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Kevin Shumard Kshumard Libertarian Fatalist. Carpenter. Writer. Amateur.

I could write a book,
Detailing the transgression. I don't have the time to write it, you don't have the time to read it.
But, there is a massive political movement underfoot. The racism will be raging. The misogyny will be inflamed. Every politically necessary, Electoral College required sanctum, must be made to feel the pain.
I'll settle for a poem.
Cuomo. Newsome.Pelosi.
Stalwarts of the Party.
It's time to eat their own.
In each locale,,
A different hue of gal,
Must fight the white in tone.
Knock off the scabs.
Refreshen the wounds.
Michelle ascends the Throne.

There is not enough time in the day.
THEY have terrorized/tenderized folk to prevent them from pointing this out.
Biden, short termer. Who will replace him?
Cuomo, in trouble. Who will replace him?
Newsome, as good as recalled. Who will replace him?
I don't need to do a Google to surmise.
A woman of color.
How bout Pelosi?
If you don't see it.....

You need to see what an impeached Judge looks like.

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Not to address the ethics, but when one goes to negotiate nukes with terrorists, blowing 9 structures up with 7 missiles is a message.

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