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Rise Up Ocean County Riseupoceancounty Rise Up Ocean County believes that unchecked growth and reckless development in Lakewood, NJ diminishes quality of life in the surrounding communities of Toms River, Jackson, Brick and Howell.

The founder of the orthodox Jewish anti-crime patrol in Brooklyn has been arrested and charged with coercing a 15-year-old minor to engage in illicit sexual conduct, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

Jacob Daskal, 62, was arrested Thursday morning on a federal indictment charging him with transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct. The victim was 15 years old.

"A Roundtable Discussion on Race, Tolerance and Acceptance In The Lakewood Community" was held with little time dedicated to the Blackface controversy in Lakewood during Purim.

Ultimately what should have been a forum and fact finding meeting that allowed students to speak for 90% of the time, became an opportunity to introduce mutual suffering including a story of children in Toms River dressing as orthodox Jews for Halloween two years ago. Allegedly.

The roundtable was a good thing I guess, but in the end unless somehow the message gets to the roughly 36,000 religious students in Lakewood it was for naught. The question begging to be asked is "what message is to be delivered, how will it be disseminated and most importantly, how to secure a buy in."

Lakewood's Avi Schnall and Agudath Israel have taken a very strong position opposing a recent Israeli Supreme Court decision granting Israeli "Right of Return" citizenship to Conservative and Reformed, converted Jews. American Conservative and Reform Jews should be paying very close attention. especially those that have converted to Judaism, Schnall and Agudath view you as second class and wish to deny you Israeli citizenship for converting in a non-Orthodox manner. And their justification for that position is quite telling.

Elissa Berkowitz walked to synagogue with her parents while growing up on Staten Island and recently spoke with Lohud in an article titled Chestnut Ridge law allowing residential houses of worship, a dream for some, is under fire.

Her dream has been to do the same with her children, raising them in the same Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.

"Growing up, it was beautiful to have a safe walk to synagogue with my mother and father to pray and be part of youth groups and a community," the 33-year-old married mother of three said.

"I want that for my children,” she said. “I was in shock how this will become a reality for us."

Berkowitz cites a "passive-aggressive anti-Semitism" as standing in the way of fulfilling her dream.

" message to the broader Jewish community is: if you are uncomfortable with the way we are depicted on TV, step in to fix these serious issues in our community. Otherwise, if you cry antisemitism when the media depicts us in ways that make you cringe, it shows us that you are far more interested in improving perception than reality."

Naftuli Moster

A seven-member church based in a home in Markham, Illinois has federal lawsuits pending against two Southland communities for not allowing it the opportunity to move into buildings.

Yes you read that correctly, the church has just seven congregants, three less than a minyan, an issue that we are accustomed to dealing with here.

The Word Seed Church and Civil Liberties For Urban Believers have filed a lawsuit against Homewood, Illinois alleging unreasonable limitations and substantial burden provisions of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, and challenged a municipal ordinance as being unconstitutionally vague.

In Governor Murphy's quest to be the "California of the East Coast", the recently signed legislation decriminalizing marijuana included some of his personal preferences.

Saying that he doesn't want young people, particularly people of color, getting “tangled up in our criminal justice system,” the legislation makes underage possession of alcohol and marijuana subject to written warnings that MAY escalate to include parental notification and a referral to community services upon subsequent violations. Notifications to parents upon first offense are banned.

It was two and one half years ago today that Fred and Pat Robison were beaten nearly to death during a home invasion in Lakewood and to date no suspect(s) has been identified and all appearances are that the investigation has run its' course. This tragedy demands renewed law enforcement attention and the Robisons deserve to see justice served.

Their assailant made it clear that his actions were in response to Fred's opposition to the development of Eagle Ridge Golf Course, now slated to become 550 duplexes with basement apartments and five commercial buildings.

Purim, the most joyous of holidays on the Jewish calendar, was marred in a display of insensitivity not seen since two children dressed as the flaming Twin Towers, complete with a burning airplane sticking out 2 years ago.

To be clear, bridge building does not presume assimilation, instead it looks to foster an environment of mutual respect and acceptance. That cannot happen through a hyper-local magazine that does nothing more than the foster the stereotype of insularity.

When new residents began setting up illegal synagogues and eruvs, Woodbury officials issued summonses. Agudath Israel of America road in to the rescue threatening lawsuits.

The similarities between events unfolding in Toms River, Jackson and many villages/towns in Rockland County would be most amazing coincidences were it not for the fact that they are planned. Today the debate rages in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

This story of a new federal lawsuit for discriminatory zoning and anti-Jewish animus filed against Toms River Township begins with the owner of a house not complying with zoning ordinances and demonstrating a pattern of disregard for code enforcement.

Sound familiar?

On the heels of the Spring Valley N.A.A.C.P. court victory over the East Ramapo Central School District that created a ward system for electing Board of Education members , two state legislators want any Rockland County school district to have the option to choose a similar form of representation. Now might be a good time for Lakewood Township residents to make a similar call to allow for representation from not only Black and Hispanic areas of town, but from the senior communities as well.

Since the start of the pandemic Ocean County has lost 1,646 residents to coronavirus. Now, for the first time since last March, Lakewood no longer leads in the number of people who have lost their life to this monster.

As of Sunday Toms River and Manchester have surpassed Lakewood in the total number of dead having each lost 270 residents. Lakewood is now third behind the two with 265 deaths.