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Parler Community Jury ParlerJury No user shall be stripped of his parleys or comments, nor shall he be suspended, banned, or deprived of his standing in any other way, except by the conscientious judgment of his equals.

Join the Community Jury!

Parler needs your help! As I am sure you are aware, we are experiencing a substantial influx of new people on our platform—and with that an increase in the amount of violation reports.
We need volunteers who are willing to help review reports for content such as spam, unsolicited ads, and various types of illegal activity. Help us keep this kind of content off our platform. If you are up to the challenge, and if you meet the requirements below and would like to help, please email with your @member name and we will reach out to you.
We offer regular training sessions and will compensate you for your time.
1.  Parler verification (Red Badge).
2.  Active on Parler for at least 2 months.
3.  iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Hope to see you on the jury soon!

Please help spread the word by echoing this parley. Thanks!

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So I guess us Android users are out?

@Havequick Good question I was wondering same thing.


Get away from apple!

@Havequick And, I really like my Android!

@Lynncenters7 Me Likewise!

@Havequick It specified apple, unfortunately.

I will volunteer.

@Havequick Right? That's what I want to know!

@Havequick Works on our androids, so far.

@Charleswchew101 You’re in your husband? No one cares you homo loving gay whore!

I’m in!

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Hello They are millionaires and you work forfree?

@DonnaMDD64 That's why it's called volunteer..

If we can't work as a volunteer for a Common good then what good is of this world? Very little sacrifices counts nd it will be damnably wrong when you try to demoralize the will of the sacrifical.

@Damian7461 Uh. It specificallysays they will compensate you for your time. READ.

Why no Android devices?

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The Jury Portal only works for iOS at this time.

iOS apps and Android apps are usually written in two different programming languages, each with its own set of hassles.
The Parler app may look about the same on your Android screen, but it’s a different animal with its own story behind the scenes. And then there’s the Google Play Store. I’ve heard stories about it, but never had to deal with it myself.

@Engineer93 Too bad I can't afford those crappy apples - no pun intended. They're no worth the price they want for them.

@Quinni24 Apple devices are easier to mass hack. Due to the lack of differences in their software ecosystem. They probably implemented the jury system on iOS first because that's what the engineer was familiar with. iOS provides an easier set of tools to prototype an app with.

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Name Hidden · @Private User


Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Engineer93 Correct

@ParlerJury 😢😢😢 I hate apple. Let us know when you include Android

@ParlerJury If you ever include Androids, I'd be interested.

exactly I don't have iOS I have Android

@Quinni24 Actually, it happens all the time.

@ParlerJury Can'thelp then

Because of systemic cell phone ism

Ditto question- why no Androids?

Yeah, whats up with that

@ParlerJury I guess I'll have to break down and get one then.

@ParlerJury If that changes let me know.

@Char14 I second that.

@Engineer93 I use flutter, one code base for ios and android (and windows and Linux).
I have to deal with both stores, apple is a lot more annoying. I spent close to an hour today updating my certificates right, which has to be done every year. No such thing on Google play.
I find Google play to be much faster and simpler.

Yes, why not

Agreed. I use Linux and when I have to, Windows.
No use for iOS.

If the influx is from FB I bet what gets reported is mostly hurt feelings 🤦‍♀️

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Hurt feelings from the whiners on the left

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Yes. You'd be spot on

I am starting to see a lot of naked bodies, which I block. I don't believe this is under Parler's agreement.


@Jrsr2 Me too. Over and over. Even though I block them.

Child porn and nudes are not good to have on any platforms. You can do that on your own site.

I know I have been seeing a whole lot of nude posts asking people to visit their profile for more nude pictures. 👎

@Jrsr2 Those are the only ones I report. It wouldn't surprise me if it was liberals coming over from face puke and twitter.

@LittleMomma88 Uh, I haven’t seen that thankfully

@ToeNailBilly I've noticed that too. I've reported them and blocked them. Unfortunately they keep appearing. I try muting them but still the same thing.

