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Joe the Rock Star JoeTheRockStar Proud dad of 9 beautiful kids (yes from the same woman... stop asking me that). Catholic, conservative, love my God, my family, and my country. And music.

We used to have scandals where the government abused power and engaged in cover-ups. This was bad, but we had a press to hold them accountable and a populace willing to do the same.

We now have a situation where the highest level of our government is trying to expose corruption and abuse, but unelected bureaucrats resist exposing it, the media purposely ignores it, and the distribution platforms where anyone who tries to present it openly censor all attempts to do so, and a large percentage of citizens willfully ignore it if it is their side that is corrupt.

The new norm is infinitely more dangerous than the previous norm.

#praytherosary every day.

I have COVID. Pretty sure I will survive. I plan on having the second best antibodies when it’s all over next to Trump.

Culver’s custard is satisfying

The #dallascowboys are not a good team.


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She seems nice.

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Wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone who detests out country so much that they openly desire that it be fractured to move somewhere else? Nobody’s stopping them.

The same people who cheer on “karma” being on display with Trump’s COVID diagnosis better hope that karma isn’t actually a thing.

All #catholic priests who appreciate and support #fatherjamesaltman should connect with each other and coordinate a response. If they all recorded a video reiterating his message and simultaneously uploaded it at a predetermined time then it would be a powerful and courageous statement in solidarity with truth. It is much easier to silence one priest at a time. It is far more difficult to quell a tidal wave of courage. If not now, when? It’s time. We are in crisis.

The major sports leagues have lost sight of what made them popular. Yes, we love watching great athletes do their thing. Yes, we are entertained. But these are secondary to why we love sports. True success is built because there is a personal connection or interest. A player or team represents you. It’s why most people in the U.S. will choose to root for the USA in the Olympics rather than just a favorite athlete. It’s why s player we previously hated is suddenly OK when they don’t your team’s uniform.

As long as the league, teams, and players aren’t ridiculously out of step with the community our connection is pretty simple: my team, my colors, my city, my state, my country. They represent us.

But when they take public positions contrary to fan interests and actually tell us that they don’t care what we think and tell us if we don’t like it then too bad they have lost their way.


...believe wokeness = intolerance
...refuse to apologize for having a good mom and dad
...refuse to apologize for having a good job

#ItIsOKTo upset that the symbol of God’s covenant to man -the rainbow - has been co-opted
...think the left is batshit crazy black and Republican


...dispute the premise of white privilege
...dispute the premise of systemic racism believe all lives matter


...wear a MAGA hat believe unborn black lives matter stand for traditional marriage


...Be pro-life
...think BLM is Marxist America

I can imagine the discussion that took place in the planning of the #rnc #rnc2020

Staffer: Mr. President, we have a fantastic finale planned. A fireworks display on par with the Fourth of July!

Trump: Double it.

Staffer: Sir?

Trump: And figure out how to have them spell out Trump 2020.

Staffer: Uhhh.... yes sir.

Anyone know what group in the 1920s also attacked Christopher Columbus statues?

If you need exhibit A of the primary source of today’s racial tensions and who has fanned those flames all you need to do is watch the difference between George W Bush’s and Barack Obama’s eulogies at John Lewis’s funeral.

Picking beans, plant one: “wow! Look at all these beans! Thank you, God for the bountiful harvest.”

Plant 50: “ugh. Seriously? Look at all these frigging beans.”

Plant 60, no yield : “thank you God, for sparing me in this one.”

One of nature’s miracles is how quickly a thousand small ants can migrate from a piece of wood you are splitting on your wood splitter to a person’s arms, legs, head, back and a few other places.