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Michael Killian MichaelKillian American Patriot
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can we get 1000 echo for president TRUMP !!!

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Clarence Thomas is a victim
Yeah, I said it

I'm introducing a resolution to EXPEL Maxine Waters for inciting violence and riots across America for years!

It's all on video!

Help grow the grassroots movement to EXPEL Maxine Waters by signing your petition NOW!

Vernon Jones is a GREAT voice for America

Apparently Jerry Nadler doesn't know the difference between packing and unpacking
Really ?

What in the World is going on in Georgia ?

AMAZING NEWS! Every child has a right to life, even those with an extra chromosome. South Dakota's law is very similar to this one. We knew that this was the right bill to pass, both to protect life and to move the pro-life movement forward in court.

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Hey Joe, glad you declared no Amendment to the Constitution is Absolute. We the People beg to differ

Does OAN still post ?
Last one I saw was 3/18

Now Joe Biden is claiming they are making a jet that goes 21,000 MPH
So much for the New Green New Deal propaganda right now

Jack Dorsey says Americans arent allowed to view Donald Trump's twitter archive. What's the matter Jack? Does it contain truths ? We the People are in charge. Good luck in all your evil endeavors.

Why cant we just be Americans?

Dems are taking over Corporate America
Guess hard work and integrity means nothing now

Hey everyone, Creepy Joe speaking live in Pittsburgh PA right now.
Or is he ?

Really ? This is what is happening to our country right now ?

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Jack Posobiec · @Posobiec ·

A South Asian immigrant was murdered in DC and the horrific video of the attack went viral yesterday

Not one of the #StopAsianHate  promoters even mentioned it, no major brands announced they were donating to his family’s fundraiser

All bc it did not fit the narrative

Hey, @ Meena Harris, have you ever thought that the white males that you so freely claim to be domestic terrorists, might actually be the people who fought and died for your precious right to FREE speech?

Hey Factcheckers, June 6th 1944.

Congressman Boebert gets it !

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Yes she does.

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President Trump: What took place in Pa., Ariz., Ga., Wis., Mich. is a disgrace - #OANN

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