@Jrsr2 I hope not Ileft FB partially because of that

Not what I reported..
1) Google smothering a contributor's feed with "You're the xxxth visitor & have won a prize" and 2) a commenter who called a black comedic newcomer to this platform VERY nasty name!!!

@LittleMomma88 It is. Filthy degenerate, unwashed masses, the lot of them.

@Ceramicrap From the right as well. If you dare criticize Trump, they automatically label you a commie.

@Jrsr2 How does one block those?

Ive seen someone named Amanda promoting nude pics.

@Oldieone55 Hit the down arrow in the upper right corner. 3rd option. You can report, block, mute. Your welcome. 🙂

@Oglepatriot I thankfully haven’t been overrun with pictures of naked people. And I’m all for taking down genuinely illegal content. I didn’t come to Parler to be part of some dark web.

In my experience on Facebook, and keep in mind I’m more of an old school let’s talk about everything and debate liberal, I’d get reported for comments like “how can one claim to be concerned about equality and social justice, then vote for people who close public schools and small businesses? That’s what hypocrites would do.” Basically something to that extent I got warned and put in timeout on Facebook........ but people could call me whatever nasty baseless names they want, and dox me, and (literally) no consequences for them.

Crazy left wing loonies on Facebook report people for saying stuff they don’t like - and as long as the comment being reported is against the far left narrative, they get away with silencing those opposing views.

I’ve seen many flood Parler....they don’t like equal speech rules. 😂

I've seen females, completely nude in their profile photos. There are children here. Something like that is totally inappropriate. It's definitely spam.

Bahahaha Bahahaha
No shit!

I would like to volunteer.

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He said to email.

@CorrineBrandi Also verified badge, which the person you responed to, doesn't have lol.


I’m in!!!

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Need a badge...

Emailed. Count me in.


I would, but Android device here.

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Same here if Android's are not allowed

Same here ugh

Same here.

Yeah, it's really crappy for them to make that exclusion when many of us Android users are more savvy and discerning than most people.


For some reason Apple versions are always first. (I personally find it interesting I phones are made in Wuhan China). Anyway, also android user too. Hopefully they will figure out how to let andriod users help.

Only Apple? No Android? That's bizarre.

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I feel discriminated against.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

It's a better ecosystem to work with rather than janky java (android)

that's because research data shows that most iphone users are liberals

I would volunteer but I have android as well

Totally agree. Is there a Parler Apple connection? The thought creeps me out. Hope not!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I totally get it. More propriety software safety measures are already in place. It's to protect us.


How many people are you looking for?

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@John Emailed.

@John I'm in.... Only thing is that I haven't been here for 2 months yet. Can I still apply?

@John Then you need to figure out how Android users can be included.

Dear @a078092e6e2df507bfd12db471029eb3 I'm most willing to help.. I love being a volunteer, but in this case I'm not meeting your criteria🤦🏽‍♂️urgh!.

Can anything be done about me? I would be glad to be part of your team. However I'm echoing nd Voting for this from @ParlerJury so others who are eligible can fit it if they want to. Thank you in advance for permitting me 😌..I will be sending email just in case.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Pllr Not necessarily, I'm sure they put this requirement in for good reason. iOS is a much more proprietary and safe operating system. Thus it keeps OUR PRIVACY safer. Android can be hacked by 9th grader.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@John Sent an email.

@parlerjury Im in once androids are allowed!

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How do you get a red badge

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Verify your account

It's quite simple. I just provided my driver's license and a selfie. I had my badge a couple hours later.


By providing personal information

Go on your menu hit verification and then they'll tell you how to do it


@rolandstamm I have tried multiple times and it fails every time. I tried using my passport also... What is "issuing authority"? I'm sorry to bug, it's been so frustrating!

@BBingSky Sorry to hear your troubles and understand your frustration. I did not have any problems and thought it was quite easy.

