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Kayleigh McEnany KayleighMcEnany

🚨 NEW 🚨 Wisconsin lawsuit filed today outlining clear violations of Wisconsin law in the election, affecting 221,000 ballots. Also, new updates in Nevada.

Coming up on Hannity tonight at 9 pm ET with the latest!

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Joe Biden is a feckless leader and a total cuck for Kamala!
That and Jake Tapper looks like a Guatemalan hamster, sniffing Nancy Pelosis’ farts,

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Lmaooo @ "cuck for Kamala"

I sincerely hope that would be beneath any principled hamster

Just one of those words that make you laugh almost every time. Or is it just me? Lol

Guatemalan hamster! 🤣🤣🤣


She does like them older


Awesome dude

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Name Hidden · @Private User

This is all about Obamas third term. Biden is the dying front man.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Let's not be like the Democrats and call each other names let God handle this.

🤣🤣 Best description yet!


@Name Hidden God helps does who help themselves!!!

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Name Hidden · @Private User

He used the masked and double protect his eyes to make sure the evidence are obstructed from sight.

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AC · @11RPR6

This demon is a waste of flesh. Deep state demon.

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Carl · @Clzeus

Honey, I closed the door to the closet and looked and looked, but I can’t find that tie anywhere. Can you help me in here please, I’m going to be late for work.

I have never been so disappointed in our government. It’s sad that the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigations can be bought and paid for by criminals. How did our government get so filthy and perverse? I hope they can’t look at themselves in the mirror without seeing how messed up they are.


If you can't see it, you must support it. He must be involved!

Really, Atty Barr! You know of no evidence of voter fraud?? suggest you listen to Mark Levin, Steve Bannon, Lou Dobbs, . . . . .

Barr is a disgrace

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Kls · @Kls1252

What a anti American sell out. He is a assmonkey

Justice is supposed to be blind not deaf dumb and stupid

@GennyDreyer First thing I said -- how much money did he get!!


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jabruh · @jabruh


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JCM556 · @JCM556

Barr got a Dirty Sanchez from Big Mike.

Shame on him I thought he was a good man guess I was dooped

Barr needs to be removed once all of this is over.




So just some food for thought... What if he did this so quickly, without hearing witnesses etc, so it could immediately go straight to the Supreme Court? I truly want to believe this because I don't want to believe he's a traitor.

Your a idiot! Open your eyes & mind. Swamp Rat!

Fuck hannity

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Name Hidden · @Private User

Fuck u chump!

Agreed! He doesn't say anything about Fox is because $$$.

does he get a kiss after?

fu-ck you

Sound like a socialist to me!!

Sorry the truth hurts buddy

And Carlson too!!

Go back to twitter and Facebook to shout your anger... No one wants to see it

I think you mean fuck Fox news in general, they're sell out whores for the radical Democrats

Awe sad triggered liberal!!

I would not put so much faith in these guys. Hannity, and Carlson have writers and editors. In the end they very well could turn out to be just like Q. Or Barr, that talked tuff. Shit is getting serious and we cannot just trust that anyone is going to serve our interests. Right now I only trust Trump, but minute he changes course it's up to us.

No wonder you only have 9 followers you leftist piece of shit pedophile scum !!

The whole network is going liberal.

Capitalize Hannity and use an exclamation point to really give that "Fuck" some feeling.

No fuck bitch🖕

@UpstateMichael A bow tie bitch

Y'all attacking this man without even looking at his feed.


He says just enough to keep the audience hooked and the money flowing.

He'll be the first to let us fight and die while he sits in his gated community with private security.

Calling this guy a liberal while y'all attack him without even seeing that he doesn't like elitist bloodsucking pricks.

Like the analogy I read recently stated: Conservatives are battered wives of the Republican party bc you "get wet" over a talking head on the TV who says just the right talking points.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

@Gmualum08 Absolutely. Soulless demons

He's more concerned with the so called pandemic these days than fighting back for "his so-called" President.. Fox sold out.

