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Richard Baris PeoplesPundit Data journalist and host of Inside The Numbers. Director at Big Data Poll.

Watch Live 3:00 PM EST (NOW) — On Inside The Numbers, it's a discussion for the Free Wheeling Friday Q&A, Don Smith from the Don Smith Show and the latest digital delete campaign.

Episode 155: Inside The Numbers With The People's Pundit Watch Live 3:00 PM EST (PPD) — On Inside The Numbers, it's a discussion for the Free Wheeling Friday Q&A, Don Smith and the latest digital delete campaign. Public Polling Project...
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Barris did the best election coverage with Bannon.
At 230am he said he wouldn’t recommend the Trump people
to go to bed even though he had a comfortable lead at that time.
The rest is history.

If you don’t live in black communities, visit black communities how do you speak about black community issues?

Believe it or not, there are some Black Americans who do not spend time in Black communities or surround themselves but are praise for speaking on black issues #Fact

What Wayne is talking about in a slew of tweets like this, is 100% spot on. There are several conservatives, even black conservatives, who claim to speak on black issues.

But you'll never find them in a ghetto speaking to actual black communities. These people are effective only in making white conservatives feel better. Attracting significant numbers of black voters will require real, serious efforts.

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I lived in a black community and you definitely have the split between those who follow the law and those who don't. It is heartbreaking to see innocent people caught in literal crossfire.

How do you know that? Make certain you are not assuming.

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Exactly, he made that jump. And the point is, you need to work on your argument, not me. The black inner city population is MUCH larger than non-urban and disproportionately versus other races. Meaning, appealing to the rural and suburban black voter has a very low ceiling, as 2020 clearly showed.

So, you’re saying all ghettos are black communities? You need to work on your argument.

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Just curious. Are ghettos labelled on a map? Like Skid Row? Would be good for people to familiarize themselves with the etymology of ghetto.

Unless it's labelled "GHETTO" I think it's really dumb to call it that. Stevie Wonder can say it but I don't know if today's Black Americans would do a thumbs up on that labelling -- especially if we're trying to honor individuals no matter where or how they live.

This is what we've become, folks.

Here we have Steak-umm — yes, as in the sandwich meat — educating Neil deGrasse Tyson on the real meaning of the most misused word of the year, "science".

Steak-umm is right. The SCIENTIST, is wrong.


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It’s a damn shame

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Science is modified all the time. Scientists have a very limited view of the truth. The issue is when the science is falsified by politicians and the pharmaceutical industry for their benefits

That's a serious burn. I miss steak :(

I'm speechless

Science is quickly becoming a synonym for woke leftism. Real scientists should be concerned. And who the f*ck is running steakumm's twitter account? Cause we know all the hipsters are eating steakumm. These companies might want to do some researchon their customer base before bowing to woke mobs.