@BBingSky If you have uploaded all your information give it a few days. They actually do verify you. They've had a rush of new people. You can contact support as well. When I became regularly active I was verified. Maybe that was just coincidence

@rolandstamm I'll get it figured out eventually or remain badgeless.🤷🏼‍♀️

@BBingSky I forgot to mention one part. After I took the photo of my license and a selfie, it stated a manual review was required. Parler replied to me a couple hours later with my badge.

That was on a Tuesday. Things may be slow on the weekend plus they have a ton of new users. Hope this was a least a little helpful.

@rolandstamm It's been months. I've been on here for a while now and I've tried multiple times over many weeks.

@rolandstamm Thank you for your time. 🙂

@BBingSky You are welcome!

@rolandstamm Have a wonderful night🌙.

@BBingSky Thank you and good luck to you.

@BBingSky Mine to... not sure what I'mdoing wrong.

@vcarroll Me either. 😑 I sent messages to support. Haven't been successful there either. 🤷🏼‍♀️

@BBingSky Someday I'll get my Red badge... I like Parlar, they keep blocking my stuff on FB.

@vcarroll I left FB a while ago. Deleted my account. They had shadow banned me, put mein jail a few times. I was over it. I would go block "fact checkers" almost every day. By the time I left, I had around 300 blocked. That is ridiculous.

@bambolam12 Thank you. I've been on here for over 3 months and been very (too,lol)active the whole time. I've also contacted support a couple of times....🤷🏼‍♀️ I'll figure it out eventually.

Heck I report naked morons all the time! Shall I stop?

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I report pornographic words.

Me too

I tell them to go back to Instagram.

Me too! I wish I could read a post without the first comment being some chick that wants to show everyone her junk.

I do too

I report them and block them.

Just block.
Free speech and free expression are not subject to someone elses view.

Free ability to not engage or block that person leaves their speech intact and your choice of not listening intact.


Block and mute them

@Sniper4Jesus I've blocked and muted but they keep appearing with the same name. Any suggestions? I doubt Parler wants nudity or pornography on this app.

@Sniper4Jesus It is if there are minors on here. So sorry I disagree. There are some laws you cannot say free speech or expression....

Jgb2440 who do I report them to?
I would do this but I have an android.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Sniper4Jesus I have no problem blocking unwanted commentors, I do report threats and the bots usimg naked pics to entice, I don't feel that Parler owes them a free platform and no sense in jeopardizing our platform to liberals or Antifa pos

@RodesD Me too. Press on the nudes name and a box pops up. Press on member options. Press report. Fill out why. Then block!!!

@Jgb2440 Great! Thank you!

@FairyGodmum Report them all. John asked everyone to report so they can be dealt with

@RodesD On their profile, hit the down arrow in the upper right corner. Then report . Block same way.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

I report and block.

Sometimes if I'm feeling snarky I post the link the Fight the New Drugs page about how porn damages your brain and kills relationships.

Just block them and move on

@PissedoffinPa I report also because of minors that might be using Parler. I know they are growing very very quickly and might not have blocks in place so we can do our part to help. 👍




You fucking retarded idiots should be dissolved immediately. You have shown nothing but bias and a penchant for ruling from the basis of your opinion alone. Absolutely useless and pathetic.

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You should be kicked of this venue. You would be first I would report!

Stay classy my friend.

Proverbs 26:4-5 – Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself.

That hate will kill you in the long run. Give Jesus a chance, He has what you need.

@Mbrunen Oh indeed!? And for what exactly, pray tell me?

LOL... ROTF... POS LOSER... What is your bottom surgery bothering you or did someone not warm your chicken tendies up enough. Get lost Soy Boy

@Thejimbrockway This would be better directed at the Parler Jury, some of which have assigned points to people’s accounts as federally illegal but in the notes simply complain about their foul language. It’s a joke.