You must watch CNN 😂 😂 😂🤦🤦🤦🤦

🇺🇸🙌🏻🇺🇸\\ PRAISE THE LORD!! Trump’s Going to Win!! //🇺🇸🙌🏻🇺🇸

There’s a practical side to this battle, but most of us can only pray. Consider...

IF both U.S. and Foreign Elections have been tampered with, wouldn't you agree the best court for the job is the U.S. Supreme Court?


Can’t you see that God is trying to prevent bloodshed? In RETURNING and REST shall ye be saved.


Can’t you see that exposing #VoterFraud and a Supreme Court win will be the Safest Road to Peace? In QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE shall be your strength.


Can’t you see that God is restoring the power to We the People and the ripple effect will be felt around the world?

And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be GRACIOUS unto you, and therefore will He be exalted that He may have MERCY upon you: for the Lord is a God of judgment; blessed are all they that wait for Him. Isa 30:15-18

🇺🇸🙌🏻 PRAISE THE LORD!! 🙌🏻🇺🇸

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Amen my sister in the faith!!!
The Glory of GOD is all that Matters!🙏🙏🙏

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Vini · @ViniQ


Unfortunately they made John Robert's the appellate gate keeper. He decides what cases to dismiss or accept. He's the Democrats bulldog on a short chain!

I think the time to sell our cloaks and buy a sword has come!!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Siejo · @Leragu

We just have to pray!

I'm afraid there will be bloodshed. The weak and naive are generally the first to suffer.

Prepare, practice, pray!

The best court for this job is military court

Comment Author Profile Pic
Bobbi · @teeny1

Amen! United We Stand!!

I get it...


I really hope you are correct. The Republic hangs in the balance as well as the fate of the entire world. We are on the brink. A fork in the road. Please God, restore our land and give us prosperity and abundance of life. Deliver us from destruction and purge us of this evil. Amen.


Thanks for the reminder, bro

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Name Hidden · @Private User

The scotus doesn't constitutionally decide the election. However they can tell the states to follow their own laws and throw out all illegal and fraudulent ballots. They can tell the states to follow the constitution and have the state legislators choose the electors.

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Name Hidden · @Private User


I'm your worst nightmare

Let me guess, Trump is not your President , Obama loving socialist, right?

Comment Author Profile Pic
leb · @MooMah

I don't think Socialism allows anything that's "outside the lines."

That would require a type of re-education, on your part.

Think beyond your nose...
Look down your nose????
I read your B.S. and your answer doesn't match your SELF DISCREPTION

You're delusional like all other snowflakes

Fuck off back to Twitter.


This isn't just ELECTION FRAUD. It's a battle between GOOD and EVIL. It's a COUP against the President and the 73 Million Patriots that voted for him.

They don't think they need to be AFRAID of us. That is going to change. #MAGAPARTY

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Name Hidden · @Private User




No oneis afraid of a keyboard warrior.

@ChristopherCarson10 Looking forward to using real weapons soon.


I have been saying this for months!

danleygreene@gmail.commore like 80 million plus voted for Trump. I bet biden did not get 60 million true votes.

Amen and MAGA!

80 million+

Comment Author Profile Pic
Joye · @Cjoyee


73 million advertised votes, plus Joe's 80 million stolen votes is 153 million Trump votes. We all know Joe only rounded up maybe 600 total.

Absolutely, LOCKED & LOADED

It truly is a "Battle for the Soul of this Nation and Her People". A battle of Good vs Evil for control of this Nation.

Pray for your Nation, Pray for your President-President Trump. Pray that the Truth about this Election be made known and recognized very clearly by All. That the deception be stopped. This election cannot be stolen!

The 73 millionvotes that the systemallowedTrump to have

He had manymore votes if this was a clean electionthen the number of votes would be amazin

Comment Author Profile Pic
Sep723 · @Sep723

This is a Coup against the US Constitution and We The People. It has to include the President.


