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Bryan Harvey GalilGunner Right-leaning Libertarian Leave my guns alone, and I'll leave you alone. I judge others by their character, not their skin color, gender, or sexuality. Be respectful to me, I be respectful to you.

The FBI/Secret Service are basically just a government negligence mop up crew. Just ask Hunter Biden.

They did a pretty good job at making that whole gun in a dumpster thing go away.

Government negligence is typically the basis for the erosion of our liberty.

Mass shootings like Parkland and Charleston could have been prevented if the government/FBI actually did their jobs.

Instead, they just allow people who have been under their watchful eye commit these mass killings. Why? It benefits the narrative.

They have to convince us to give up our right to bear arms. They can't just outright take it away. They know better.

The 2nd Amendment ensures that the government can only rule by the consent of the governed. Remove the 2A... they can do anything they want to do, whether we support it or not.

They can only do what we ALLOW them to do. Give up the right to resist tyranny. You'll get tyranny.

Democrats: "Think about the children!"

Also Democrats: *Nominates a literal baby killer to head the ATF*

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the government can only rule by the consent of the governed.

Politicians want to remove that right because they want to rule us without our consent. They hate having a rulebook to follow. The Constitution always gets in their way, and creates a million steps to pass a law, and ways to nullify those laws.

They all have an agenda, and that pesky Constitution is always getting in the way, and they know if they overstep their bounds, people WILL resist them. Taking away that ability to resist, grants them unlimited power.


cApItAliSm iS FaILiNg

We already have socialism in America, and its failing, and here you are blaming Capitalism for the failures of socialism.

How to trigger a leftist:

"Hitler was a Socialist"


Twitter logic:

Video of you busting a nut: OK

Criticize Biden: Not OK

Being "Woke" is all about feeling righteous and powerful. Its about being part of something bigger than yourself...

Problem is, they don't create positive change. They just burn everything down and hurl insults at you. They take the face off of pancake syrup and rice and pat themselves on the back for a job poorly done.

Its not about ending racism. Its about power and authority.

Wokism isn't about ending racism. Its about using racism to manipulate people and corporations to do their bidding.

They create a scapegoat and stoke division because it gives them moral authority over the masses.

Racism is a taboo, and most people will go to great lengths to prove they aren't racist.

And that's what gives the woke left their power.

Lefties really can't debate. Even if they can, they always end up resorting to insults.

The leftists who actually can make a decent attempt at a debate? A waste of potential.

They parrot the same words spoon fed to them by the media and government while still trying to convince you they're not a mindless drone.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Leftists: "Needing an ID to vote is racist!"


Leftists need to turn in their "RESIST" bumper stickers and apparel in for "OBEY" bumper stickers and apparel.
Only thing they've been "resisting" is freedom.

Odd how mass shootings start becoming more frequent when Democrats can't pass gun control bills...

Better yet, when the mass shooters always seem to have a "history of mental illness" when they've already been pushing universal background check legislation. Which simply won't work without a gun registry.


Funny how the media always omits the fact that most of these attacks on asian Americans are being perpetrated by non-white people...

only exception being the massage parlor shooter. Knowing how some "massage parlors" are, there's probably more to that story than just racism...

Nazis and Communists are like two piles of shit arguing who smells better.

They're both marxists, they both murder, and they're both shit.

Facebook has become nothing more than a left wing echo chamber. Anything that goes against their communist standards gets fact checked or deleted.

Their "standards" do nothing to counteract bullying because if you do not use profanity, you won't get in trouble. You can harass all you want, just don't use bad words.

Disagreeing with a left winger can get you put in facebook jail for "bullying or harassment"

Apparently now people report you for harassment on facebook for arguing with their leftist beliefs so they don't have to rebut their statement.

If they're going to cancel Pepe` Le Pew, might as well cancel Joe Biden, because after all, they aren't much different.