@Divineplan918 At least your counter point shows some class.

@MittelosBioscience I yield to your point as I lack more evidence to dissent. Be blessed!

I support your free speech faggot

@Jabber747 Soy boy? Been watching the edgy you tube videos haven’t ya sweety? You haven’t a clue. Just like the rest of us you complained about free speech and came here seeking it. Then you support any effort to eradicate it.

@MittelosBioscience Your use of language is unnecessarily crude (and of course the whole statement is dumb !

@Mbrunen Ah!!! See you are perfect for the Parler Jury! Never mind free speech! He used foul language! Reported reported!!! Pathetic!

@Michaelmfrn Thank you!!! Check out some of the replies to me tho! Absolutely uncanny how many yearn for it to be stifled.

@Thejimbrockway Same to you!

@MittelosBioscience You’re a dumb ass ass hat !! Lol

@MittelosBioscience I’ll could give two shits what you say or what you think you need to get over your little narcissistic ass nobody’s going to powder your balls for you

@MittelosBioscience It’s always the ones that have to put cartoon pictures up for their face, can’t walk down the streets and be noticed yeah you’re a real big thing.

@Jabber747 Brilliant retort! You’re every bit as intelligent as you look! Can’t even form a constructive thought on your own can you. Stupid bitch.

@Jabber747 Well unfortunately because of folk like you that hate free speech people like myself who embrace it are still forced to maintain anonymity.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

You sir wouldn’t know an open mind if fell in your lap. People like us for the last 4 years have been called everything in the book and now you invade our space and think you are going to hurt us?? You sir are the real joke here! The funny this is you are like the village idiot... you do not know you are the village idiot. Thanks for being the idiot... LMAO!

I’d love to help but I’m new. However, I’m willing to verify any information you would require to vet me.

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After you follow directions will send you this

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Staceyheaver She's red badge verified, I think she said she's new, as in doesn't meet 2 month min...

My sentiments exactly! I'm in the samw circumstance as u.

I'm with Limlev777 I'm all in

What is the Parler Community Jury?

Every Parleyer can report violations of the TOS to the community jury system. We have already recruited, selected and trained nearly 200 Parleyers to serve as jurors.

The Community Jury’s Guiding Principle—“No user shall be stripped of his parleys or comments, nor shall he be suspended, banned, or deprived of his standing in any other way, except by the conscientious judgment of his equals.”—is adapted from the Magna Carta.

Jurors are asked to exercise their own individual judgment, removed of bias, guided by Parler’s Community Guidelines. We are currently seeing 91.3% “not guilty” verdicts, in accordance with Parler’s mission to be a true Town Square where free speech reigns.

Why have we chosen a jury system as our method of moderation? Thomas Jefferson said it best: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”

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Online harassment is illegal but currently unreportable. It wouldn't surprise me that so many of these were harassment violations (and clear ones), but the platform is unwilling to produce a clear statement, or even drive in on these matters, regarding the blatant attempt to annoy, harass, or alarm (as law states by harassment). I have to say that I have become much less confident in Parler's ability to deliver what I'm looking for in a platform. What we're looking for is protection from the left, not just protecting us from the social media sites run by the left, but from the people themselves.

Pressure from Google has prevented this place from being what it could be.

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From what I've seen it just has a general "report" button. So I assume that any person who gets reported is added to the queue or something. Either that or my report button is broken. Either way they can't just ban people because they're leftists anyways. I don't think you need to be safe from the people, I think somebody being a lefty doesn't make them a bad person, them actually being guilty of these attacks does.

Online harassment is
degrading and humiliating. I truly feel awful for those who are victims.

Unfortunately, I understand this on a personal level. I experienced online harassment so badly I had to get law enforcement involved.
This bully was even calling people I knew—incl my family and church leaders—and spreading lies.