Well alrighty then!!! 🙏🇺🇸👍❤️

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Vini · @ViniQ


I’ll be waiting like with all these other hearings of “no evidence”

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You watching the same ones I am? Or just watching a couple sound bites and moving on?

I know right


😂 you mean you're a good little socialist? 😂😂😂 Go back to farcebook!!

1.8million ballots mailed out and 2.5million counted. Pennsylvania

Y'all dumb asses voted for biden if this country becomes a Socialist / communist country y'all won't be protected Biden used y'all like cheap whores

There's plenty of evidence but there's too many cowards along the way to justice.

Dumbass, in the court of Patricia McCullough evidence was presented.
You look like a stupid parrot when you post nonsense.
Maybe when you grow up and move out of your mommy's basement you can find reality.
Until then go upstairs and ask your mommy for some milk and cookies and let the adults handle this



David Ralston, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Mike Dugan, Senate Majority Leader


Bryan Cutler, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Jake Corman, Senate Majority Leader


Russell Bowers, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Rick Gray, Senate Majority Leader


Lee Chatfield, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Mike Shirkey, Senate Majority Leader


Mr. Robin Vos, Speaker of the State Assembly

Scott Fitzgerald, Senate Majority Leader*
*Scott Fitzgerald was just elected to a Congressional seat on Nov. 3rd. He is still current Senate Majority Leader.

Devin Le Mahieu, newly-elected Senate Majority Leader



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Wisconsin won’t answer or let you leave a message...I’ve been calling for days....

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

@Roepke25 You definitely have to use their email addresses their voicemail boxes are full and they’re not cleaning them out so you can’t leave a message

@Roepke25 Email them


Way to go, with all the good information

call all cowardly Republicans. Make them moreafraid of us than the left. especially these.

Mitt Romney – UT
Marco Rubio – FL
Mike Shirkey – MI
Mike DeWine – OH
Brian Kemp – GA
Brad Raffensperger – GA
Pat Toomey – PA
Liz Cheney – WY
Doug Ducey – AZ
Larry Hogan – MD
Fred Upton – MI
John Cornyn – TX
Paul Mitchell – MI
James Lankford – OK
Lisa Murkowski – AK
Ben Sasse – NE
Susan Collins – ME
Jim Durkin – IL
Dan Young – AK
Francis Rooney – FL
John Shimkus – IL
Adam Kinzinger – IL
Paul Mitchell – MI
Don Bacon – NE
Tom Reed – NY
Will Hurd – TX
John Kurtis – UT
Denver Riggleman – VA

Republican Senators A list of all current Republican U.S. Senators. These senators are represent the Republican political party.
Contact Senators Conctact information for all 100 United States senators. Includes email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.
Comment Author Profile Pic
Milan · @Krz5

Called everyone of the them! Of course had to leave messages..please everyone do the same!

It sure sounded like Barr was giving the evidence a pass! O read the transcript, either they left out critical info.. Which is a possiblity! Doing all of this to makes us discouraged. Why aren't more up front , on the Telly shouting from the rooftops about such Corruption. We all should be seething by now! I'm not a violent person, yet I'm ready to defend my freedom.

@Roepke25 That figures!

Things like this must be working bc the one guy started yapping about Trumpets going to their houses and protesting,,,, hm AntiFA FA is allowed to crash through your fences???

Thank you

Most of these posers want trump out so they can rebuild the playhouse that he burnt down trump was r last chance to take the government back to the people ware it belongs

Can’t wait

But according to William Barr there’s nooooo evidence of voter fraud! 🙄🙄

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If that’s the case William Barr needs fired and investigation too . Why would he ever say there’s no Fraud unless he’s in on stealing this election

The bigger cases are the election fraud. Voter fraud is small potatoes in comparison. Hope things move along quickly. Timing is everything right now.

Fake News!
Bill Barr did not say there is no evidence.

