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Scott Collett12 ScottCollett123786

Everything is based on race, I'm surprised they aren't policing in race, kinda like,,,
911 what is your emergency and the race and gender of parties involved? We all Mexican!
Ok we are sending Mexican police to you now.


Tell mad Maxine waters to SHUT HER MOUTH

ADOLF HITLER Also suffered from TDS!!!

Who could have imagined the whole government, 99% of MSM, all of Hollywood and the new Gestapo police turning in on its own citizens, oh this happened before, we all know how that ended, ww2

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Linkinbio 🧢 · @Linkinbio ·


If America had a back, a giant democratic knife would be stuck in it.


Who stops criminals when when the ones that needs stopped are the same ones who suppose to stop criminals

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Avi Yemini · @AviYemini ·

#BREAKING: 50 police raided the @RebelNews Airbnb in Montreal, designating it a “crime scene” and arresting journalists.

The crime? Reporting the truth.

Please ECHO far and wide.


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Hunter Biden hit the lottery, now him and daddy get to quid pro joe all they want. Laughing at us. Smoking crackazon cheese from the floor sniffing anything under 12, all under the protection of the highest sherriff's in the land.

Unmask these schools now!

These men and women coming in a million a month, they gonna have to have jobs, your ass better go get a job quickly if you setting at home not working, or labor sector is about to be swallowed up, quickly.

Everyone needs to calm down now, it's only getting worse, no big deal.

HEY DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET DEMOCRATS!!!! Reparations have already been paid in Blood on the battlefield fighting you Democrats to free the slaves

While the FBI is busy rounding up trump supporters, criminals are taking over the streets.
FBI isn't just looking for the paid ANTIFA who actually broke in the Capitol, they looking for anyone who was there , outside, they hunting down peaceful protesters. The new Gestapo

Once upon a time in Germany nazi democratic antifa socialist alt leftist brown shirts tried taking our freedom from us.

Once Upon a Time in America people in Red Coats tried taking our God given freedoms from us.

I never thought I'd live to see the day where fraudulent criminals take over the government use FBI and other Justice systems to take down Patriots of America. Go after its own citizens.
Who are these people in power today,

MLB boycotted Georgia a day after expanding China deal

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Democrats are very aware that without cheating, there wouldn't be any Democrats, no one votes for them, maybe a few hundred alt leftist,, other than that, no one would ever vote for them, so they have to pretend that a ID VOTING LAW is racist and whatever.