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Ok folks have you had enough of Twitter and Facebook censorship. All conservatives need to show your displeasure by deactivating those accounts. I did and it was difficult at first because it had become habit. But it is time we let them know this is not okay. I hope all conservatives do this today! We need enough to exit that they feel it so be strong and tell them to bug off!

Seriously the news on TV cannot be trusted. It is so sad really to feel distrustful of TV news. I am not watching television hardly at all. The news skews, exaggerates or leaves out important information. I think we need a complete reset in government, news and big tech needs eliminated they have entirely too much power. How in the world are we going to fix this. I think the states need to push back, maybe a few states should ban news programs that have given false narratives.

President fraudulent and feeble
An election of the woke
There is really no doubt
It was not the people who spoke

The lion forced from office
Radio voice of the right is dead
Who will protect us now
From the scourge of the left
By Ed Eidemiller

Sound the alarm
America is being lost
When it is gone
you will know the cost

Attacked from within
With power, greed and sin
Democrats today
Are not the party of JFK

Democrats are socialists
Terrorists of the left
When a crisis occurs
They never waste it

The Constitution means nothing
The Bill of Rights an illusion
Media and Big Tech
All in collusion

They control what you know
Adjust the news flow
Cancel and censor
Those who disagree

RepubliCANTs are impotent
Majority or minority will not lead
Those elected cannot be trusted
All talk and incompetent

Democrats champion illegals
Anything to pad a majority
Make citizens take a back seat
Their treachery is complete

Washington DC
The scene of the crime
A retirement home
A swamp full of slime

All three lettered institutions
Are compromised and corrupt
Protections attacked and diluted
As an enemy they are well suited

Beautiful rendition of the National Anthem at the NCAA basketball game last night. Thank you!

I am woke to hypocrisy. I am woke to media lies and deception. I am woke to lack of law and order destroying business and safety. I am woke to Hollywood. I am woke to coke. I am woke to pandemic manipulation. I am woke to election security being threatened. I am woke to disastrous cancel culture. I am woke to fighting for what is right because being woke is a joke!

Stay tough Georgia!,

Checkout Mike Lindell’s latest interview, think a third will be out soon.


Ok folks We will need to fight to stop HR 1. It will destroy election integrity. Democrats are set on destroying democracy as we know it. Flood representatives and senators with mail phone calls. We are going to have to fight hard on this one.

WTH Democrats voting for bills after midnight! They are despicable!

Just one more thing, if they publish Trumps tax information then we must insist this be true for all politicians.

Couple of things
1. Equality Act call your senators if you don’t believe transgenders should play on women’s sports teams or use locker rooms and bathrooms with girls. It is inequality for rest of population.
2. COVID bill is full of democrats wish list not so much for COVID relief. Find out what is in it and let your senators know how you feel. It is taxpayer money and one day we will pay the piper for rampant spending.
3. Silencing people is just wrong. Don’t let them shut down voices! We must stand up against this tyranny!

We need to remove ourselves from Twitter, Facebook, it is painful to do so but if you feel censorship is violating you need to remove their platforms by not participating. I am fearful that cable television will be next if they remove fox, newsmax, OAN, we must not allow this type of censorship to happen. It is so hypocritical since mainstream media lies by omission. We need to use the power we have by canceling those that are canceling us. All of this is just seems so ludicrous. Be strong, be impactful! Support convention of states!

Ok folks let your voices be heard with your Senators on H.R. 5 if you feel transgenders should be or should not be included in all locker rooms, restrooms and sports. Vote on this resolution is imminent.

Okay folks I don’t know about you but I am stunned by recent events. We must use this platform for good. We need to be ready to support good America loving candidates in 2022. We need to organize our efforts in every state. Also push for Convention of states in your state. Write to your legislatures. Together we can stop some of this nonsense happening in our country.