Soia this part of another trump.plan... To have bb say there was no fraud so the dems let their guard down and come the bb hasn't investigated so how would he know there's no fraud... Makes you think about what's being said and what trump says when he talks...everything he says somewhere is a code to what's going on lol

😂😂😂😂 yeah, he's not just come out and say there's massive voter fraud, yet, until they're ready to start putting socialists behind bars!!

@Vmeaney79 I think you are right.

Mr. President--- fire Barr he's done nothing for you.

The AG doesn't investigate.
The FBI does

@Lakertaker50 I dont think the fbi does either. Theyre too busy covering for a treasonous old man with treasonous family and treasonous friends. Had that laptop for a year and didn't arrest nobody.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Joye · @Cjoyee

That was media misinterpretation again.

@Deborahglemley Ummmm actually yes did it's on video

@theunapologeticveteran -- that's been debunked.


AP is leading Americans to believe Barr says there's no fraud. NOT TRUE.

In fact, Barr said this has to go through Civil Courts and not through DOJ for reasons below. It would take too long for one.”

h/t : @econchick/Intelchick

@Deborahglemley True statement

Comment Author Profile Pic
Sep723 · @Sep723

Widespread voter fraud.
Sometimes, disinformation is necessary in PsyOps.

That’s disgusting. These anti American traitors commies need to be stopped. MAGA!

Thank you for all you do 🙌🏻🙌🏻

27 days left! We will donate 10% of sales to the #FIGHTBACK fund for @linwood and fighting voter fraud in Georgia.

Website Image
Visa Home of high quality Christian apparel with a purpose.

Good! Let’s see what comes of it

We want Trump to stay in office. I hope this is a big step closer !

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Some how I doubted it Trump need to call Martial law and be done with the democratics are pulling every stunt they can to make sure they win and unless I am missing something alot of people have gotten paid in some way to turn there backs on Trump


Democrats are about isolation, division, and conformity. Keep fighting.

I’m in WI and pray our president wins this fight!!!!!

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I pray for President Trump too and I’m a Canadian Trump Supporter since he & Melania came down the elevator.

Me too!

Lock them up

🚨 WOW‼️ 🚨


➡️ 2016: 266 THOUSAND mail-in ballots, about 1% invalid

➡️ 2020: 2.6 MILLION mail-ins, just 0.038% invalid

27 TIMES higher acceptance rate!


Eliminate signature match, illegal cure process etc. GREAT analysis ⬇️

Article Image
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🤔I betcha that Democrats love Russian and Chinese collusion now straight after this Venezuelan shuffle of an election! Boe Jiden and Kamalas’ voter fraud is so obvious, that Boe Jiden is farting Chinese fireworks out of his ass!!

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Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Was that before he played with the dog or after? 🤡

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

And Joe is sniffing his own fireworks!



Yes he is!!!!






So what you wrote.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User


Awesome description!! Totally made me laugh but too bad it's all true!

35% of Democrats believe it was fraud, and they are blind biased idiots .

I love that visual! Hilarious! 😂😂😂

Ahh that's funny as hell!!! 👌😁💩


He probably eats dogs, cats and rats like the Chinese do!

The people of Philly burned the streets and recorded themselves eating horseshit in celebration of THEIR OWN superbowl win in 2018.
Sorry, what was the question?

🇺🇸🙌🏻🇺🇸\\ PRAISE THE LORD!! Trump’s Going to Win!! //🇺🇸🙌🏻🇺🇸

My confidence is based on who God, our President and enemies are, Bible Prophecy, circumstantial evidence, and God’s Promises.

Has God made you any promises? Start from there and work backwards. When you work your way back through all that, you'll see that in the end, WHO GOD IS, is reason enough.

Maybe God needs to judge America corporately, but why would God judge you for my sin? Or me for yours? Far be it from God to judge the righteous with the wicked.

Maybe America isn't in the Bible, but God isn't wasteful, or willing that any should perish. Why would He plant a crop He didn’t intend to harvest, or remove Grace from this Dispensation prematurely?

