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CalvinSpeedyWilburn SpeedyCalvin Executive Producer of The Rick and Bubba Show, Husband to Terri, Father to Tyler, JC and Reese

I’m hosting the Black Friday @rickandbubba best of today! Let us help you get the day started and don’t forget to check out our store at

Rick & Bubba – Home

PUMPED! My dad’s 2nd book is almost available so be looking for more details soon!

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That's pretty cool

Rick & Bubba Programming Alert: Starting at 10:30am CT today we will be recording our weekly @rickandbubba University Podcast and we want you the audience to produce the episode. Call 866-WE-BE-BIG
866-932-3244 - 10:30am -11:15am CT. It’s the “People’s Podcast” Talk soon America!

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Great idea! I look forward to listening.

Enjoying the #spacelaunchlive on #discoverychannel just trying to make Bubba proud @RickandBubba

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I also watched! Also to make Bubba proud! Even tho he doesn’t know me.😂We met once tho!🤷🏻‍♂️

Was that the SpaceX launch?

Welcome! Glad to have you on Parler finally!

Love the show here in Grand Cayman.