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Petros Karakis Petroskarakis Proud Aussie who believes in supporting small businesses, local jobs and the traditional Australian way of life.

@Cory Bernardi and Lyle Shelton discuss Easter and the role of Christianity.

The leftists' mission is to 'undermine' the west The leftists’ mission is to “undermine the west” and that can only be done by discrediting the church that Jesus built and the principles upon which it rests, according to Sky News host Cory...
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Lyle · @Lylegshelton ·

Some gospel truth. But it probably won't be what you are expecting.

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The Builder Series - Episode 3 on Vimeo This is "The Builder Series - Episode 3" by Movement Australia on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Lyle · @Lylegshelton ·

Big Abortion didn’t get everything it wanted from the South Australian Parliament last week - & it's not happy. Also George Christensen drafts a bill requiring babies born alive after botched abortions to receive medical care. The Lyle Shelton Show #30

George Christensen, Christopher Brohier, pro-life progress | The Lyle Shelton Show #30 If you want a deeper understanding of the issues than is usually offered by the mainstream media, you want The Good Sauce. To make sure you never miss a single Good Sauce video, subscribe to this...