"And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto you, and therefore WILL HE BE EXALTED that He may have mercy upon you: for the Lord is a God of judgment; blessed are all they that wait for Him." Isa 30:18


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He is going to win, HE DID WIN....language is everything!

Hope you are right cause I am getting really scared.

I agree. I cannot see Bejing Biden as our President.

Praise Him !

Hello fellow Christian! If we never meet on earth, I will be excited to meet you in heaven!

Acts 16:30-31 KJV

Thank you! I needed this. I have been praying and getting very emotional. Every time I speak to God he sends me a sign of reassurance. AMEN!! No one stronger than our Lord and Savior!! 🙏🙏🙏

In god we trust 🙏

Trump is going to win period

Amen to all that! 🙏✝️

Amen Brother! ♥️

It rains on the just and the unjust. Mathew 5:45

God is my source

America is the House of David.

Can't echo or share

Amen sister!🇺🇸🙏

@Lpellegrino7 Please visit my wall - all my posts are public, TY! 😇

Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


That was so beautifully said! Thank you. I certainly have faith that God Wins in the end but I believe He is taking us through some wake up moments as to call on Him right now with prayer & getting back in the Word! For those that don’t know Him is that we should share Him with others & be an example to them. I to believe President Trump will win 2nd term. He also is allowing & showing the people how deep this corruption goes:(. He has a plan:). Hasn’t played his Trump Card yet:)

Semper Fi

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I hope Mattis isn't your boy. 11C1P

Semper Fi my brother, but loyalty and honor mean nothing to these lying thieving scoundrels.

The American people deserve truth and honesty in their elections, and justice for their criminals.

I hate hypocrites

Semper Fi


Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Ooh Rah!!!



Website Image
Survivors of Soviet communism are warning the West is becoming totalitarian. Here’s a manual for resisting | Blogs | LifeSite Rod Dreher spent several years asking European survivors of Soviet communism if they thought America was drifting toward totalitarianism. They all said yes.
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Thanks for the post. If you haven't already send it through the feed

Going to have to look this book up.

Because it was rigged!

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Not an election, a coup de etat. Not fraud, TREASON

It was definitely rid by corruption that'swhat corrupt democrats know how to do

Ludicrous security!

This election has been stolen!

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Not stolen yet

Not yet it hasn't!!! 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👌👌👏👏

It is not stolen, just wait. Biden will concede for immunity from being hanged for treason.

Not so fast

Was a trap, they incriminated themselves!!! Treason

They are all crooks we need to take this country back from these communist cheating scum. MAGA!!!

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How do you want to do it?! 👍

@HeidiRingerLloyd By any means necessary

@TommyBX I’d rather die than not be free! 🇺🇸✝️🇺🇸

By having a legitimate POTUS.

Absolutely, which people of the United States have allowed this class of social elitists to steal control of the country from us and in doing so deprive us of our liberties.

We owe it to ourselves and our country to exhaust every legal and legislative option to put this country back on track.

All that knowingly took part in this Treason ahould be put to death and all those unknowingly took part should be committed that their children and grandchildren shoukd never fall prey to the evil cabal ever again!

Already happening. 68k sealed indictments. Canada and Spain news sources reporting Obama has been arrested. Wasnt an election, was a coup de etat. Not fraud...TREASON

Right on! Look I'm ready to join but I've not heard of a plan.


I'm ready let's get this shit cleaned up

@Benfallshd Now, you're talking my language my friend

And they thought we wouldn't notice.
That's what gets me. 🤷‍♀️

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They knew that it would be a long fight, and don't want America to live and breathe as a free nation.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

It doesn’t matter if they thought we wouldn’t notice because it doesn’t matter because they knew they could get away with it. They are cocky. And the only way to stop it is to continue the fight. It doesn’t make sense that they are hearing all of this evidence and still dismissing it. if one vote was fraudulent as far as I’m concerned the whole election was also. As we know it was a whole lot more than one vote.

