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Oh would someone tell Juan Williams to SHUT UP!

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David B · @dbhnbuckhead ·

I’m going to ECHO the Hell out of this!


#NotOurPresident #NeverBiden #PedoJoe



Why would we accept Joe Biden as President?

Joe Biden is “in office” because of thousands of DemonCrat criminals committed all sorts of treason to prop this loser up.

This guy couldn’t get 10 people to show up for a rally and we are to believe he got 15 million more votes that Barack Obama?

He’s already ruining the greatest economy in the history of mankind.

Let’s just vote the bum out!

Never will I accept him as President, never!

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Agree, not echoing. I've had enough of him on here for a lifetime!

So happy we are back!

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It took you long enough!

It took you long enough!

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Slow is me!