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Whether the CCP is purposely or immaturally expressing their perception of dominance does not matter. Their bad behavior cannot be tolerated. WWIII is not an option instigators!
The world community has other options to correct this bad behavior. Economic restrictions would be a good start.

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@ntdnews - NTD - The #Philippines said on Tuesday it had summoned... The #Philippines said on Tuesday it had summoned the #Chinese ambassador to convey the Southeast Asian country’s “utmost displeasure” over the continued presence of Chinese vessels in...

Excellent analysis

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@BeauShow - The Beau Show - “Build Back Better“ an unoriginal... “Build Back Better“ an unoriginal #catchphrase, but what are the #origins of this idea and is this a pro-business plan? 🎯Watch the full video👇

Understanding the threat is paramount to the survival of our nation.

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@Crossroads - Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP - “We're not paying attention to what the #PRC is... “We're not paying attention to what the #PRC is doing, whether that's through campaign interference, election interference,... We're so focused on fighting each other that we slowly collapse, we...

LEGAL IMMIGRATION is welcome in the USA.

The denial of the ABUSE of our asylum procedure is foolish or criminally complicit.

Live: Ted Cruz & GOP visits Texas migrant facility amid border crisis Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn lead a Senate delegation to Anzalduas Park on the Rio Grande in Mission, Texas. They take a boat ride on the Rio Grande and hold a media availability afterwards....

Election Integrity remains a top National Security issue.

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Growing number of state governments questioning election results, pushing for hand recounts Across the country, a growing number of states are raising serious questions about the integrity of the 2020 election. As a result, lawmakers in states like Michigan and Arizona are calling for a hand

Former Florida Senator Arrested For Violating Election Laws

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@Charlie - Charlie - Charlie Kirk: Under Biden, “War on Citizens”... Charlie Kirk: Under Biden, “War on Citizens” Replaces “War on Terror.”

This fight must continue.

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@FactsMatterRoman - FactsMatterRoman - Authorities in #Texas announced that 30 people... Authorities in #Texas announced that 30 people were arrested and one child was rescued during an undercover #humantrafficking probe in Fort Bend County. Dubbed #OperationCupid, officials said the...

Based on that survey, here is my results.

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For anyone interested, has the survey.

The Political Compass A typology of political opinions plotted on 2 dimensions: economic and social.

Did you look at the party mainliners' positions in the 2020 election post, based on speeches and votes, not self-assessments? They're almost all authoritarians, not libertarians, and 45's the furthest from either of our ideological positions of the lot of 'em.

I wish you would hold to your left-libertarian ideals, as this assessment confirms, and stop falling for right-authoritarian propaganda bullshit.

"That survey" has 20 years of studies and no corporate, profit-hungry entanglements. It's the best we've got to actually compare positions beyond economics.

Test the people you think are on your side.


Parley Reference 1

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Text - H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 Text for H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021
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Text - H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 Text for H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 /
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I'm for it, Mom.

It I could auto-register every eligible person on their 18th birthday, I would. If I could get ballots safely onto cell phones so no one ever had to go anywhere or mail anything to vote, I would. If I could eliminate all individual campaign financing, I would. I'd much rather see what each candidate can do with the same X amount than who can raise the biggest war chest. The only voters who should ever be purged from rolls are those who died or formally left the state by registering elsewhere. Attempts to restrict voting access are deplorable AF.

The suppression that occurs in marginalized communities is real, rampant, and absolutely unacceptable.

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Election Integrity is a top priority.
Allegedly, Russia hacked in 2016 election and China in the 2020 election. Creating more vulnerabilities in the voting registration and elections process does not convey security from foreign interference, criminal behaviors, and various bad actors. This bill fails National Security,
I am against it.

@Jeffantra As far as citizens that have special needs, they should be addressed in a local or state level. Which brings up another argument that the States run their elections and the Federal govt is overstepping the State's Rights which could lead to a Convention of the States. It's been a while since we had one of those.

@Jeffantra Obstructing others' rightful votes, even to preserve some myth of security, is some anti-American shit.

@Jeffantra I would *love* a constitutional convention. Be careful what you ask for.

I agree with you about a fair playing field in campaign finance. The "who has the richest friends" practice needs to stop.
Social media could easily be an awesome tool to reduce campaign costs IF big tech would stop their censoring practices.

@Jeffantra That's not big tech. That's customer feedback. The vast majority of us won't tolerate bigotry, supremacist ideologies, etc. As Americans, we will not let that shit stand anymore. The 20th century's long over.

@AuntieLiss Not tolerating another person's thoughts, beliefs, and speech is in itself bigotry.

Imagine that!
#ElectionIntegrity should be priority #1.

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@Jsolomonreports - Jsolomonreports - Mississippi judge orders new election after... Mississippi judge orders new election after finding 79% of absentee ballots invalid | Just The News
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What is this supposed to be evidence of? Marginalized communities have been intimidated at the polls and had their ballots discounted for as long as they've had legal protections to vote - especially in Mississippi. Requiring a notary to vote is prohibitive. Nothing prohibitive is ok when it comes to voting. Period.

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Marginalized communities? What do you mean by that phrase?
How have they been intimidated? There are already laws about behavior around the polling stations in all 50 states.

Requiring poll workers to be notaries is not a bad idea.
As far as absentee ballots, requiring a trip to the notary pretty much defeats any excuse for the absentee ballot need. No, notary requirement is not a solution.

@Jeffantra I mean marginalized. Use a dictionary.

Absentee ballots have always been limited because they are too vulnerable for fraud and as 2020 has proven, in large numbers are too difficult to process the chain of custody securely.

@Jeffantra False. There is no significant evidence of fraud. There is, however, a mountain of evidence of attempts to block eligible voters.

@Jeffantra And I don't know how y'all do absentee ballots in GA, but I can track mine (have always been a permanent mail voter since moving to CA) from the mailbox/dropoff to receipt to opening to being counted. Last time I voted in GA, y'all were using easily hackable voting machines and no paper records. Limiting "absentee" ballots has always been about limiting access, not protecting integrity.

@AuntieLiss And here we must agree to disagree

@AuntieLiss Ok smarty,
My circumstances are defined in this "marginalized community" per Voting for me is an event that I plan. I hope I never have to vote absentee. It is my honor to take effort to exercise my right to vote. - What's Your Question? Reference is a digital publisher dedicated to answering the questions of students and lifelong learners.

@AuntieLiss If there was no fraud, then please explain how Pennsylvania counted more ballots than there were registered voters?

@Jeffantra I need the time with a paper ballot, in my home, to assess all the final-form referendums and refer to my candidate research. I take days to make final decisions. In-home voting is not without effort.

@Jeffantra How do you figure?

~7 million voters counted of
>9 million registered voters,
representing 70.93% of the voting-age population per state numbers

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@JoyLKinney - JoyLKinney - We need not give in to leftist agendas that go... We need not give in to leftist agendas that go against core Godly and Patriotic American values. Take a stand peaceably.
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Funny thing about propaganda.
Once you learn to recognize it; it doesn't matter if it is left leaning or right leaning, you can see it for what it is - bullshiat.

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I'll engage with you here, and we will not avoid politics. If you block me, we simply won't talk. I love you, Mom, but you're too opposed to what I need for my future for anything else.