There are a few things a person can do if they’re being bullied here:
1). Simply block them
2). Report them. You can report them for “Fighting Words” or SPAM. Either will draw attn to moderators
3). Legally, Parler is not liable for bullies; however, they’ve implemented features (as stated above) to help combat them.
If a bully becomes unmanageable, ea state has different laws that can protect you. You may need to contact Law Enforcement and get them involved.

In some cases, you simply need to inform the bully you’ve contacted law enforcement and ask them to leave you alone. If they don’t respect your request, LE’s will take further action.

Bullying sux! :(

I'm gonna stand by all my actions here until somebody does something about it. Lack of action on this matter is unacceptable. The blockades in place have been insufficient to prevent harassment of people who post Conservative viewpoints on left-monitored tags. These people, in mass, target users with comments that are meant to invoke intense levels of harassment, to the levels on which they intimidate to others which are meant to sexually harass.

I have not been about just trying to block people on the left. But if someone is harassing me, and their profile is filled with obscene posts, I will report them.

The methods in place have not been sufficient and I won't be satisfied until there is one.

It's very clear to me what Parler is trying to do here, and it looks to me like they are willing to sell out their Conservative userbase by inviting liberals to freely harass us.

Parler's Dev team needs to hire people that specialize in big data analysis to solve this very serious issue.

@Laura Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply in acknowledging just how emotionally harmful online harassment can be. This is a proper first step. I want to say next, that the issue is usually not with one single person, but the mass actions of many that cause the most harm. It detracts from the platform and causes people to have their backs up against the wall when it comes to speaking out on specific topics.

This is an easily solvable issue that Parler needs to get real on.

But for sure, go ahead and run an analysis on harassment by political affiliation and the numbers will be clear as the blue sky.

@NathanSample They are up to their eyeballs. And this doesn't stop potential attacks.

We're not targets, we're people.

If you feel threatened, please, report it.

When in doubt, report it.

@ParlerJury I just want to have the option to filter comments that have a high probability of being insults. I really don't mind missing a few here and there if the algorithm misses.

I know you all are up to your eyeballs in reports right now as well. I've checked back on some pretty serious ones.

Harassment has no definition... it's based on the perception of the one who feels they have been harassed. If you feel you are harassed, block the user. If you can't manage seeing something that triggers you before you can devide to block the user, you have some work to do to find some emotional balance. This is a reality based on duality, which give s you the opportunity to rise above it in wisdom and compassion or be mired in fear and separation. It's the school of life. You have free choice to decide how you react/respond... unity or separation... fear or faith. You can't expect the world to reflect harmony when you are filled with internal disharmony.

@jamskahler Really hope you can figure out something that works for you. Take care.

@tkingsf Basically when someone pisses me off on one platform, I just jump to the other lol. Gab -> Parler and back. lol

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Use Parler's mute or block feature. That way you don't see their posts. There are those that are not worth your time debating. Nor do they care to stop and think that what they're doing is in appropriate. Most people can figure this out quit quickly

@jamskahler What you’re looking for is a safe space. This was never designed as such.

@jamskahler I reported a prostitute

Comment Author Profile Pic
MDK1 · @MDK1

If you need protecting you shouldn't be anywhere on this platform. Grow a pair sunshine.

@ParlerJury 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

STAND MAGNA CARTA! Fk these bullies

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Community Jury... like an organized group mentality? Is this to be used as a group down voting / upvoting team? Why not let each individual think for themselves to up/down a vote (instead of creating a group to approve or harrass an opinion?) Just saying...

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Just up and down voting from the entire community is not necessarily the only indication of *living at peace with our neighbor as best we can* under the community rules or guidelines. Is it? Many times, the majority has strayed from the good principles that served as the foundation for that culture or society, yes, or no? Or other idea...?

