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Jason J. Mccuiston JasonMccuiston Christian. Author of speculative fiction. Check out my Amazon author page:


A little taste of what to expect from The Last Star Warden coming soon from Dark Owl Publishing:


I'm honestly glad that Parler is back! All of our posts are gone, but we'll fill up our newsfeed fast! For now, be sure to check out our two new books that will be available March 1, 2021: THE KEEPER OF TALES by Jonathon Mast, and THE LAST STAR WARDEN, VOLUME I by @JasonMccuiston! Preorder is available on Kindle! Visit The Bookstore on our website for more info!

Dark Owl Publishing - The Bookstore Dark Owl Publishing - The Bookstore - Independent publisher producing books and ebooks.

So proud to be a part of the Dark Owl Publishing family, and to be introducing my two-fisted, pulp sci-fi hero, The Last Star Warden to readers everywhere.

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I'm about 80% finished with Project Notebook (I'm a slow reader)

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That's awesome! I hope you're enjoying it.