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5 Minutes of Tech - The Twitter hack

A few quick notes on the recent Twitter hack and what's interesting about it from a tech standpoint.

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Educational Tech - How can the rest of us help?

StealthNet Labs team member Albert Bryant (who works in educational software development) tells us some great ways to help boost technology in education along with an educational startup to keep an eye on.

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Educational Tech - An Interview with an Innovator

StealthNet Labs team member Albert Bryant (who works in educational software development) tells us about new features and capabilities of online educational systems in 2020, and we brainstorm how an education system based around choice and technology could work.

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Building the Web 3.0

How we can upgrade our digital life to Bill of Rights compatibility.

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I got tired of major service providers (ISPs, cloud hosting, websites, etc) not being able to provide quick and effective support when their services have problems, so I put together my own system that leverages the power of my company's routers along with some insight from my 13 years experience in IT. We call it StealthNet Advanced Support, and it can monitor anything you have online, from networks to servers to websites/web services.

Here's a how-to I put together for one of our clients that's an MSP who uses it to keep close tabs on his most critical clients and services. Some information has been redacted for security purposes.

You can buy it for your company or managed service provider and have the critical information you need in these situations this quickly, at you fingertips.

Here's how you get started:

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Oopsey! That looks like Stuxnet 2.0

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There Must Be Discipline Provided to YouTube by DistroKid There Must Be Discipline · Akira the Don & Jocko Willink The Path ℗ Living In The Future Released on: 2019-01-25 Auto-genera...

How do we recruit more comedians to Parler? Seems like an ace in our hand is you can be funny here without people deleting you if they think you're offensive...

Remember when Facebook told everyone that AI and machine learning would do the fake news/hate speech moderation? And then it turned out to be roving teams of SJWs instead? Let's talk about that.

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I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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