Or what happens when every "juror" is a communist lefty because thats what will happen

At the time I read this, there are 12 comments. I have read them all. I don't feel I have ever been targeted by mass harassment but maybe I just asked for it.
Anyhow, my thoughts are, that first if this is an town square free speech area, it has more tools than I would expect in an actual town square. There I could not selectively "block" or tune out hecklers or even bullies. I have already chosen to block some profiles due to the useless profanity and vulgarity. Just spewing disgusting words, and obscene comments with no point is a waste of time for me. Someone who is ignorant or uses a swear word yet is making a point in open discussion about a real issue or topic is not who I am blocking, but could be blocked easily enough.
So I think the tools are there, and I guess I can always walk away and try and design my own platform however I wish. The jury is of interest to me and I am now thinking, if it is transparent to the Parlerverse, I think it would be far preferable than the ....

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... secret algorithm designed and biased by choice no matter the original intent or the ideals of the bias manager or conscience governor who is not named and there is no accountability. That is a, or the, problem. The people who think that they in the shadows or behind the curtain need to be the thought police yet more like the thought, secret police and there is no way for the average Joe or Jolene to know how or why these magical formulas are made and changes on a whim or regular basis. Maybe the jury by peers in the open without bias filter is the way to go. None of us are perfect, yet if there is a rule or code and the jurors are in the open and must also defend their understanding of the code and how they apply it in the specific case, then maybe that is part of the solution in this experiment.
I'm thinking of the human nature and possible unintended consequences in this idea as it will eventually play out. One thought is, are jurors allowed to block or filter profiles or....

@tkingsf ... content that may be relevent to the case, or accusation? Jurors in court are selected per case, or for a court, and may be called out for prejudice or bias, right? We don't want "professional" jurors intent on just having fun by being in the middle of the circus? I would guess they should be real, or valid, profiles and not allowed to lurk in the shadows, and then be unaccountable just like the people who have slanted the un-free-speech platforms many have fled looking for a free speech forum to engage in real conversation. I'll have to consider (since I forgot how to spell *rhuminate*) this more but at the outset, I think it could be good.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@tkingsf I agree with your statement about . . . . jurors should be real, or valid, profiles and not allowed to lurk in the shadows, and then be unaccountable. . . . .

@tkingsf Jurors must be rotated out of duty after a period of time otherwise it.will become unworkable and.we. we will find ourselves being suspended

@DarkArcher Oh! The shock of it all! That well intentioned people might be corrupted by having a bit of power and being allowed to wade in a sesspool over a long period of time?!? And there being no term limit?
Hey, wait! That kind of sounds like...
Naw, couldn't be...
Uh, oh, sarcasm alert! I need to take a break!

Hey, good point. I think it is a reasonable thing to have some fresh people do work like that.

Community Jury doesn't work. At all. Instead provide tools to Parler users to decide for themselves what to see/read. It's called "Freedom of Speech." I don't want anybody, including my peers or any community, deciding for me.

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The point of the post wasn't about others deciding what can be seeN or not seen on Parler. The post was very clear about allowing members of Parler the freedom and liberty to write whatever they want to write w/out the fear of being shadowbanned or suspended b/c of the opinions of each member which happens everyday on other social media platforms like Twitter if the user's account doesn't bow to the politically correct tyranny of the radicalized political left. The whole point of Parler is to ensure the Constitutional rights of Americans are still honored in a culture that seeks to eradicate the free speech and religious rights of those who do not pledge allegiance to the socialists seeking to seize control of America. The purpose of using a Jury of one's own peers is to adjuticate openly and fairly VIOLATIONS of the TOS. Twitter, for example, shadowbans and suspends people without any transparency or equitable process. If Twitter doen't like your opinions they suspend you.

Exactly. I moved to Parler for that reason. With the vast amount of knowledge out there. I have already blocked 2 people. Let us make the decision.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Tvan · @Tvan

@CatherineLake You already make the decision. You can block or mute anyone. All the jury does is go through reported violations and nothing more. If it isn’t reported they don’t see it.

