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ELD JohnDelmonaco

Maxine Waters is a danger to America and should be EXPELLED after years of inciting violence!

Maxine Waters encouraged BLM/Antifa rioters and terrorists to be more "confrontational" in the streets.

She even threatened a jury, demanding a guilty verdict against Chauvin.

And if she doesn't get what she wants? Maxine Waters wants the city burned to the ground.

Maxine Waters' actions directly led to a drive-by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota!

Sign your petition and encourage your elected officials to join my resolution!

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Eric Greitens is a former Democrat and isn't the answer Missouri needs to replace Senator Blunt, I can be that man I will defend our constitutional rights especially our 2nd amendment as the left needs to realize that shall not be infringed, I will fight against the EPA and work to keep the Coal and Steel industries going strong and fight to keep our cars running on gas

#2ndamendment #2ashallnotbeinfringed #gunssavelives #epa #greennewdealgoalistotalitarian #saynotothegreennewdeal #fossilfuelsmatter #naturalgasmatters #drillherepayless #parlerusa #missouri #ussenate #conservatives

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ELD · @JohnDelmonaco ·

New Jersey Governor Murphy accused of inflating daily COVID-19 positives with data from weeks and months ago each day

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He should be ashamed of himself. He is a liberal who only cares about his power. He can be seen on TV at most every broadcast giving a background story of a few people who died of COVID. What about the number of seniors who died in nursing homes? You followed your friend Cuomo and should also be held accountable.