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I'm Ron Burgundy? Smellsofrichmahogany Many ideas about turning this country around with reason. Play chess, not checkers. It can be done. The left plays chess, but does it with reckless emotion at mach 5. Potatoes are tasty.

I know I'm not the only one tired of the same promises and campaign slogans that we hear year after year. I believe every Republican running in 2022 needs to campaign specifically on fixing the way government is run, not stating what conservative values are. These three pieces of legislation would do a lot to turn it around:

1. Term Limits
2. Campaign money only comes from your district or state.
3. Page limit to bills.

Congress won't change to give them less power unless we start putting people in that are willing to do that.

Just my opinion. Good idea?

I said this when he started calling Cuomo out. He is only doing it for his own ambitions.

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@Dbongino @Bonginoreport
Great show today. To further your point about the media and printing false stories, I equate it to what you see in shows like the Law and Order. You know, when the prosecutor says something outrageous that he knows will be sustained, but does it anyways to affect the jury?
They print something, people immediately react. Your 72 hour rule is great.

I believe a majority of Americans value liberty, it's just some think it comes from government. But here is why I believe that the pendulum is swinging away from that:

Red states are starting to open up. Why is that? A few reasons. 1) They know the White House is incompetent. 2) They are looking at their own numbers, along with factoring in therapeutics and vaccines. 3) They are weighing all aspects of people's lives, not just what the virus is doing.

Blue states and the media are attacking these states. Why is that? A few reasons: 1) People are tuning these "health experts" and dictators out. 2) People in blue states are seeing this and are simply becoming jealous of people enjoying the freedom and personal choices. 3) The more states that do this, the less power
these oligarchs and state media have over the narrative.

They are losing their grip on the power and control they declared under guise of emergency, and are doing whatever they can to keep it.

What do you think? 🤔

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I agree with you

@Dbongino I may have missed them, but where are your daily reminders of who the most corrupt administration was? Or is that becoming too difficult to figure out after a month into this one?
Now, we just need to figure out who has been a part of both...🤔

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The Epoch Times · @epochtimes ·

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No, I believe it's his desire to be relevant and in the spotlight that contributed to this. It was his dartboard messaging that created this as well.

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Hodgetwins · @Hodgetwins ·

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Have been following you since I got on Parler. You guys are awesome, and did a great job on LwC. It looked like it was tough to watch that impeachment hearing. 🤣