don't need the court now that the Canvassers rescinded.

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In fact, they now want to AVOID a likely partisan court who might totally overstep their authority and order the certification.

@JMNX2 Good point. That's happening enough already.

You guys need to stop being so BIASED:
"in another faltering legal attempt to challenge the Nov. 3 victory of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden."

REPORT. NOT opinion.

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Take it up with Reuters 😅

The calm before the storm. Seek shelter now.

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They Going to keep it up and there's going to be a Civil doubt

It sounds as though its negative at first, since the lawsuit is being dropped - though, its a positive thing once you read it as such: They got what they wanted from the lawsuit by the GOP rescinding those votes to certify the election.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see where things go and how things play out..

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The Fake News will always spin things against conservatives.

The Democrat Secretary of State in Michigan would not allow the GOP canvassers to rescind. They are pushing forward with certifying the vote in Wayne County. Criminal democrats.

Trump campaign drops Michigan lawsuit - statement | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Article Image
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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Because MI did not certify the vote. Trump team achieved what they wanted without going to court. Kinda misleading on your heading!

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It Reuters. They lie like most of the MSM.

Because they got what they Wanted. No certification for Biden until ALL LEGAL VOTES ARE COUNTED

This doesn’t look good.

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They didn't need the lawsuit because they accomplished their goal. The certification is stopped, and the uncovering of all the fraud can begin.

My heart is troubled over all the threats without being able to count on FBI for protection.

@Aaronandjorliena I sure hope so.

Trump press conference at noon

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Uhm... Misleading.... The article details that the campaign got what it wanted.

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Thanks for the brave canvassers who refused to be intimidated. They were lied to about having an audit. Thanks for all those who came forward and gave testimony on election fraud. Maybe, just maybe, we will have at least one thing to give gratitude for on Thanksgiving.

Consider the "news" source.

Author doesn't understand relief was already achieved? Dumb and biased is why I always regret Reuters.

Misinformation.. wait till the presser.. it’ll be fine!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Shit is about to hit the fan!

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if ur awake you know truth

Reuters🤔🖕😂 ....💩

Sometimes they drop lawsuits to reword things then resubmit. You gotta play the game with the lower courts.

Unfollowing due to misleading posts... It should read "Trump campaign gets remedy and drops a Michigan lawsuit."

Why such a deceptive header on this? Unfollowing

where are the comments ?

wow, what a crap headline. They dropped the suit because they already got what they wanted.

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They did not get what they wanted they have failed to steal Michigan.

Reuters editorializes BEFORE providing the FACT of the withdrawal. "Faltering" apparently now means having achieved a goal through other means than the one described.

why have they dropped this lawsuit we know and John James knows its all a fraud when are we going to get some criminal charges put against the corrupt people in charge of this i am so dismayed please help those in michigan less than 15% voted for biden the rest are illegal votes

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The fraud is being address through the canvassing board. No need for lawsuit anymore.

There were threats made. I dot know the whole story

Considering the blind corruption is being addressed the suit would just be redundant. The illegal votes are being found and removed, and legal votes are being counted as they should have been in the beginning. So tell me again how the withdrawl of the suit is a fail?

I cannot believe My President would do that

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It's a strategic move🧐

You dont understand, this is a good thing.

There is always a method to his ‘madness’. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Trust him.