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Soros DAs and coupled with Dem. Mayors: stop prosecuting criminals for violate crimes, eliminate bail, limit police enforcement. Dem. mayors limit the movement of citizen by lockdown while allowing Antifa\BLM to riot, burn down businesses and commit violence. Escalate the violence by defunding the police. Over the top of that, you orchestrated a phony election.
All of this created a crime ridden environment that drives out citizens and business owners opposed to the mayors and DAs. To make up the loss of population, you must open the southern border for Biden shirted voters to march in and fill the void. There must be an influx of Biden voters to overcome the rural conservative vote majority and control the state. To fund this plan an infrastructure bill to fund housing and other facilities to support the influx of Biden shirted voters is proposed. This was a strategy used by Nazis in the 1930s against the Jews. George, I’m impressed by your knowledge of Nazi political strategy.