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Tony Heller Tonyheller Totos dad

Former DOD chief of staff slams ‘baseless claims of racism’ at department #FoxNews #SundayFutures

Former DOD chief of staff slams ‘baseless claims of racism’ at department Kash Patel argues the ‘continued politicization’ of the defense department comes at the military’s expense. He also criticizes Biden’s ‘outrageous’ comments on China’s treatment of...
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Tony Heller · @Tonyheller ·

Today's climate update. February continues to be the coldest in the past 100 years in the US, and more than ten degrees below normal. February afternoon temperatures have been declining for a century.

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After adjustments in 5 years and the public’s memory fades it will be the warmest February on record

Thanks for sharing Tony

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Name Hidden · @Private User

When will the penny drop for the general population that they have been sold a lie at huge cost? Thanks Tony for your efforts to present the truth

The world is on fire!

Don’t stop educating us Toto. Numbers don’t lie

Blizzard of 1880 in the Dakotas :

Thanks for all your research. I always find your videos most interesting.

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Willie Soon · @WillieSoon ·

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger slams site's leftist bias and claims 'neutrality' is gone | Daily Mail Online

Yes it is true that Wikipedia is home to bunch of lies that the activists would not allow anyone of us to correct their lies. Look for entries on me or my late friend Robert M Carter (the ugly people slammed him after he died and labeled us climate change deniers and stupid things like those)


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