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Build multi-lingual voice chatbots for services NolymitApp We build multi-lingual voice chatbots for services. @SanJose, CA

Rep. Byron Donalds: House Dems' slavery reparations bill is 'the wrong road' to go down | On Air Videos | Fox News Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., reacts on ‘Fox & Friends’ to a House panel advancing a slavery reparation bill.

This show provides lots of facts about China CCP threats to the U.S.A. that are not reported by the left corporate media in the U.S.

This show provides great facts about the current Election Law in different states!!

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Securing Our Elections Just the News hosts a one hour event sponsored by Heritage Action for America called "Securing Our Elections: The Grassroots Battle for Easy, Safe Voting" hosted by John Solomon for the purpose of edu

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The “Sporting” Power of China | The hidden world of its deals with American Athletes Some of the most popular NBA stars are being sponsored by Anta Sports. Kevon Looney of the Golden State Warriors, for example, signed a two-year deal with the Chinese company in the year 2019. Looney...

The show gives these 2 important info: Some damages to the U.S. done by China CCP in the past;
Based on the recent reports, before Jan.6, the Capital Hill police were ordered by their boss - Pelosie to stand down when the crowds gathered outside the Capital Hill Building gate on Jan.6; So the Capital Hill police did not stop the crowds to enter the Capital Hill Building on Jan. 6; Is this a plot?

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Kelly Tshibaka, Candidate AK Senate (R) - A Murkowski has been a Senator for 40 yrs time for change Kelly Tshibaka, Candidate AK Senate (R) - A Murkowski has been a Senator for 40 yrs time for change

JUST IN: Kevin McCarthy Assails Biden For "Alarming" Number of Border Crossings At his weekly press briefing, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed the Biden Administration for the surge of migrants crossing the southern border. Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook:...


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Burgess Owens Leaves Democrats SILENT on House Floor With Powerful, Unifying Race Speech Burgess Owens silenced the Democrats with a powerful speech on racism in America.


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PART 3: CNN Staffer Admits They're Trying to Help Black Lives Matter Part 3 of Project Veritas' undercover on CNN shows CNN admitting that they are trying to help Black Lives Matter's narrative on race.


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The Real Story OANN - CNN COVID Coverage Exposed We have the tapes to prove that coverage of COVID-19 may have started out as an effort to keep the public informed, but it quite quickly devolved into an attempt to control perception, influence the o

This interview gives this info: She is leading a MAGA voters team to inform these woke lefty big companies know this: The MAGA voters will punish these companies if they keep helping the Dem party to push illegal law and measures in the U.S.A.!!! #WokeCorporateHypocrites

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The Real Story - OANN Woke Corporations with Mercedes Schlapp Mercedes Schlapp, senior fellow at the ACU Foundation, gives us The Real Story on cancel culture within woke corporations.

Based on this video, CA Dem party with leak the name and addresses who signed the Recall Newsome "by accident" , so the Dem party Mob troops such as ANTIFA and BLM can go to hurt these people at home and in the street!!! This is NAZI government!! #recallnewsom

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Tipping point - Jesse Kelly on Gavin Newsom's Anti-Democratic Move Jesse Kelly on Gavin Newsom's Anti-Democratic Move


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Antrim County, Mich. forensic report shows interference A group of forensic experts completed their election audit of Antrim County, Michigan, which details a shocking series of misrepresentations by the media. One America's Christina Bobb has more from Wa


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Calif. Gov. Newsom desperate to keep his office The recall of California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is moving ahead despite the governor's attempts to keep his office. One America's Pearson Sharp has more.

This video provides lots of info not reported by the lefty media

Tucker Carlson: One nation under two systems of justice 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines current policing conditions as liberals turn blind eye to BLM and Antifa chaos

Hannity: Dems must be held accountable for 'reckless' take on policing Sean Hannity weighs in on developing unrest following Daunte Wright police shooting.


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Texas pushing for election integrity Several bills are working their way through the Texas state legislature, which are all aimed at shoring up any potential vulnerabilities in the state's election process. One America's Christina Bobb h


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Real America - Dan #GETREAL 'CNN Cashes In On Fear' Real America - Dan #GETREAL 'CNN Cashes In On Fear'

This video provides a list of woke company names that have oppressed common Americans for supporting fair election law!!! We should boycott them and pass the law to punish corrupt companies!!

Steve Hilton slams big business executives for pushing 'wokeism' | On Air Videos | Fox News 'The Next Revolution' host weighs in on the 'woke, virtue signaling' response to Georgia's election reform bill