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Jim Harvey RealGreyGhost A firm believer in the fundamental mathematical principle [Any} science + Political Science = Bad Science.
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Defund the UN · @BanTheUN ·

Echo if you agree!

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TheBlaze · @theblaze ·

"What's your climate credit score?" That's a question Americans may have to answer if the green global elites get their way.

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Much like the CCP social score. Hmmmm... I don't think so. Anyone who agrees with this is a supporter of tyranny and totalitarianism.

WATCH: Terrence Williams GOES NUCLEAR on Obama and Reparations - Rumble

Can't WAIT until the Demmunists try to do this one!!!

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Liberals act like Trump was racist, then we get this. WH: Vaccine Plan Helps Minorities b/c It Goes to Janitors and Bus Drivers.

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WH: Vaccine Plan Helps Minorities b/c It Goes to Janitors and Bus Drivers This is the White House's version of "equity."

If this isn't the definition of racist I don't what is. How can blacks in this country still think that the democrats are good for them.

This Congresswoman ANNIHILATES Liberals who want to defund the police.

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Whoa! Congresswoman Brings SWAT Gear to House Floor to LEVEL "Defund the Police" Movement Congresswoman Kat Cammack brought her husband's SWAT vest to the House floor to show the real world effects of defunding the police.

“Don’t let it happen. It depends on you!” via @C_H_Industries #Orwell #1984 #dystopia #GreatReset #coronavirus

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I used to work in and around these ISO groups that control power around the US. Specifically, ERCOT, CAISO, JPM, MISO and others.
From Alex Epstein: The media are telling the story that "fossil fuels failed" because certain gas and coal plants went offline in one of these regions--Texas--due to preventable problems. (We know that these problems were preventable because places that are much colder and snowier than Texas use gas and coal with great success.)

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You see wind and solar are the least bit reliable or sustainable without hydrocarbon run plants. The green deal is a ruse and is a nightmare. It is not ready for prime time. Economically or reliability wise. The real solution is natural gas, burns much cleaner, or hydrogen made from natural gas. This burns even cleaner than natural gas. These woke idiots are putting us on a path that is truly not sustainable and any argument to the contrary must be logically thought of as a conspiracy of power and control. Some day these things may come to fruition but right now the boondoggles for the people and enrichment for the progressives who own renewable companies.

Good to be back!!!