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Charles (The Worthy House) TheWorthyHouse Human flourishing in the post-liberal tomorrow. The hour is late, and Moloch is within the gates. I am here to give you back your future. Foundationalism.

On one of the seminal events of modern history, the January 6, 2021 Electoral Justice Protest—and of the friend/enemy distinction, and of what flows from it.

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On the January 2021 Electoral Justice Protest • The Worthy House On January 6, several thousand men and women made their voices heard—first around, and then some in, the United States Capitol. This event has received vast attention and been assigned many...

On a classic introductory work on Eastern Orthodoxy, with thoughts on Orthodoxy's relation to the West, especially the Crusades, and to the modern Turks. Bishop Timothy Ware's "The Orthodox Church." Now with bonus audio narration!

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The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity (Timothy Ware) • The Worthy House As I and my family continue our inevitable pivot toward Orthodoxy, I have been reading more works on, you guessed it, Orthodoxy. This book, by the English theologian Timothy Ware, who as a bishop...

From 2018, but both my core predictions here, that history will return (even if it returned in 2020 as clown show), and that the deplatforming of conservatives from social media was just beginning, have been fully borne out.

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<em> The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States</em> (Jeffrey Lewis) • The Worthy House For some time now, I have been telling my children, none of whom have ever lived through any event that significantly harmed America, that sooner or later, history will return. The older ones roll...

An examination of the pernicious ideology of feminism, and of what can and should be done to combat it by future rulers. Scott Yenor's outstanding "The Recovery of Family Life."

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<em>The Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideologies</em> (Scott Yenor) • The Worthy House You know what America needs? More mirrors for princes—the Renaissance genre of advice books directed at statesmen. On the Right, we have many books that identify, and complain about, the problems...

Of Australia, Australian cultural politics, and the ludicrous racial-religious cult surrounding Australia's first inhabitants. Bruce Pascoe's "Dark Emu."

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<em>Dark Emu</em> (Bruce Pascoe) • The Worthy House Americans do not understand Australia. At all. If Australia is brought up, they think of a few movie and television stars. They think of a vast red desert, perhaps, with a big rock, what’s-its-name...