Comment Author Profile Pic
John · @OShirley

Ladies and gentlemen...The witness is a badger


PART 1: If you're looking for more jury members I'm interested. One of my primary reasons is related to the nightmare experiences I've endured on other social media platforms, not based upon any unethical or negative actions on my part, but b/c I'm a well known Christian Conservative, ex-gay public figure who's been shadowbanned and had my Twitter account suspended b/c of my ex-gay life story and advocacy for overcoming homosexuality. I've received hundreds of death threats from gay activists and atheists. Youtube restricted one of my videos b/c the video offended their "community". The video features me when I was extremely ill from AIDS. I discussed how much suffering I endured during the 30 years I was involved in homosexuality which I gave up 20 years ago to became a born again Christian. I implored our youth not to go down the same road I went down. I appealed Youtube's decision. They reversed the restriction, but said I couldn't monetize the video.

Ex-Gay James Hartline Suffers With AIDS While Warning America's Youth To Avoid Homosexuality In this intimate video, in a rare look inside of the painful and agonizing suffering that James Hartline endures as result of his 18 years of fighting AIDS, this well known Christian activist allows...
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God bless you, Brother.

@sugarsweet2003 Thank you so much. God Bless You as well. 🙏😇🙏

Here is a published report from 2005 on the death threats made against me by gay activists.

Website Image
Gay Activist Web Site Posting Threatens Ex-Homosexual, Christians, with “elimination” Ex-Gay says objective of gay movement is to create an anti-Christian, socialist state

While Youtube restricted my video as hate speech simply for sharing my video depicting me when I was ill from AIDS and I implored young people to avoid being involved in homosexuality because it had caused me so much terrible suffering, Youtube has no problem allowing gay atheists to post videos threatening me and degrading my Christianity. Here is a video a gay atheist posted on Youtube about me where he threatened me and called me a terrorist like Bin Laden because I successfully got the city of San Diego to shut down a gay bathhouse in San Diego where hundreds of young men had been infected with AIDS by engaging in male prostitution, IV crystal meth drug use and unsafe sex practices. It took me four years to shut the place down and I was targeted relentlessly with threats during that time. Youtube finds nothing wrong with this video. but it censors or removes videos that offend gays by calling homosexuality a sin.

James Hartline closes the 2200 Club_1 A gay health club in San Diego gets closed down by a crazy gay christen. James Hartline has a notorious reputation in San Diego, one of the most detested persons amongst the gay community. Please...

My popular blog publishes my experiences as a former homosexual living inside of the 4th largest gay community in the U.S. I've also published articles about the nightmare I endured on Twitter before my 9 year-old Twitter account was suspended. I received hundreds of tweets w/death threats, targeted harassment and discrimination against my religious beliefs and my battles w/AIDS and Cancer. I was targeted for defending a Christian friend of mine who was raped when she was 18 years-old by a very famous male singer w/a rabid fanbase. The Christian rape victim has been targeted w/tweets containing death threats, doxxing and harassment over the last 3 years. Twitter refuses to do anything to stop the relentless threats and harassment against Christians. Twitter has not suspended any of the accounts engaged in the abuse of me or the rape victim BUT Twitter suspended my account. Here's the shocking story

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This Should Have Never Happened In America To American Citizens: A Look At The Shocking Nightmare That We Have Been Put Through For Nearly Three Years Because We Spoke Out Publicly About The Brutal Rapes Committed By BackStreet Boys Singer Nick Carter This Should Have Never Happened In America To American Citizens A Look At The Shocking Nightmare That We Have Been Put Through For Ne...

there are several despicable posts on Parler. The most offensive and disgusting one is a photo of Christ that is pornographic.. Please remove that user !!!

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I second.

No faggot Mohammed doesn’t approve

If you are aware of any pornographic material there is a tab to report it.

I did

Block whoever is posting that. Problem solved. Quit being a nazi. Grow up.

