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Ohio Megabass OhioMegabass OMBTT

2021 Tennative dates
04/17/21 Indian
05/01/21 Alum
06/06/21 Delaware
06/27/21 Erie
07/7/21 Indian
08/14/21 Alum
09/12/21 Rocky Fork
Classic 10/13-14/21 (wind date 10/15/21) Detroit River

04-11-21 Pleasant Hill
05-02-21 Alum
06-13-21 Buckeye
07-11-21 Clearfork
08-15-21 Alum
09-19-21 Delaware

11/2120 Alum


Pot tournament moved to sat 730-330 new galena

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Sorry was not there

Alum Creek weekend pot tournament looks like Sunday 11/22/20 8-4 New Galena Ramp

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Been here for a week or so,glad to see you aboard.

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I am going to have to learn how to use this forum.

@OhioMegabass No kidding me to !!

Look what you got me into

Can I weigh in the same bag as last week?

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Yes sir