They think we will all go away and forget this corruption..
We need more americans to stand their ground with our president...

@bevlittle F them! 🤬

I'm with you, sister. They thought we were stupid.

They think that they are above the law, but you're correct they definitely think that we are stupid. Your brother in Christ, Tim

They knew we would notice. They don't care. They have the media, establishment, governors, state and local level politicians, the DOJ, FBI and CIA in lockstep.

They thought we wouldn't notice because they think we're stupid, that's what flares me up, insulting our intelligence, that's also a big mistake to make with certain people, and my gut tells me they messed with the wrong administration.

Because they've been doing it for decades and no one's ever screamed before this election.

The truth is the response for Donald Trump was so overwhelming, that the election had to be manually manipulated and that created obvious irregularities.

We the American people owe it to ourselves and our country to exhaust every possible legislative and legal challenge to this obviously fraudulent election.

What gets me is, if it was fair and you didn't dig it thengo to court and prove it. You have nothing to worry about then! But they dont

@Gerrydeliman You'd think they would've learned by now, hey?
How many times have they gone up against Trump only to then lose in an embarrassing fashion?

@jonarnett But we have God on our side. They will see.

They thought the press would cover, and all their crooked judges and politicians would cover for them. Dont think they expected the 100,000+ Trump voters voting.

@Baronlucid Yea we didn't give a damn because no one until Donald J. Trump had given a damn about this country. He is the only one, speaking his mind, working hard, and worth our time.
God is backing this President.

@bookgirlie That's why they don't want us going to church. They fear Christians.

Even more ludicrous is they knew we were suspicious of them and they continued regardless. Is it a sign of a perpetuallyl corrupt political party or one in serious decline?

@StrengthandHonour Pretty sure it's a sign of both!

Pride goeth before a fall....

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User


It doesn't matter. Watch nothing will be done.

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My Official Glock's have called this election differently and they have more friends than we have politicians 🇺🇲

Comment Author Profile Pic
KS · @Ksihle


Never say never because we got god on our side....he works in mysterious ways..

I think President Trump has a few axes to grind. Don't lose hope.

It all matters, every bit weakens the swamp. Trump forever🇺🇸.

I concur

You couldnt be more wrong. Obama has been arrested, and 68k sealed indictments already. They will be hanging for treason. Nobody has kept their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and will be paying the price for it. This isnt about an election, Trump took same oath and will keep his oath of office.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Not if we all stick together and quit allowing the evil it's taking over this country!

@infotru God created the swamp it has a purpose. This is a man made sewer.

@KALIBER1 Mine too

@F28photoman Where's the proof that Obama's been arrested?


@TriggerHappy247 Satan built it. God allowed serve His purpose. inevitably, they lose.

You need to run if thats true !

@floweAu I hope so

@infotru Yup I'm trying to keep hope alive

@F28photoman In don't mind being wrong. In fact I hope that i am.

@TriggerHappy247 I feel the same. I saw in a documentary that the only way he would run for president is when the country was in trouble.

@F28photoman Any proof of that?

Biden wins Record Low of 17% of counties
But he wins more votes nationally than any candidate in history???
Wait....what? Wins most votes of anyone ever but record low 17% in counties?
2008 Obama won 873 counties
2020 Biden wins 524 counties
I think like 8 people went to his rallies

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8 !? Don’t you think that estimate is a little generous?

Not to forget all 27 seats up for re elect was won by a Republican. But Trump lost! What the f%%k ever!!

Yah. Just how many PEOPLE (let alone, legal voters) are in those counties anyway???

Biden did set a new record this election.

A new record LOW.

Shut up and pay your taxes, Mr Whitepriv.
Seriously, though, get to the range and practice. Dont expend too much ammo however

The same 8 each time!

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

Election results are nothing short of corrupt BS

He got 14 to his best rally, and they stayed in their cars.

