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Jesse N Diana Jbur2007

Is Dominion's Lawsuit Accusing Mike Lindell Of Exposing Voter Fraud "To Sell Pillows" A Terrible Strategy? Will Their Attempt To Smear The Popular Patriot Cause...

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What Job ultimately discovered is that fairness is not the issue. Rather, justice and righteousness are. Was it fair for Job’s family and livelihood to be destroyed for seemingly no reason? Not on the surface. But beneath the surface (which Job didn’t see until the end of his deep dive into God’s character), God was being just in His judgments and His use of power. It was more important for Job to know God than to have his life of smooth sailing be undisturbed. At the beginning of Job’s saga, he was angry with God for being unfair. By the end, He was worshiping God as the all-powerful Creator and Judge of all things (Job 42:1-6).

" #Censorship is more than just censoring speech. They're trying to get people fired from their jobs, excluded from polite society…

This is a real danger…to living in a civilized society."

@parler's @MarkMeckler on relaunch, #freespeech


Parler Interim CEO Mark Meckler Talks Relaunch, Data Privacy & Building A New Independent Tech Stack The social media platform Parler is back online, a month after it was removed from the Apple and Google Play store and disconnected from Amazon’s web hosting service, following the Capitol attack....

If you’re new to Convention of States, this video is a lightning-fast breakdown of everything you need to know ⬇️

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