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David Myrland MasterOfTheTaxCode Taxpayer advocate, focus on criminal investigations and prosecutions. Enjoy -

DAVID CHAMPION'S BOOK - "Shattering the Myths" is on its way to me for my perusal and review.

NO - I didn't buy it, somebody else bought it for me that I might provide my opinion regarding his conclusions re tax law and the IRS. I wasn't about to buy the book because of how moronic one of Champion's videos was when I viewed it a few months ago.

I'll try to have the reading and review completed in the two weeks following my receipt via USPS.

You're welcome,

David R. Myrland


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DISCLAIMER / FOR STARTERS - I am in no way affiliated with or involved in any "tax honesty movement" - I am not a "sovereign citizen" - I am an utterly independent paralegal and researcher, a jurist, and I know too much about the law than to ever fit in with anybody who claims to understand the Tax Code but who has no working knowledge of the operation of Tax Code sec. 83(a), which explains how to tax every penny of compensation paid in America. Don't let a moron tell you about what I do or teach, none of which is legal advice.

You Tube maybe - /channel/UC4OSWo_uoplVCnphB-l4LPA/videos?disable_polymer=1

David R. Myrland