@dgc2020 Just like in the Facebook live videos of the rallies. Always the same followers. I had many words with a guy named Chris Wyatt several times over a month span. It's like he worships Biden/Harris 🤦🏻‍♀️

I heard it was less than 5 people.

@chesy8367 Pick up your brass. If you live in CA, get a reloader and reload your own to avoid having to leave identification when you purchase ammo.

This means that Obama won nothing. It was Joe that đrug him over the finish line. You know... since Joe is so popular with 80million voters. If Obama hadn't picked sniffing old Joe, the Big O Would still be an organizer in Chicago.

I think it was 6 or 7. I done count the camera crew trying to get the best angle to make it look like a massive crowd. Those guys really had a most difficult job.
*sarcasm alert*

Commander and THEIF

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@SmelltheRoses Thank you. Good catch.

How about lock up??

No, thief elect....he will never be President. Will be hanging for treason.

@SmelltheRoses Thank you. You beat me to it.

He don't deserve even that much credit....Biden the TRAITOR...traitors are executed in the USA

It's so obvious, but nothing is getting done about it.🤦🏻‍♀️

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I feel you that it’s discouraging. It’s getting done though ✅ We are finding out who will stay and who will go! @GenFlynn is back!!!

Comment Author Profile Pic
NM24 · @NM24

With all the news I hear, I feel the same way. It seems like no action is ever taken.

Comment Author Profile Pic
Name Hidden · @Private User

They have to go throughthe investigation process and this will end up in the Supreme Court.

So freakn pissed off about everything.

You're exactly right

@NM24 Stop watching the mainstream news. They had a hearing in AZ today and it looks promising. Trump'slegal team is working tirelessly of course the msm doesn't show it...stop watching them, don't give them power.

Ride your Federal & state representatives

Dont kid yourself. There are 68k sealed indictments and reported Obama already arrested. Martial law will be implemented, and military will take care of it. The Kraken has been released. Aka...305th Military Intelligence Battalion.

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Name Hidden · @Private User

There is plenty of being done in the background that many people do not know about. You have to go to the underworld internet to find out what's going on. Google Facebook and Twitter have all censored everything that's going on in the background, however there are places where you can find out. I don't think it'll be too long before we will find it all out. Bits and pieces are coming out on sites that are private. Other countries are putting out news stories that the United States has not been allowed to put out. These stories have been censored from Facebook Google and Twitter.

@NM24 Who are you listening to???

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@Markrybeck1956 I get news from a lot of places. I would say that right now I am very cautiously hopeful. But there have been too many incidents in the past which have been pushed aside, despite the evidence. Clinton's emails, Hunter, spying on Trump's campaign, Ciaramella... and this just the recent stuff.

I'm standing by Trump. I hope this time we get results. I do know that, if anyone will make it happen, its Trump.

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Trust GOD & The Universal Righteousness!!

The filing looks GREAT

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So true


Lol, right?


#NowThatsFunny !

Biden is a dim. Dims cheat

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Joe Biden is: A liar, a cheat, a thief (of Tax Payer moneys), and has/is commit(ting) treason! Past and NOW! Its horrible - and its time to put Joe in Prison and his enabler wife, both of them have RUINED the lives of their kids!

Than you must CHEAT all the time 🤣


@BAPink Since he is under indictment for money laundering in Ukraine they should take him

@NotTrumpObedient You r a p and you know it.

I call them Dim-ocrats.

@Duimoburger That's interesting, you know what I am without even knowing who I am.

MAGAts don't know things unless told to know things.

How's the cult life going?


@NotTrumpObedient I know you’re a P... and live w/ your aging mom.

@Duimoburger You still don't know who I am but you seem unable to type the word PATRIOT of non-MAGAt status.

Do you MAGAts have any other insults. You all same the same thing. Very unoriginal. I guess when you are in a cult, saying the same thing over and over is normal


@NotTrumpObedient Trump said you are a weak whimp that is a sewer rat P. I just saying; go back to Twitter you P.

@NotTrumpObedient The latest is you S Yourself! #Sad.

@Duimoburger You saw the rats in my meme so like a brainwashed puppet, you say what you see. You are a said person.

Did your Daddy abuse you as a child? Did he touch you yesterday? It's ok, it happens all the time in cults!


@Duimoburger Are you 6 years old? Looks like it

@NotTrumpObedient Now I heard .... still a P

@Duimoburger That's all good.

Hey, I found your photo online 🤣


@NotTrumpObedient You have been jacking to that since Halloween you P.

@NotTrumpObedient You are so very childish

@Ljbaby9498 I'm not the one in a 'Q'ult

@NotTrumpObedient Killary is after you

@NotTrumpObedient No you’re the one in you moms house; not paying her anything because you’re a P.

Trump beat COVID in like 72 hours.

Biden almost got killed by HIS OWN FUCKING DOG.

if that isn’t the best analogy of the right vs left then idk what is 🤷🏻

German Shepherds for TRUMP 🇺🇸

I am the @AssholeElect of the United States. Follow along, I’m taking my country back with or without you 🇺🇸 Veteran Owned

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Oh my goodness! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I so needed this today! Ty

Godammit I love this!


@Beauloye 🤘🏼🇺🇸

😂😂😂 and well said!


I am with you brother!!

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Oooh. What's the dog story!?

@Name Hidden Biden broke his foot supposedly playing with a puppy.. i got my own thoughts on it.

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Lmao! Now thats funny!! 🤣🥰

Everyone must support Trump next Sat DEC 12th in GA.. And if Trump has Rally the day of Biden's imagination to announve his 2024 run..then ..WE MUST ALL ATTEND THAT TOO!!! Out do Biden's crap


That's is funny as shit! 🤣😂🤣😂

Right on man least we KNOW who won that one... German Shepherd-1
Sleepy Joe- 0

If Jesus was around today he would be described as a liberal socialist.

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Except he wouldn’t

Yet fiscally and socially conservative...

Pigs Arse he’d lining up to see how Joe walks on water lol

Jesus said to him that has shall more be given and to him that has not shall be taken even that which he seems to have.

Not hardly... He would say if you don’t work, you don’t eat... OPPOSITE of socialism!!!

You mean if Satan was alive it’s HE who would be the liberal democrat for sure

Says yoi

@Dezzzinut Says you?

Don’t disrespect Jesus! Have respect!

First thing wrong with that, is Jesus would never be for killing babies. Nor a big earthly government. Or sexual immorality. As a matter of fact that was a pretty dumb statement.

Your a dumbass!

He would be crucified. Instead they continue to attempt to crucify Donald Trump. 🇺🇸

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15. Definitely not liberal socialist. If you don't work, you don't eat. That is very conservative.

Jesus would never support killing babies.

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He is around today.

@Airconcepts1 Jesus would be for helping the poor(universal healthcare), loving thy neighbor no matter who they were or what they done and caring for each no matter their race or sexuality.

No he wouldn't have.

Could you be more ignorant?

We know it’s fraud, pls prove it in court

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The Kraken, aka 305th Military Intelligence Battalion has been released. Military will take down for treason. Sidney is military attorney, and this was a coup. This isnt fraud, this is Treason.

Needs the justices to do their job...

The world knows it’s fixed

Significant statistical anomalies in our nation’s election coincided with a never-before-tried mass mail in voting system without adequate safeguards!

Plus Nevada and Wisconsin updates coming your way.

Coming up on Hannity at 9 pm ET!

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We MUST redo this rigged election! Kayleigh, you are doing gods work!

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# Revote

Being a lying cunt is gods work?

Raise your standards boy!

And then what? Biden whips the tyrant's ass again and y'all just baselessly claim fraud again.


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@FamilySoup Biden/Harris are an embarrassment! But I can see by your language you're used to that.

No need to redo. Trump WON. Just need to reveal the actual vote count. It's coming...