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Sherrylee Sherrylee600202945679

Liberals who advocate for socialism and communism imagine they will be "equal" to everybody else. Yes they will. There will be an upper class and a lower class and they will be the lower class manipulated by the upper class. Check out Huxley and Orwell, then read Agenda 2021 an 2030. Wake up!

Descendants of Judas occupy the present administration in the USA. Selling out to our adversaries for personal gain. Shameful

How much longer will the people of the USA put up with the two neanderthals occupying our White House illegally?

COVID relief bill just funds more and more government. Very little is relief to anybody but government agencies, commissions, etc. Reading the table of contents, it is obvious that this bill just serves to make Federal Government and foreign governments bigger and to have more power over the people.

Will somebody tell me what happens next after the COVID vaccines wear off. Are they followed with annual boosters or what?

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Name Hidden · @Private User

The vaccine changes the way ur body heals. Instead of getting symptoms and ur immune system kicking in to fight it and then cleaners coming in to clean up the disaster that ensued ur body is no longer able to do the clean up bit. If u got the vaccine, study fasting, it will help rid ur body of the vaccine u have poisoned urself with.

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Kind of what I thought. One has a 5% chance of getting sick with or without the vaccine.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Sherrylee600202945679 In fact people getting the vaccine r getting sick and dying shortly after receiving the vaccine. Personally i have chosen to not get the vaccine & advised everyone i know to not get the vaccine. Some will listen, others won't, but i can only give my professional opinion. I do no harm.

Thank you.

If individual states do not assert their rights, they get just what they deserve, more federal control. Quit slurping at the trough of federal grants that come with federal control.

Meanwhile Portland Burns.

The white collar criminals in the states getting billions labeled as covid relief must be dancing with joy and salivating at all the ways they can personally benefit. They will create new departments headed by favored ones. They have already demonstrated that they cannot manage their cities properly. Flush that money down the toilet why don't we? Mafia City USA is getting a huge chunk of it.

The FBI is all hot and bothered about the violence in DC on Jan 6, but has turned a blind eye to all the looting, burning, raping, and murders committed in our cities last year and into this year. Something is very wrong.