@RagnarxDanneskjold sorry I don't live up to your standards, which seem to be pretty low. I learned how to block and I do, but I also reported that post. Up to Parler what they do. Calling me a Nazi is typical of the Left which I assume you are. You don't know how to discuss or reason so you toss out demeaning labels... Don't worry, I'm blocking you, too.

@Zeeshawnyousuf thanks...It took me awhile to learn how to do it. I'm not real tech savvy. That post was quite awhile back and I've learned how to do block and to report. thanks again. The last guy who responded called me a Nazi.

We all better take a screenshot of this post in case if things go sour in our position.

So why can't I reply to anything I see on your website?

My friend's account has been banned without any notice or reason!
Why do you not notify the account? With proof of this of what are the violations and how will the user be able to return the account to his hands.
In addition the Jury he receives no answer.
If he violate the TOS as you claim, even though he did not, why do you not notify the account.
You blocked the account for no reason, in addition there is no answer. Why would I want to continue using Parler if If you act like Facebook and Twitter?

So far my friend has not received an answer for more than 72 hours

Why there is no response at email to inquiries:
You blocked my friend and you do not respond to his request even after 5 days

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They don’t read them

Parler makes it IMPOSSIBLE to send them a message that would provide information to improve the site...WHY?

So here is the Parler changed the platform to show "FOLLOW and FOLLOWING" in a caps (OK) but both in the same color - Really. It is difficult to differentiate between the two when scrolling through Notifications. Make one a different color so people can see who desires to follow vs who they are following...simple fix.

Please delete this person:

Website Image
Parler Free Speech Social Network Parler is an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement. Free expression without violence and no censorship. Parler never shares your personal data.

You do nothing.. absolutely nothing!
You have people on here bullying kids and new users!
You have sick people on her defaming people as pedos..
You do nothing..
This site has turned into a trash heap
Worse than Gab! How does Google and Apple still allow you to have an app with all this garbage., illegal.. that you say is free speech? Gab can’t get apps..
You have scum bragging about 24 points and your favorites telling them not to worry.. you will brush under rug.. and let person stay..
Defamation and CyberBullying kids is not ok..
It is not Free speech!

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Shut the fuck up pussy

@Knickz88monte 😃😃

So block those people. Problem solved.

@37a202d629c44ea98cf029b37bf434da Well.. ask @john how he feels about blocking 😃😃😃😃
When I first got here and blocked a group.. it started a war...
so.. no problem not solved.. and the jury of peers.. they are friends looking out for friends
You do you.. k

What the fuck ?!?!

Hell to the fucking no !!!

Don’t do it !!!

Sir if you have 200 jury people why can’t someone reply to me

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Training I am sure

@LaineSez 😂😂😂

@Jakebe Eating Snickerdoodles 😂😂😂

@LaineSez I no a nice guy told me about them I have asked on feedback if he could message me

@Jakebe Snickerdoodle Guy
Answer @Jakebe
Please & Thank you😃😃

@LaineSez 😂😂 I think they blocked me

@Jakebe I am probably blocked as well..
Better get off their feed.. Might get some spam points


@LaineSez 😂😂😂😂it’s talking about the topic

@LaineSez 😂😂😂😂it’s talking about the topic

@Jakebe This is true😃😃


@LaineSez 😂😂

@Jakebe Dod you get an answer yet?


@LaineSez No ma’am I think I’m on my 11 th ticket

@LaineSez 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@LaineSez Maybe I should bring dog biscuit 😂😂😂

@Jakebe What was the original point?
I forgot
That was last month..
Parler employees slipping..
More than usual

@LaineSez My notifications just say link and if I click on it it takes me to the persons profile and I have to search for my comment

How about someone on this 200 person jury answer @jakebe
You do not read emails.. Do you read these posts?
He has a valid question that needs to be addressed..asap

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Thank you ma’am

@Jakebe You are Welcome Jake... Good luck with a response..


@LaineSez 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

@Jakebe 😂😂