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Jim Moore Magajunkie

Everybody lost in the George Floyd case. Floyd lost his life over a minor crime. The cops may go the jail for years. The only winners were the Mob that used violence to effect the verdict. None of us is safer today because Cops are resigning. MJ

The are no winners in the George Floyd case. Cops will resign in droves. The mob has won. This verdict to convict the Cop on all counts will just encourage them to riot, loot and burn down cities to get what they want. The verdict will be appealed. MJ

Sometime ago when a Black mom saw her son on TV participating in a riot, she went right to the street to drag him home. She got her son out of danger. That is what responsible parents do. The 13 year old kid with a gun recently killed by a cop was out at 3 am. His mother was MIA. MJ

A weak Joe Biden may cause China and Russia to miscalculate leading to war. Russia in Ukraine. China in Taiwan. Would never have happened under tough guy Trump. MJ

People living in our inner cities where crime is highest better buy guns to protect themselves. Dialing 911 will result in a social worker showing up in cities run by National Socialists. Cops will be gone. Good luck. MJ

Crazy Fake News Chris Cuomo says White kids have to die to get police reform. Tell that to Black Senator Tim Scott who put a police reform bill on the Senate Floor that the National Socialists filibustered and would not allow a vote. MJ

Looney National Socialist Maxine Waters is encouraging more riots, looting and arson. Why hasn’t she been arrested for inciting violence. This big mouth woman is complicit in these crimes. MJ

The Deep State won’t reveal the name of the DC Cop who killed the unarmed Trump supporter during the DC riot. Why not! Just imagine if the woman killed was Black BLM or Antifa instead of a White Vet. The cop would be charged with murder. MJ

CNN ratings down 60%, MSDNC down 34%. Dumb as wood Don Lemon says he does not care if the ratings are in the toilet as long as Trump is out. What this idiot does not understand is that ratings, revenues and his job go together. Eventually, his head will roll. What an idiot! MJ

Why do National Socialists fail to recognize the importance of the intact two parent family. Too many kids are born to single moms into poverty. Not an argument for abortion; but should be pushing birth control. MJ

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Alex Jungle · @AlexJungle ·

Take the damm mask off. For mask and vaccine exemptions send me a mail at


When is Fauci going away. He is like a fungus we can’t get rid of. Why does he wear a mask when he has been vaccinated. Ridiculous. MJ

National Socialists pushing reparations for descendants of Black slaves. So nothing for Obama or Harris. But what about all the other immigrant groups that faced horrible discrimination. Native Americans covered because the tribes already get billions every year. This is a can of worms. MJ

RINO Liz Cheney is a Trump hater. She has to go. Can’t be in Republican leadership. She will be challenged in the primaries; but she has to be removed from leadership now. She does not have the support of the base. MJ

As Lincoln said, anarchy leads to more anarchy”. We have anarchy on our streets in many cities. It will only get worse if people are allowed to riot, loot and burn down our cities. Need to declare Marshall Law and lock up these Terrorists. MJ

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Jim, we have a fake leader who thinks the shooting of this criminal who was out of $100,000 bail which was revoked Dante Wright may have been intentional.

This guy is fueling the flames, He thinks Marshall Law is a discount clothing store in the United States.

National Socialists pushing to defund the police. They want sanctuary states to protect criminals. Buy your guns now. When the cops are gone, you will need to protect your family. Rich will hire private security. Average people must protect themselves. MJ

The National Socialists are pushing to make Washington DC, our 51st state to insure more Socialist members of Congress. There are only 700,000 residents of DC. Those areas where people live can either be annexed by Maryland or Virginia to give them members of Congress. That is the right thing to do. MJ

National Socialists are playing a very dangerous game attempting to make every issue about race to divide our country. If we are not one nation under God, we will be no nation at all. The USA will fall apart. MJ

Everybody supports Civil Rights and voting rights. What we don’t support is the racist Cancel Culture and 1619 Project revisionist history full of lies. We want the good and the bad taught in our schools. We are not afraid of the truth. MJ

No charges on the DC cop who shot and killed an unarmed Trump supporter who entered the Capitol. Happened to be a White woman, veteran. Why wasn’t she tazered. MJ