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Richardlinville1992 Richardlinville1992

Stop letting them entertain even the slightest idea of this.

What did Trump say at Cpac?

"We believe in the constitution as it is it is written...AS IT IS WRITTEN"

The second amendment shall not be infringed

#gun rights

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Get GAB y'all.

This platform is pure bull crap!!

No app and moderating us?????


Please don't comment and ask for proof I've posted it numerous times and so have bunches of other people. If you want proof open your freaking eyes!!!

Believe me and others like you, or believe the big tech cock suckers and back pocket dwellers like Parler and Dan Bongino.

Idc what explanation they feed down your gullet, so do all the politicians and we see how that works.

❎ No Subscriptions
❎ No Phone Calls
❎ No Emails

We just need traffic.

Click the link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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I won't be weak because you on that.


The longer we stay on this platform the more and more they will "moderate" us with their πŸ’©πŸ’© jury.

Don't let them.

@parler is now pure πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

Follow me on Gab @LL_Ricardo


Follow me on Gab
For all my normal content.


It's easy to set up and quick to learn. They also have freaking GUN emojis 😁

Gab Social Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.

Follow me on Gab Guys πŸ“’β—πŸ“’β—πŸ“’

So far it's a darn good platform 😁😁😁

I'm a happy camper.

Gab Social Gab is a social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.
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Oh man I'm learning some cool stuff about GAB.

They have their own private browser app.


That's what I'm talking about ❗❗❗

Follow me @LL_Ricardo

Oh yeah I like Gab.


First thing they sent me in regards to why I can't find their app says they refuse to fold to big tech so they're not on apple app stores.


Come see me on Gab @LL_Ricardo

I have to get in the swing of the platform but I'll be hot and heavy on Gab in no time!!

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I am Edoarlb on Gab. Like anything else it takes getting used to. I’m not totally there yet. Did you see the post Parler attorney put up about censorship?

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No I did not. Where is it?

@Richardlinville1992 It was in notifications & posted. I can try to find it it & tag it to you.

@Edoarlb I found it.

Good to know.

So when's the lawsuit for false advertising???

This isn't free speech.

Their mission statement markets to us as free speech.

@Richardlinville1992 Glad you found it.

Okay everybody.

I made a GAB

Who's on there?

Add me

It's LL_Ricardo

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I found you. I’m following you on Gab.

@Candace can you please put some pressure on @parler ??

Maybe they'll tell you why they're censoring, little commies since their return.

If not, how about a big ol' fat lawsuit??

I don't even want that damn $1400.00.

It costs too much.


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It's been 36 hours and no power.

Please oh please great and mighty gov't send your free stuff to us.

Please help us almighty gov't.


Sickening how weak, pathetic, and inept people are.

They've turned into the embodiment of "beta".

My 70 year old parents were out of power for a week this year and were happy as a lark. Fire burning, chilling in the dark.



Cindy McCain should be quiet before we all find out about her involvement with her late husband's treasonous acts.

There's a large group of people on here who believe he was killed as a criminal conviction for treason. I'm not saying I believe that, but I'm not saying I don't either. I AM saying that if she keeps opening her old and outdated mouth she will write a check her butt can't cash. Just like John did.


CA could dwindle into the ocean for all I care.

There are a couple states who are mostly responsible for the state of our nation.

California and Oregon are at the top of that list.

Would like to see these states booted from the union to be honest.

Build a border wall...........around Cali. πŸ˜†

It's funny but not a all.

I am 100% more comfortable with Hispanics hopping the border than I am with the idea of people from CA, Oregon, and North eastern states moving into my area. I'll take the Mexicans, y'all keep the weirdos.

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I live in Southern California & I am the first one to tell you my area is full of idiotic, stupid democrats.

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I bet, come on to NC. We always have room for republicans. The weirdos are the ones we don't want here. I'm afraid they're otw from the north eastern states though. They voted their homes into the ground so now they want to come vote ours into the ground too.

πŸ™„So people are allowed to attack conservative news.

CNN is allowed to rig insurrection

And they want our guns and are actively coming for them.

Forget your "unity and peace" speeches.πŸ™„

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Okay guys. Parler doesn't want to answer any questions about their new commiehood πŸ˜†.

Find me on MeWe and FB.

My mewe is my name with a green frog profile pic.

My FB is my name with a stock chart as my profile pic.

Come add me on both guys

Richard Linville.

Parler is compromised. They're commies now too.


Take that Chevy


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Any anons out there heard of "laughing horse's orifice headquarters"?

This thing is absolutely WILD.

Idk if I should keep digging or turn and run.

Anybody know anything?

I’m hearing a lot of reports from members of my Telegram group chat that Parler has sold out to Leftist censorship. Is this true? What’s @Dbongino’s explanation for this, given the firing of former CEO John Matze? I want answers.

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D11vrypshy Β· @D11vrypshy Β·

It concerns me big time
Because there was never a reason to be silenced in the first place
And we are now on our own platform that can not be canceled
Correct ❓

But I'm crazy and the only one saying anything.. πŸ˜†

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I have heard some grumbling.

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@Richardlinville1992 Ok. That is not what we were promised. We can flee this ship if it’s going to be another Facebook. Gab & MeWe are out there.

@Edoarlb Yeah I think I'm planning my exit now to be honest. I'm giving a few days so I can keep posting my FB name. I do like the people I meet here for the most part. Some of you that follow me I missed a lot when parler was down. That's why I didn't delete FB. These corporations tend to show their hand a few months in and I figured the commies would get to them too.

@Richardlinville1992 Too bad. Don Bongino was adamant. I left Facebook a couple of months ago. Couldn’t take the censorship anymore & refuse to part of the problem by helping to make Zukerberg any wealthier. It took me 8 years to build my Israel Advocacy page. I made a lot of friends & even met some the last time I was in Israel. But in the end I just had to give it up. I can’t tell you how many times I was banned. Once for 90 days. Over nothing. When Zukerberg banned the President that did it for me. Same for Twitter. Dorsey banned the President, I banned Twitter. We have to stop letting these companies run our lives.