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Congressman Tom Rice RepTomRice Proudly Representing the Seventh District of South Carolina

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Welcome to Parler. The first step towards taking back your voice. Thrilled to have you join our growing community! Share with your family & friends. Let’s have some fun. Let's Parley!

Welcome to Parler! Hello, welcome to Parler from @CamilleWead Share with your friends and welcome to the conversation!

Welcome to Parler. Hope you enjoy your new found freedom. Have fun, interact and enjoy. #newuser #truefreespeech #parlerconcierge

Vote no on HR 5717, our rights shall not be infringed

I voted for you, I voted for Trump! Now is not the time to sit out and avoid confrontations! We need to support our rightfully elected President Trump by stopping the counting of illegal ballots and illegal votes. Never before in my live have I ever seen the political warfare we are seeing now! If they successfully pull off this Color Revolution how long do you think your seat is going to be safe, Tom? They will print votes to get everyone out unless they kneel in submission before them. If Biden wins I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN! FIGHT FOR TRUMP! FIGHT FOR AMERICA! FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION!