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Karlgessler Karlgessler A follower of Jesus

Sex Trafficking is a world-wide problem. If you are using porn, you are part of the problem.

LGBTQ "rights" is not a thing. Nobody possesses the right to have sex with whatever they please. Humans have rights. People who practice peculiar sexuality do not have SPECIAL RIGHTS.

The Apostle Paul was not “above politics”. Listen to this speech in Acts 25:

“I am standing before Caesar’s tribunal,” said Paul, “which is where I ought to be tried. I have done no wrong to the Jews as you well know. If I have committed any wrong, or if I have done something which means I deserve to die, I am not trying to escape death. But if I have done none of these things they are accusing me of, nobody can hand me over to them. I appeal to Caesar.” Acts 25:10-11

We must accept persecution is our reality. Jesus promised it. But we must not accept injustice as inevitable, as though justice is impossible. One of the main reasons we are persecuted is because we advocate for true justice. If you aren’t persecuted, maybe you aren’t doing your job?

We pledge allegiance to the to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, not to whoever sneaks in the building and sits in the Oval Office chair.

I find the times we are living in to be deeply troubling. I am grieved for my United States and the institutionalized corruption we are experiencing. Yet, I also know that lies do not win in the end. We should never give up hope.

We are living in times that call for heroic deeds. I am that hero and so are you. Christ IN US is the hope of glory. I hope you are ready for the rumble. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against us.

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Sidney · @SidneyPowell ·

Lots of similarities between GA and AZ!! 404,000 bogus ballots now in GA. Lots of shredding
The more fraud us exposed and the closer anyone gets to a real investigation, the more there are strange acts of violence, destruction and death. GA Senator Kelly Loeffler murdered in fireball car "wreck." Lead GBI investigator of that killed in "suicide" within a few days. Lots of shredded ballots hauled off at Dominions request. Shots fired into investigators home.
Now #AZ just before real ballot audit will uncover hundreds of thousands of bogus ballots, load of shredded ballots found in dumpster and mysterious fire at am officials farm.
#WeThePeople know fraud when we see it!!!
WOW 😳😡😡😡🔥

There can only be one lawful President of The United States and that is the one elected by the People. Joe Biden is not President and will never be President.

If you know anyone living in Georgia, USA. Please share this podcast with them!

The Supreme Court and the FBI will not do their job so we need to hold Kemp and Company accountable ourselves. They betrayed us Democrats. NOBODY wins in a rigged system.

If you live in Georgia USA, please listen in share! You can help fight Election Corruption. This is one way to do that.

Two of my close friends are well-educated and dedicated Christians. One is a retired geologist. The other friend has a Bachelor's Degree in Math from Harvard. They both believe the world is BILLIONS of years old. Is that a problem? We held a live debate on this subject last month. We are recording part 2 today.
Here is part 1. If you share your thoughts and questions today, we may be able to include them on the next podcast.

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Christians need to meet in person, hug each other, sing, and share communion. No more compromise.

From Lin Wood

Have you had the conversation below where you asked these questions to a work colleague or friend lately?

Q. Did you take the Covid vaccine?
A: Yes.

Q. Do you know that you can still get Covid?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you know that you can still spread Covid to others?
A. Yes.

Q. So you know that you still have to wear a mask (or two!) and social distance?
A. Yes.

Q. Then why did you take the vaccine?
A. [Silence]

Q. Did you take the vaccine because you knowingly wanted to modify your DNA?
A. I did not know that. I did not read up on the vaccine before I took it. Does it really do that???

Moral of the Story: When you are given the right to choose, educate yourself so that you can choose wisely.

ALL choices have consequences.

Here is a GREAT way to educate your children on the Constitution:

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The Birth of the Constitution-CharlieBrown on Vimeo This is "The Birth of the Constitution-CharlieBrown" by Plymouth Christian Academy on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Seriously, there is nothing legal about our government right now. They have broken every vow and every part of the constitution.

This is one of the most helpful conversations I have ever had concerning evangelism.

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I'm enjoying this talk very much.

He is a really brilliant thinker

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TheBlaze · @theblaze ·

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Our vlog exists as the "action" dimension of our ministry with lots of light-hearted fun thrown in. We are a family on a mission with Jesus and we vlog to inspire you to a life of missions too. Here is our latest offering.

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