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KingKongsBalls MrRepublicpatriot A pragmatic and focused patriot... when the battle is rigged, will resort to new tactics...

As was predicted by many, the illegitimate Biden administration is being significantly tested by the Chinese and their surrogate the DPRK , they are threatening to fly fighter jets directly over Taiwan as a demonstration of Chinese sovereignty over the island... this would never, repeat never have been done while Trump was in office... Prediction: Biden will give away Taiwan... and the South China Sea... this will setup the conditions for WWIII ... #t

Major corporations voting to support voter rights in a naked attempt to cower Georgians... what about voter integrity?? Vote Fraud and theft??? Georgia state should issue a press release applauding the “vote” as an ENDORSEMENT of their new law!!! Damn the Deep State (DTDS) 🇺🇸💥